What's happening with the AVOYP changes? New rules?

And in terms of stats if cap is introduced would be great to observe if average replies amount have increased or not per thread, so now let’s say it’s 20 and after the cap it increases to 50 that would be a good indicator if the cap worked.


Absolutely this is another piece that would make life easier, although a shortcut for me if we are talking about share volume of posts in AVOYP. This should be added as an extra rather than a main measure of tackling the problem.

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There is it called Dismiss. If you got to AVOYP and click Unread all the post you’ve miss come up.
Click the Dismiss button and they are gone. You can also set how long post show up in unread in Preferences.



I have only found this to work under notifications via my profile pic, it does not change the status of posts from bold to unbold under general listings ie Latest. It only removes the highlight from the notification.

For example if I select AOVYP from the Category listing there is no Dismiss option.

The only option I have is to do it manually. ie open a post then go back a page to the previous list. If you know of a way to do this and not just Notifications I’d be grateful.


You have 9 unread you need to click on the unread button. This will bring up those 9 posts then you can dis miss them.

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We have a meeting on the calendar for early next week! :wink:

Sadly it does - including my merging topics pushed them to the top as merging is classified as ‘Activity’. People are going to have to bear with me on that when
I do retrospective work.

And we hope it will continue to be for posters and viewers alike.

I have those same feelings David.
But that is for me to deal with as I adjust to the need to step back from thinking I must be involved with all posts in all sections and a support to everyone everywhere.


I like this idea. I sometimes feel like a bit of a narcissist replying to comments knowing the thread will be bumped back up to the top of the list.

Hey everyone!
I believe I’ve been guilty of some of the things that have been said, if not quantity of videos shared, most of them weren’t very polished so the actual progression of the guitar playing wasn’t very easy to review.
I’m not so active these days on the community, work/life stuff is getting in the way and I usually use the free time I have on casual practice, away from screens and devices. However, I log in from time to time to read what the regulars are up to and comment if I feel I can add something to the topic.
It is something I definitely have noticed, and I feel is good to address, in a civilized and healthy way like it’s being done here. The newsletter and us users encouraging newcomers to share video have had an effect, which is ultimately good for the community and the site (not talking about users who don’t post anything past their videos, of course…), but it is a bit much if you are someone who tries to follow what’s happening here on a daily basis.
Now, what to do about it? I’m usually of the opinion of letting the dust settle, and things will fall on place, but there’s a big risk of people not engaging on that section of the site at all.
My opinion, if that “thank you” button can be implemented without bumping the topic up, and we can all make sure our messages actually add something of value, maybe put a limit of a monthly post, and this could be one or more videos, that you decided to record on the month of January for example to ask for feedback or document your progress.
I don’t think there’ll be a unanimous opinion about this but I’ll be following the topic closely, some great insights.


You mean like mine 9 unread here and nothing listed ?

I have no idea why it says you have 9 when you don’t have any. If you look at my picture it says 5 and I have 5
It works for me very morning I check the AVOYP section click the unread look at who has posted. It nothing interests me I click the Dismiss button and they’re gone and greyed out in latest aswell.

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Changed Default Home Page to Unread, will see how that pans out. Cheers. :sunglasses:

Similarly to the beginner safe space topic, a pinned monthly progress topic (January 2023 Performances) where everyone can share a song that they learned that month could be interesting for some members. Some members may prefer to use that topic instead of having their own thread each month.

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This thread blew up a lot more than I expected overnight (for me), seems this topic touched a pretty big nerve in the community.

And there are a LOT of different angles. Some of the more negative angles surprised me tbh.

I think this is great. Any kind of playing allowed. Personally, one kind of video I enjoy but I think there isn’t a lot of are the short progress type / here’s my technique, comment on it. Even complex in progress stuff, marked as in progress, asking for feedback. Those raw videos of the learning progress are interesting! (To me, at least).

I don’t think AVOYP should be just performances.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people getting the pats on the back. It’s another form of feedback and it’s nice to receive them.

I think if you try to change this it will break the community. The whole system works on the basis of someone replying to a post, that one then going to the top of the list because otherwise nobody would ever see the reply… that works for learning logs, lesson questions, etc. If that gets changed, nobody would see any updates to posts beyond a couple of days old.

Yes, when someone replies to an old AVOYP it bumps it to the top - I don’t think that’s a problem though. When an old gem gets dug up, others get to discover it.

I agree with the concept with Eddie here - AVOYP is great and I get use out of it. Managing the success of the category to prevent it from becoming useless is important. I think ALL feedback is good even if just a pat on the back.

These two sentiments here from @brianlarsen and @KevinKevan make me a bit sad. From each end of the spectrum - the daily-commenter-frequent-uploader, and long-time-but-occasional-poster. Both what I would call actual community members, posting helpful comments, useful videos, learning logs, great discussions, and also OM participants. Clearly feeling slightly guilty about their AVOYPs.

Please don’t feel guilty in any way, please don’t stop posting your videos. IMHO AVOYP should be for performances, in progress stuff for feedback, technique videos, anything guitar! Personally I think the only challenge is managing the volume (which it sounds like @Richard_close2u and team have a solution for), not stopping people from posting!

And others, feedback, tips, pats on the back, please don’t second guess yourself or stop doing it, just jump in and comment!

My 2c at least.


100% what JK says.


Yes please!

That’s exactly what I was looking to put into for example a fingerstyle blues study thread as I learn the techniques to get the feedback from those I see playing those techniques with competency on the forum to ensure I’m getting it down right. It may also interest others into exploring that path.

That’s a good point as due to the housekeeping getting done by Richard I only discovered a few gems that were posted when I was just starting to get settled in.

Generally the feedback is mostly pats on the back unless specifically asked for critique. It reminds me of one of the first comments you asked me “are you looking for feedback or just sharing a performance?”. That’s something that I’m going to make sure I word clearly when posting in the future.

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There is a whole lot of discussion here. My own two cents, and this is an idea already discussed here… I sort of like the idea of each member creating their own thread that they will use for all of their future videos. That would at least limit the number of overall topics/threads.

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You’re a good man, Charlie Brown and you started a useful discussion here, even if everyone has their own opinions (Mind you, I’ll not be happy if you break my forum :laughing:).
No need to feel sad, as I have zero guilt.
The two main categories I post in are AVOYP and Social/Just Chatting.
The usual suspects read and comment equally on both, so it makes no difference to me where I post really.
I do what I do for fun and have no plans to change at present :smiley: All I was saying is I don’t mind ‘unclogging’ one area and setting my stall up elsewhere.
Maybe @TheMadman_tobyjenner showed us another possibility for regular contributors: our own performance threads within AVOYP?
Hmmm… :thinking:

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Has there been any new AVoYPs since he made that post? :thinking: