Where does your username come from?

This is how my username Prof_Thunder came about: I’m a university professor in Switzerland. We had a visiting researcher from Japan who was unable to pronounce my family name Sanders. When he said my name, it always sounded like Professor Thunder. After that, everyone in the lab called me Professor Thunder, with great amusement.


Never had much interaction with horses, Franz. My youngest daughter & now my granddaughters are bonkers for horses :racehorse:! I have found that just about every horse instructor they have had are… well… let’s be nice and just say “different”!!! Characters for sure!!! Nice story!!!


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Love this one!!!

Good thing though that you don’t have one of those hyphenated names… imagine if your name was Ian Sanders-Burns.
You’d have been Professor Thunder-Buns!


@CATMAN62 @NicoleKKB Thank you both for your kind words :heart:!

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Ah go on then…

Notter is very much a play on words courtesy of my brother and I continuously acting like 5 year olds when we’re together, for reference I’m 48 he’s 51… We “invented” the word to describe perfectly normal people doing odd things. Where the word “nutter” has harsh and unpleasant connotations, we concluded that notter is more playful and better suited to things like pratfalls, freudian slips and other stupid behaviour.

So why do I use it? I’m quite susceptible to doing randomly stupid things so here I am as Notter!!

(You can imagine my amusement when I stumbled across an email address for someone where I work who carries the surname Notter :slight_smile: )


I posted the origin of ‘sairfingers’ a few years ago in Sairfingers’ Learning Log so I’ll copy and paste the entry across here.

Back in the Summer of 1990 (not ‘69) I was on a campsite in France with my wife and 2 kids. We were touring around with our caravan and ended up near Sarlat in the Dordogne region.

Anyone who has been camping/caravanning in France will know that the campsites are full of Dutch people and I met up with a bunch of Dutch guys. They all spoke great English so communication wasn’t a problem. They had brought their guitars on holiday with them so there were regular singalongs in the bar and swimming pool area etc. So my interest in guitar was reignited some 20 years after my initial short lived introduction as a teenager.

One of the guitar players was suffering from painful fingertips as he was not a regular player. Much to my amusement he described this in Dutch as ‘zere vinger’, but it was pronounced as ‘sair finger’ (finger pronounced as in singer).

Had our national bard Robert Burns ever written a poem about a sore finger in addition to those for which he is famous like ‘Tae a moose’ (that’s mouse, not the large North American animal) he would undoubtedly have used old Scots and written and spoken it as ‘sair finger’.

Unfortunately when I returned home the guitar spark, like many post holiday plans, was extinguished by work and family commitments.

I never forgot the Dutch guy and his sore fingers and on the 21st March 2018 (I checked my profile) when I joined Justin guitar and needed a nickname and certainly had sore fingers from playing for the previous few weeks, ‘sairfingers’ was born.


Wow! Super interesting post! I’ve spent almost all my practice time reading this one thread! ooops :laughing: but have enjoyed reading everyone’s responses :smiley:

I know right!? Do they still make children’s movies that are so horrifying and tragic!? (The Dark Crystal is another one that comes to mind)

@Helen0609 Hope you are feeling better these days Andrea :hugs: so awesome that you discovered JG and the community so soon after taking up guitar, hurruh! Thanks for sharing your story, it is beautiful and inspiring!

My username was originally Calvin after my old dog (in my profile pic), then changed it to my name, but had been thinking of going back to using Calvin :woman_shrugging:


Thanks Jax, I make my way through the days and guitar helps a lot :heart:

I would be Nelly then or, after our current dog, Emma :blush:


Haha, I initially presumed you were a Carpenters fan :laughing:
When I read you were a teacher, I wondered whether it was a nod to Gordon Sumner’s Don’t stand so close to me ditty :thinking:
I can’t believe you had to ‘imagine’ scenarios where teenagers were being cheeky :rofl:


:hugs: It is amazing how guitar can help with so much! :heart:
Love your dogs’ names - sweet :smiling_face:


I was born in Oldham, Greater Manchester. A town renowned for the poor quality of its meat.


Very dull for me Name_pincode (for my security box held at Bank of Dave)


My favorite character from that show, too. I like engineers, lol. Met James Doohan when he was speaking at my college. Scotty is my first favorite engineer.


I think my Mum gave me mine, but that was 62 years ago, so my memory is a bit vague :wink:



Astronauts are cool, I joined the air force in an attempt to become one but washed out of flight training (at that time only 10 woman pilots existed in the USAF and that was just to appease congress, sigh). And then they kept increasing the requirements as everyone wanted to join as a civilian astronaut. sigh

But astronauts, at least the ones I’ve met are very cool.


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:

I love Canadians. :upside_down_face: Been to various parts of Canada quite a few times. In fact, my paternal great grandmother, Victoria hailed from New Brunswick.

So, I am part Canadian.


I hardly dare to post my own poor “story” after reading all these creative, inventive, witty and smart ideas behind your usernames :blush:

Mine had simply been taken straight from my birth certificate. End of “story” :innocent:

I don’t even like my first name much. It would have been a great chance to get a much cooler one :sunglasses:
Really missed a unique opportunity here :roll_eyes:

The ladybird in my profile picture reminds me of my two guitars. I have a red and a black one :lady_beetle:
And I’m very fond of ladybirds anyway. Always happy when they visit my garden :lady_beetle: :lady_beetle: :lady_beetle:



I guess I should also add that I used to be plain old tobyjenner on the old forum, before the amp incident. However, Toby is not my given name but a nickname I was given when I was eleven and that was a long long time ago. :sunglasses:


Well, when I write that it was an imagined scenario, what I’m avoiding saying is that it was actually a product of stress-induced nightmares.


Aaahh… I still go on the occasional ward rounds in my ‘dreams’ :open_mouth: :rofl:

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