What to get

I agree with Rob. Sounds like you’ve got most of what you need for recording. While there are expensive mics, I use the one that came with the 2i2 kit and it’s pretty good for my purposes (although cheap). I bought a separate dynamic mic later, rode m1 because the shure sm57 is expensive in Australia.

You can record electric now with direct input or XLR in from your amp (if it has it).

then you’ll probably find this useful :grin:

Ian, I did look at that but now that you steered me back to Justin’s lessons on Gagrage Band, it does specify he is using a Mac computer. I’m not ready to make the 1,000 quid plunge until I’m familair with the app on my phone.

Since I don’t have a jam buddy thought it would be cool to record melody and play the accompaniment and vice versa, maybe add some light percussions. I use the video on my phone for taping and self critique.
Be well!

If you are just after garageband then mebe an older used mac would work for it.

I’m not convinced its worth buying a computer just for, but those that use it seem to love it

Roch, I get that, I just thought that garageband on iPhone must be pretty similar to garageband on Mac, and so you’d probably find some value in the lessons

You are right, thanks!

Rob, excellent idea, thanks!

Have you thought about using a multi effects pedal? something like the Zoom G6 or the valeton gp200. As well as having all the built in pedals for you to play with, they also have a built in looper for your rhythm, drum machine and a usb output for recording directly to pc, with the Zoom G6 you can also load backing tracks in to play over as well as an aux in for your phone/tablet (not sure whether you can load backing tracks in on the valeton). You could then use your scarlett for mic inputs and would just need some monitors for your pc. Would do everything you need and give you the bonus of a pedal board to play with.

Steve, good advice thanks! I am at the early stages of the journey, taking baby steps. No pedal board yet although I have a Tube Screamer sitting on my desk that I have not tried yet. It keeps staring me in the face so I’ll have to fire it up one day when my wife is out playing tennis :slight_smile:

I would never tell you not to buy another guitar!!!

But, it took me three guitars (well, 5 really if you count the electrics) before I realized that I kept learning more about what I may want in a guitar in the future. So now, having a good enough guitar(s🤦🏼‍♂️) I won’t buy another until I am more advanced, years more, and have a more mature knowledge of what the heck I am doing.

At grade 2, your next guitar will probably not be the last, so I wouldn’t stretch the budget too much.

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Thank you all who have replied… :slight_smile:

Just to add one more voice, it certainly sounds like you’ve got more than enough for the recording angle and having a nice acoustic is very worthwhile imo. Take your time looking and trying a large number of them though, it’s a fair chunk of cash and you want to be as sure as possible.

As a cheeky aside, I do love my Faith as you know :wink:

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i haven’t owned a pc in years……ipads and iphones are cheaper, better and way more versatile than any pc.

whats wrong with the AJ?

For electric guitars but accoustic no, I think Mic’s are far better for those and I dont have any yet.
I did decide on the Blood Moon Venus but it’s just about the same size as my AJ but, I dont want to go to the parlour guitar. !


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Its a bulky guitar for me. !

Ah ok. The Blood Moon Venus is the same as mine, it’s got electronics in it so you could record into the 2i2 with that, otherwise a basic condenser mic would be the only other addition you’d need to room record it.

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What is the size of the AJ? I can’t find any body measurements, just that it is in the jumbo category.

The Blood Moon Venus looks lovely. The lower bout is still over 15” (roughly 15 1/8”) so not that small, but probably a reasonable bit smaller than you AJ if it really is a jumbo.

If the AJ is too bulky, make sure you compare measurements a bit and make sure you aren’t replacing your AJ with something equally bulky.

You don’t need to go Parlor to go smaller, although Faith doesn’t seem to have anything between OM and Parlor.

I am not that big and liked the OM size, but now have an OO size which I like even more. Parlors are also sometimes called O size. Just for reference.

Yeah, that’s been my experience too. I go into more detail and link to a sample on the official lesson topic - which is here:

Note that GarageBand on the Mac is quite different than on iOS.

I’ve used GarageBand on my iPad, and find it strikes a good balance between ease of learning and advanced functionality when you are ready for it. A lot of people recommend it as a first DAW for Apple users.

On the iPhone, it is equally powerful, but personally, I find trying to operate on a small phone screen for this kind of app to be absolutely maddening. But doing it on your phone will give you a good sense of what it can do.

And be sure to check out Pete John’s’ channel - I’m sure he has an excellent “getting started with GB” tutorial.