Why is the JG website song filtering so bad?

As I seem to be progressing OK with the F barre chord I thought I would look for songs with F in them. Just tried to find some for Beginner Grade 2 and selecting the chords. Started with F, then had to add C, D and G to this to get any hits. Four songs were listed but not one of them had the F chord!! The filtering system is really bad and needs an upgrade.

So how do I find songs with the F chord at the level I am at?

Hi Stuart, i understand where you are coming from and this was raised by David to the team

It certainly needs something sorting out with the filtering.

Any ideas what filters I need to find songs with the F chord?

The problem with the filter is if you selected the chords for a particular song that uses the F chord the filter will give you a list of songs and some of them may not include the F chord but include the other chords. The only suggestion I can think of is to look at the list of songs suggested by Justin on the F chord lesson or Google beginners songs with F chord and then see if Justin has a song lesson for them.

The filtering is not “bad”, as such, it just does something different from what you want to do. What it does, is it lets you input all the chords you know how to play and it tells you which songs don’t have any chords besides the ones you specify. Basically, if gives you a list of songs that you can play based on the chords you specify.

You want a different kind of filter: you specify a chord and the filter shows you all the songs that use that chord. This is what you should request from the website administrators.

Or alternatively for the filter to only shows songs which use all the chords that you have selected


Thanks for the alert @Stuartw There are known issues on the to do list.
For a song to appear you need to choose all chords it contains. Once beyond simple 3 and 4 chord songs the combinations become massive.
Not all chord names / types have been added to the filter database yet.
Not all song lessons have had the chords attached yet.
I am doing some of the behind-the-scenes edits to help with parts of this.
I can only apologise and suggest filtering grade 2 or 3 songs by other filters, not chords.

No worries. Not the end of the world (well it may be but that’s another completely different subject!) and thanks for looking at this.

I tried that but the songs listed didn’t contain the F chord!

Will have another looks at this.