Welp it was fun!

Hey Bytron, it would be a shame to see you go. My understanding is that it is one thread per month, that you can add a number of songs too.

Hope you find what you are looking for if you decide not to post.



That’s a shame Byron, I do love your posts.

For context, I believe the mods are working on limiting everyone to 1 posts per month (in the AVOYP section) with the idea that you can post multiple AVOYP in one thread, it’s not just you.

Oh ok that makes since… I get it now, sorry i just misunderstood… Sheesh, I thought he meant just one song a month… I apologize… So i just gotta post in my own thread… I guess thats what he meant…

Thanks alexis for clearing that up… I thought he meant just one song a month period… I did not know its for your own thread, makes since… Just more orderly and i understand if thats what he means… So you can post songs in your own thread right? As many as you like?

The mods @Richard_close2u @DavidP @LievenDV should be able to clarify more and I could be wrong, but yeah that’s my understanding. You could create a post and post as many songs as you want in that single thread. I plan on just changing the name of the thread whenever I post something new, like “Alex January - Self Esteem by the offspring”. Then change the name if I post something new again that month. Something like that.


You would do well to read this to get a sense of what has been happening, as you sound like this request has been made to you in isolation. This will show you a little more.
I guess its one of the problems folk face when they only look at what’s being posted in AOVYP and miss the bigger picture of what is happening and discussed in the Community.
Have a read, have a think. But if you still want to up sticks, that’s your choice at the end of the day.


Here’s an example of how it would be, that Richard collected together from your songs in September.

So i reckon all of this is my fault lol…

Like passing the knowledge on those rhythm skills to me :wink:


Thanks phil… Ill just have to relearn how to use the forum now haha.

Don’t feel bad about it. Communication is one of the most difficult things to do among humans. Especially when it’s only written text, without the subtle details that come along when two people talk to each other irl, or via video, for instance.
I’m glad this has been cleared. I like watching you post your videos and record your progress. They’re subtle reminders i should do the same…
Keep at it, will ya? :smile:

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Certainly a knee jerk reaction, lol. I’ve had plenty of those in my life as well though as I’m sure we all have done. I wouldn’t beat myself up about it.

I dont know though… I just feel like all this is my fault for having to reorganize everything… SInce ive read a few posts…

If this were just about 1 person, the mods wouldn’t change the policy for the whole forum. They’d contact you directly only and ask for you to post less.

This is actually a good problem to have. It’s growing pains resulting from the awesome success and influx of new people to the forum. The mods are taking steps to manage it so that it stays sustainable and this place continues to be as great of a place that it already is. I wouldn’t overthink it.

I probably need lessons too, as my link to the topic seems to expand more than other people’s.

Hi Bytron,

I can’t comment further on what Richard said, not in the loop there.

As per Toby’s reference there has been some general chat around the high level of activity in AVOYP and what we could consider doing to improve the experience.

One of the things we have started to explore is the use of tagging. You’ll notice that your Topics in AVOYP are now tagged with your User Name. Currently you don’t have to do anything different as the Mods are adding the tags to a new Topic when we see one has been posted. We think this may help people to identify who posted Topics, especially when accessing with a phone, and also improve ability to search for Topics.

One of the other ideas being considered is for the use of a single Topic when posting multiple songs in a period, say one month. You could consider the first ost in the Topic to be like an index and then add songs as replies throughout the month. All users have been granted the ability to edit the first post indefinitely, which means you can add links in that first post to each reply that contains a song.

Hope that makes sense. As I say, as far as I know that is still an idea under discussion. As a team we are considering user needs and experience and what may help all to have a better experience.

In the meanwhile, you probably noticed that Richard went back and aggregated a number of individual song Topics from a single member in a month into a single consolidated Topic. I know he did this for you and a copuple of other people who post regularly. Maybe this is what he was talkin g to you about?

The intention is certainly not drive anybody away and as you’ll see in the Topic Toby referenced there are lots of different views and opinions.

And certainly not your fault. This is a result of the growth of the Community since the integration of the old Forum with the platform that was used to support discussion on the JG website. We have many more active members now, which is good, and many more people sharing recordings, which is good. Just more recordings means many more Topics in AVOYP and lots more replies, so the views of posts in AVOYP can get quite busy, generating a high volume of unread Topics, and changing the order in which Topics appear.

So one can post a new Topic in AVOYP today, come back in a couple of days, and the Topic is no longer visible when you first access AVOYP. You may have to scroll way down the page due to the number of new Topics or replies to existing Topics.

hence the need to reflect on things and if necessary introduce some new things, like the tagging, to try to improve the experience.

Hope that clears it all up and that you’ll not be heading off to find those greener pastures.

I also hope in the new year you’ll be able to join in and perform at a Community Open Mic.

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@Bytron08 I hope this is just a misunderstanding as I enjoy listening to your songs so I hope you do continue here.

I’m on the fence on this issue, as I’m not much for group think, and not a fan of the consolidated posts. I’m more put off by all of the unlisted tracks and would like to see those separated out in some shape or form. Now that I know to post one clip a month I will bear that in mind and post on the 1st of every month. Interest in my videos has been waning here for some time, so I can abide by this rule without any push back.

@Bytron08, I’ve never put all my eggs into one basket when it comes to online guitar boards. There are plenty of good ones out there and for the most part players are universally cool. Shop around and do drop by and say hello here once in a while – or maybe I will bump into you elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Clint, as far as I know there is no such rule yet (maybe I missed an Announcement). Just ideas and thoughts being tossed around.

Richard also mentioend the option to filter your view in another post. That was intended to present in chornological order within a set time period the Topics based on the date they were created. But it may not be working as expected.

For transparency and clarity.

I have been doing some editing - anyone who visits the community sections will have sen that and maybe taken part in the two discussions around AVOYP.

I did send @Bytron08 a personal message- the first of several people I intend contacting on a personal level to ensure they understood what I was doing, the ratinoale behind it and to keep them informed of the fact that the mods are discussing how to manage AVOYP in the coming year, should the popularity and volume of topics continue increasing. I wrote an 800+ word message detailing in full and what I thought was a clear way some of our thoughts.
I did not state that he can only post one song per month, nor post to express himself. I did mention that people have the complaint that AVOYP is so busy they find it hard to cope and some have opted out from visiting.

My message was private so I will not share it here but I have shared it with @DavidP and @LievenDV