What have you bookmarked?

Two (point five) years in to Justin Guitar and I find myself searching back for resources or references I’ve come across but have lost track of. Often they are in the “Learn More” or “Resources” tabs of lessons: links to backing tracks, links to play lists, or other information about items pertinent to a topic. There’s probably a number of pages that I told myself to remember, but being in my 60s, I haven’t. Anyway, I’ve started bookmarking these in a JG folder. For example I’m starting Blues Immersion and it took a little hunting to find a few blues lessons and resources I wanted a refresher on, Blues Songs for Beginners in particular.

What pages have you marked as having particularly good or resourceful information? I’d like to add them to my collection. Feel free to include the link.


PS Search does work well when you know what you are searching for. Sometimes I don’t exactly.


Hi William
Over the past 3, almost 4 years, I have added :scream: 469 lessons to favorites… Ooo my, I have to get through that after the Blues …I think… probably…

B ut a lot of the lessons from the beginning can be thrown in the “trash can”… fortunately :sweat_smile:. I just saw a brief flash that the largest part does consist of songs (hope that that make Richard shine :smile:)…

Apparently I’m not good at choosing the important things (or just like too much) and I’m of no use to you, but it’s nice that you pointed it out to me… :smiley:



Hi William, that’s an interesting post because a week or so ago I went through all my bookmarks and deleted most of them - I probably rivalled @roger_holland for # of bookmarks! I decided to start relatively fresh, and then maybe I would go back and revisit my bookmarks / favorites when they’re weren’t so many that it was an impossible task. Anyway here are some of the ones I kept, from both the Community and the main site. I left just 1 song in, since it’s a blues tune.



Thanks! Fretboard Framework is the module I’m on now in the course. I thought it sounded familiar :slight_smile:

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I would highly recommend doing a search on some of @Richard_close2u posts.

He has posted many brilliant pieces on various topics; all top class, detailed, well explained info.

Cheers, Shane


Oooo Mari,


how brave of you (well in this context of important things about being brave)

But It would be very refreshing, first, as a break between the blues lessons, I’ll go through the lessons (not the songs) but after I first looked here of course, and then every time with your words in mind, if in any doubt I will throw it in the trash… :v:

Greetings :sunflower: