What to get

I came across this JG video today, Here

Seriously, it got me thinnking about what to do. I was talking recently about getting a Faith guitar come Mid June to replace the Epi AJ I have. It’s only and inch smaller in the lower bout otherwise all the dimension are just about the same, I learnt that yesterday.

Having recently started beginners Grade 2 and also in there is another video about recording oneself for analisys , good idea! Bringing me to a choice, do I go for a new accoustic guitar or move more into recoring direct to PC. This is a good idea too as it’s one of my main goals.

The price of the Faith Accoustic is £840-1099 which I COULD use on recording equipment.

I do have quite a lot of that but, not everything, Mic’s for one.

Scarlet 2i2
Video camera + lights
DAW - free
Sound Modeling software and hardware
M-Audio Midi input keyboard

Dont have.
decent cables - research
mics recommended (R0de NT5 and Shure SM57) no vocal mics needed
multi input sound card (found)
Digital drum machine - research
Monitor speakers - research
What else ?

What else would you add to this if it were you !


Initial disclaimer: if you’re recording yourself purely for analysis and learning you don’t need much at all. Even your phone will do the job. But it sounds like you’re interested in a DAW-based setup that goes beyond that. I’m going to answer on that basis.

I’d say the highest priority items (since you already have guitars, DAW, etc.) are:

  • Mics and mic cables (probably XLR)
  • Studio monitors (and appropriate cables to connect them to your Scarlett interface)

I’m not sure why you’ve listed a multi-input sound card as a possible acquisition since you already have the Scarlett. That’s a multi-input sound card; it’s just external. I’d be surprised if you needed another sound card, unless you want more inputs than the Scarlett provides. But maybe I’m unaware of something specific about your use case.

I don’t think you need a separate drum machine, either. Your DAW can fill that role.

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You shouldn’t need to pay more than around $20-25 for a 3 metre instrument cable.

Decent cables can be found for half this cost or less. Pretty much any cable sold by Thomann or similar retailers will be “decent”

The main consideration is usually ruggedness, especially if you intend to gig with it. Otherwise, any cable costing more than around $3 per foot will be fine.

“High-end” cables are the biggest con and rip -off in both the hifi and music industries.

I once did a cabling job for an auditorium, and the professional grade cable costs less than £5 per metre.




I’ll chime in on the subject. I’ve read a lot of good things about Garage Band for recording but not sure how to use it.

I started watching Justin’s tutorial on Garage Band but he is using a pc. I would like to start on my I phone before investing in a MAC computer.

There’s a lot of tutorials on u tube but between Justin’s and the help option on Garage Band should get me going but I am struggling to start.

I also read an interesting review about a Chinese guitar manufacturer Lava. They are cutting edge making uni body guitars with recording capability built in. That also peaked my interest. Just throwing this out there.

I would just make the argument that for just starting grade 2, you have more than enough. Put your effort into learning guitar right now. Do simple recordings (you are most likely a ways away from serious production of your music). The longer you give yourself to grow in your playing, the more you will be able to understand your equipment needs.


The price isn’t really relevant. What matters is whether it has a pickup you can plug into an Audio Interface.

I have a £90 Harley Benton which does this.

It won’t give you the best audio quality compared to a mic, but it is quick and easy and, for recording yourself to review progress, it’s more than good enough.

You ain’t producing Grammy contender records here.



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Prop your phone up or, better still, get a cheap tripod mount for a phone (less than 10 bucks) and start with the built in camera app on video setting.

You don’t need to post it so worrying about the production quality is not really necessary (although plenty of posts here are from people who have used this simple approach).

I assume you mean that you are using Windows.

Then use one of the many DAW apps for Windows. Many are free or very cheap.

That part sounds like a gimmick to me.



True but, with the cash to use on recording equipment ill buy once not twice so, I could forgo the guitar and get the recording equipment, even if I dont all of right now.


Keith, good info, thanks. I’m going to the Apple store this week and pick up mic to plug into the phone, I’ll get a tri pod while I’m there.

Yes, for sure, my partner is building a youtube channel building different engines so recording and video editing with multi voice over will be required. The sound card is only cheap but has a line in and 2x mic inputs.

I may even opt for something similar, my plan where my music is concerned is compilation of a song. so learn as many parts of a song as possible and play and video all those parts, lead , rythem, drums in some form or another, but may need some kind of backing.


“I Love Guitars and the Music Industry, but I See a Lack of Innovation”: Lava Music Visionary Lu Zitian On Bringing Smart Guitars to the Masses | GuitarPlayer

BTW- Here is the link on Lava Guitars as in Guitar Player Magazine. I don’t think I will get one but it’s an interesting read. This guy is thinking out of the box and I like that. SOme good stuff coming out of China now, i.e Eastman Guitars from what I hear.

I think the basic design of the Lava guitars is interesting. There’s a showroom near me and I’ve always been interested in giving them a try.

The onboard effects are also cool. And having an onboard looper is fun. But I don’t see a looper as the same sort of tool as recording yourself to create a log of progress or to review your technique.



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Multiple voices recorded at the same time?

You only need as many inputs as simultaneously recorded instruments/voices. You could make a multitrack recording with 100 different tracks with a single-input audio interface.



possibly, nothing to do with my music, think commentators on a video , you get the idea.


Awesome plan! Super fun and so many cool toys to play with.

I still can’t help but feel you are putting the cart in front of the horse here. If you work hard, and love to play, you will absolutely get there. But right now, grade 2 beckons, none of that gear will do anything but gather dust until you can play well enough to want to use it.


Apart from an iPod which was a gift, I don’t have any Apple gear, and I won’t give it house room - why buy into an overpriced proprietary ecosystem, when you can have free or nearly free software/apps? for me the answer to “what DAW to install on my PC” is Reaper.

I’m always suspicious of multifunction items. I’m not convinced there’s a value for money argument, and in the case of the guitar you mention, if the recording function breaks, then you’re down a guitar as well while it’s in for repair.


So I can’t but a good guitar until I can play a guitar good? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m no expert but Garage Band comes free on Apple products, including I phones. I wondered what it was on my phone but when Stevie Vai says he uses it to record tracks that got my attention. Now I want to figure out how it works. I assumed Justin was using a Mac in his tutorial.

Ian, I read your bio. You and I are in lock step regarding goals!! I’m a bit older than you are. :grinning:

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Sounds like you already have more than enough kit to start. Adding a mic for an acoustic or voice could be an idea.

Rest seems more of a luxury
do you need a sound card with the 2i2?
Drum machines can be software
Monitor speakers = headphones

TBH if you are just doing this for analysis you can just record yourself on your phone or something.

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