What's happening with the AVOYP changes? New rules?

As Brian said earlier, he is displaying progress on his ability to learn songs more quickly. But maybe that doesn’t count either. Life used to be much simpler in the village. :sunglasses:

Yes, I understood that,…but I think Kasper meant something else…or something…I don’t know either,…I think it’s all okay,…give novice posters a limit in videos in the first months, then they learn to look around how things work, … and the more regular guests who post a lot of videos will notice by the amount of response whether it is worth all that effort ,…

And yes,…a village seems easier ,…but as I also said to you then,…every busy city also has a small intimate core,…

maybe it is a completely different experience for people who watch on their phone, … here on the big screen everything is quite clear. No matter how many people post in AVOYP

Edit: I’ve been looking at this site on my phone for the first time …for more than an hour,…I understand the irritation a bit better now,…although I normally only do some WhatsApp and calls now and then with the phone, so I’m not a good benchmark, … but it gives a much better idea.


We are going to get as many opinions on this as there are members interested enough to post. The bottom line is dealing with the volume of AVoYPs and how to best manage the issue and the moderators are working on it.

The reason I made my comment about sharing AVoYPs with a few others by email was because a while back four of us had quite a focused and useful email dialogue on an aspect of guitar play.
I totally take your point @TheMadman_tobyjenner that we are here to share music.


No. Categorically not that.


The first is really only discernible over a period of time (for some weeks, for others months, for others perhaps just days) with learning and effort to acquire new skills / improve existing skills.
The second is something of a show case of skills acquired, of achievement resulting from the work.

I think you are asking, ‘Can we not just post recordings of songs we love for the fun of it?’.
The answer remains yes, a resounding yes.
And such songs could be considered either Progress or Performance.
And even with one topic per month, these can be shared within a single topic.

However, to manage the flow and accessibility for all, and to manage instances of AVOYP being flooded with, for example, rapid-fire ‘hey, I learned this yesterday, it’s not great but I wanted to share anyway’, type posts is looking necessary.


And please continue to do so.

This is something I tried to do with my limited skill set and experience and tried to continue that here for the first 6 months or so before things started to get overwhelming and not just AOVYP. I then got to a stage where I felt I was not qualified to comment least offer advice. I don’t use the app, there a whole load of news lessons added since I did the BC and OM and many of the songs I just don’t know. Best thing I could do was offer support if I liked something, so yes guilty on back slapping. If I thought something was below par, I just didn’t comment. And I just ignore anyone doing a daily dump or what could loosely be termed as such. Just as I did with previous drive by posters, who frequent multiple forums.


Aint that true brother !


You can’t be blamed if you just want to be nice here, :blush:…and I don’t think anyone meant it thàt way about anyone :wink:,…without you and more nice people it wouldn’t be nice here for long,. … :bouquet:

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From my point of view I gave up looking at videos in this sections months ago, mainly due to the volume but also the fact that most don’t interest me. I also probably don’t have the required level of skill or knowledge to add anything of value.
Saying that I do check when I see anything Pink Floyd related so having a something in the post title would help.

Anyone else notice that not one of the abusers have read or posted in this thread? I hate to lay more responsibility on the Mods but someone has to let these people know about the problem.

As for the amount of responces these people get it’s alway the same well meaning members who feel it’s their responsibility to post a comment. I’d say something but have already been repromanded for speaking my minds so I leave it to people with a filter.


Something else that may help is put a time limit on when people can posts. There are days that one person who hasn’t been on the forum for a few weeks goes through every AVOYP post and feel the need to comment, usually the usual pat on the back with no substance. These post all bump that thread to the unread section adding to the volume. If lets say you couldn’t post a comment after a few days of the original post but could still click the heart button the original poster would get the notification but the post wouldn’t get bumped to the unread list.


I guess that this is a nice problem to have. A real issue maybe folk posting just to promote their latest song or YouTube channel or whatever, but I haven’t noticed much of that.

One tactic I employ is just to comment on posts which maybe lacking a bit of love. No need to add a 50th “that was great” comment.

I think once people get to know the forum a bit better they learn how to angle their post to get constructive feedback if that’s what they’re after.

I do just use the ‘latest’ filter as it seems to show both the more recent activity along with the more popular threads. - maybe there could be some more options on this front? I don’t know.

I don’t mind folk posting just for the hell of it, for some this may be the only place they get to share what they’re doing, we all put a lot of work in so it’s nice to share sometimes.

I think on the offering of advice, in the case of absent parents, the kids will just have to muddle through the best they can. We’re all learning and have some perspective on things. I think folk are wise enough to realise that any advice taken from any online forum should be taken with a pinch of salt. Although when you first start working your way through the modules, you do get the impression that you can ask Justin for advice via the forum or certainly via the posts in each module (which just link here?).

But hey, you can’t do everything and the mods/approved teachers are prolific on here so no complaints from me…


I think this thread is very interesting, and has given me a different insight into why people post AVOYP.

Personally I feel I benefitted a lot from the support, I received, even though I recognize my own limitations and that the positive comments were relative to my skill level.

I also got constructive comments that I take to heart. I can hear peoples comments in my head as I play and try to improve. It would be sad to lose that.

I also recognize the difficulty even watching all the new AVOYP’s never mind tying to comment. With my skill level all I can offer is support and positive comments, but hopefully one day will be able to offer a few pearls of my own. So I do have the dilemma in my head of do I just like and not comment, or should I comment too.

It certainly is more impactful listening to someone play when they have had a few more interactions, than Hi I’m Phil, here’s my stuff. Not sure from a mod perspective how to control that.

Also I can understand from Justins’ perspective why he promotes this community to people. It is a place where you can get lots of advice and help, and certainly helps promote his Brand To use the absent parent analogy from another thread, he has a lot of grown up “kids” around to help support the place, but that can wear thin, if you have to spend more time helping than furthering your own playing.

Not sure I can help with any recommendations, but I hope to continue to enjoy the village vibe even as the place grows,


It’s always good to have a mix of support along with feedback on what you’re doing well and what you need to work on. That day has arrived where you can offer pearls of your own to those working there way through the grades you have already accomplished. It would be good to know where everyone was in their journey as they posted there recordings as difficult to keep track of the progress of everyone as the community grows rapidly.


No doubting that with the integration of the Forum and Comments section on the website, membership and activity increased in 2022.

Lots of interesting viewpoints shared in this conversation and rest assured that it is a topic that will get face-face airtime in the new year when we three mods meet again with Laryne and Justin. We are always asked about the Community and endeavour to give balanced feedback and to resolve issues.

Richard has already taken the step of adding username tags on AVOYP posts which may help your filtering when scanning. It also meets a need raised to be able to see the original poster when accessing with a phone (though when I tested this I did have to turn my phone into landscape mode to see the tag).

I think the issue is twofold: firstly, the number of Topics in the Sub-category; secondly, the fact that replies (including edits such as tagging) bump the Topic to the top of a list, like Latest or the Sub-category landing page.

Aggregating a member’s posts in a single Topic may help the first but not the second, plus having other downsides mentioned in this Topic.

As Mods we do try to keep an eye on this Category to pickup and deal with people posting just for marketing to ultimately boost numbers on other platforms. It is also pleasing to say that I have seen other Members also address this issue, highlighting the ‘pay it forward’ ethos, suggesting new members post introductions (another busy category such that I don’t read and welcome every single new member anymore).

Learning guitar on your own can be a lonely frustrating experience. AVOYP was invaluable to me, particularly when I started. I’m not a neuro-scientist so can’t make a proper case for the power of just encouragement vs catching people doing things correctly and well and explicitly affirming that, vs pointing out mistakes and the ways in which to improve existing performance (whatever flavour of performance it may be).

I’m also not a psychologist or sociologist, but from the work I do, I do understand the change in human dynamics as groups grow in size. The dynamics certainly have changed. I’ve had to change some of my habits and learn how to use the features of the new platform to optimise my own experience.

I expect I am missing out in terms of musical enjoyment and inspiration through not being able to watch and listen to every single shared recording as I used to do due to the level of AVOYP activity. And related to that, I may not get to know all the regulars. But I have confidence that the spirit of the Community will prevail and that there’ll be sufficient members engaging and supporting that nobody who is genuine in their interest to learn, to share, and participate will find themselves out in the cold.


I don’t post here often, but if flood of content is sort of a problem, why not make a rule that each person has their own dedicated topic, wherein they post their stuff? That topic, since it will be continuously updated, will still be in the ‘LATEST’ field. It might take a while for the mods to correct many topics (merging them in to one) of the same user, so there’s another issue. Shrugs

@GNS I think this issue has been mentioned above that some people who don’t follow all the posts won’t see recordings of others. I personally like current arrangement where new song of a user is a new post, as long as volume is capped. This will make our latest section of the Community a whole lot more decent to read :wink:


This is where the Learning Log comes in. There it is easy to see where someone is at from previous videos. But this isn’t about beginners who post once a week/month for feed back on their progress. This is about the rash of videos being posted lately from new and old members with comment like I posted this two years ago and thought I’d post it again or hears a video of my gig last night then posting three separate threads instead of putting all three in one thread.

Nobody want the beginners to stop posting for feed back.

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I was just thinking if a user creates a post and once they have received feedback they need and have no plans on uploading an updated recording addressing the feedback or if it was a study thread uploading the next piece can they not close their own topic so that it can still be viewed but not commented on further?

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@LievenDV While this is on my mind, Lieven, do we have the ability to get stats on Community activity that would confirm a users new AVOYP topic posting frequency, and some kind of age analysis, plus other metrics I’m sure you can come up with better than I can.

If adding a Like response doesn’t bump the Topic to the top of a list, then maybe we should close Topics after a given number of days, to keep things fresh. And that would not prevent somebody coming back, doing a deep trawl of older Topics and at least hitting a like plus potentially adding a Comment on YouTube or SoundCloud?

And a “Mark All Read” would still be a huge benefit, like we used to have, so you can at least get rid of the chaff, even if you have been away for a few days. This was dismissed in beta testing despite many folk wanting such an option. A year on it would seem even more desirable. As I am only dipping in now and then as I get my appetite back, I am having to do this manually. Latest, open, back out wash rinse repeat. Otherwise I just walk into a sea on bold unread posts, which makes me feel like backing away. Once I’ve cleared the clutter, I’ll then cherry pick “new” posts as my mood takes me. And it would be a darn quick way to resolve this issue over and above the mods policing the “abusers” as Rick calls them and a lot cleaner than restructuring how things are posted. Simples.