Hello to everybody,
Thanks for watching in advance and I hope you like it…

A short :roll_eyes:word in advance .
This is a beautiful arrangement by Justin and without wanting to place a disclaimer … if I ever play an acoustic one I will perform this song again.
That being said …this is my best performance yet :sweat_smile:…it’s against tradition but it is :smile:…even the extra notes a little after a minute hardly bother me :blush:
I certainly see points for improvement and I will … but happy now :sunglasses:

This is my first take…

…from July 26 in the afternoon…I’ve lost count, but there were certainly around 80 attempts needed,but I bought a tripod for my phone with a remote control for 3.79 euros 2 weeks ago, well it was worth at least 100 euros to me so I didn’t have to spend the whole time drive back and forth, brake on it, etc

If Justin says “relatively easy” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: again I’m going to cry, because if he says that I know it’s going to be working/sweating really hard… :smile:
But thanks for the arrangement though :blush:


Which is also nice to say that I play the extra notes of Justin’s performance (the most), especially with the Bridge it doesn’t sound good to me without those extra bass notes and with the F#m there are sometimes some extra bass notes too, so these are not with the tabs,


Hello Rogier,

What a lovely treat you have given us today. It was great to hear Yesterday played on electric, it takes me back to Munich, 24 of June 1966 :smiley: I enjoyed that very much, you had me singing along to your playing. I’m pleased to hear that you bought a tripod for your phone with a remote control, not because it save you time driving back and forth but because now we can expect more wonderful recordings from you :wink: That definitely does not look like a “relatively easy” piece, all that hard work is certainly paying off. Well done sir.


Thanks James,
Funny that after responding to you and the girls (remains funny now that I heard their stories about ladies and girls) this was the first recording… :sunglasses:

you mean on video right :flushed:

But it’s nice that you don’t find the electric version sounding too twangy(?) … I’ve hung 2 vests in line with the amplifier for sound insulation on a chair and the dishwasher and in between is the telephone on a piano stool with tripod to get the room / kitchen,

I think you are right…in any case, the chance has increased :blush:


A fine lyrical performance there Rogier.
The melody you play has got just the right phrasing to fit the words, so well done

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That was really cool Rogier! First time hearing yesterday played on an electric. A great start to my morning as I sit on my porch drinking my coffee and waiting for the weather to get close to 100 degrees. I enjoyed that very much!!!

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Hi Ruaridh, @Eccleshall
Thank you ,that`s nice to hear it’s what I was aiming for :blush: and have been doing over and over until just now.

Hi Eddie,
Thanks and good to hear from you again, I had read about your busy period,
and the fact that you haven’t heard it on electric before, I think it’s because you really miss the warm full sound with amateurs like me and then you have to work extra hard :sweat_smile: … enjoy your :coffee: you have painted a nice picture :sunglasses: and bloody :hot_face:
:ice_cube: :ice_cube: :ice_cube: go sit on that…


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Unfortunately yes, this video

you can turn that amplifier right up then :smirk:

I like the odds. Pretty much all AVoYP’s that get posted in the community you take the time to listen to them and provide feedback, so it will be really good to see more AVoYP’s from you.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Thank you and … :sweat_smile:

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Hello Rogier, and what a treat to my ears :star_struck:. So nicely played :+1::clap::bouquet:!
I’ve been working on Justins Happy Birthday arrangement at the moment, which is much, much shorter than Yesterday. So, I can easily imagine, how much time and effort you must have put into this song to bring it to this level :smiley:.
Congratulations :clap::clap::clap:!!!

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Hello Rogier :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just watched your awesome video with your lovely performance.

In fact, I had to watch it three times in a row, it was such a pleasure to listen to this lovely tune and your beautiful playing.
The fingerstyle-version really looks very tricky, and you did a great job on this song. :clap: :clap: :clap:

I’m working on a Beatles-song myself at the moment. A quite easy strumming version of “I want to hold your hand” from the Beginner’s Songbook. Listening to your beautiful performance keeps me motivated, and I’m hoping to play “Yesterday” myself one far day, hopefully maybe half as good as you :pray:

Keep up the great work and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video. :+1:

Gunhild :lady_beetle:


Roger @roger_holland
Really nice I enjoyed that.
Michael :+1:

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Hi Nicole, @NicoleKKB
Thank you very much :blush: :sunglasses:
Happy birthday was my first fingerstyle song that I learned, luckily I forgot how long it took me(really ), I thought i will learn that in a long day or two or something…how wrong was that :upside_down_face: :smile:


Hello Gunhild @Gunhild
Oww, you’re new here and that’s why you’re way too nice to me :blush: :grin:
I never thought that so many styles and levels could be extracted from the beatle music (even one song in many ways), I wish you a lot of fun with it and don’t forget that you should record it at least for yourself to start/see your process from a positive impulse when you feel stuck… thanks again for your many kind words,


Hi Michael, @MAT1953
Thank you that nice to hear :sunglasses:



Hi Rogier,

Mate, that was great. I love those little walk downs they always sound good but are not always easy to get right.

I too am not sure how this could be called “easy” :rofl: it looks and sounds hard to me so hats off mate, great job.:+1:


Hi Craig,
Thank you very much.
And you mustn’t forget that Justin did use the word ‘relative’ here, otherwise I would have really swam to England and made it clear that he really shouldn’t say that :grin:

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Well, my friend, that’s a lot of blood sweat & tears (not to mention words) for just a minute and a half of music! :laughing:
I jest of course. You packed more goodness into those 90 seconds than many of us in our monthly quota. I smiled listening to your tasty bass line with delicately plucked melody on top, thinking how different our approaches are, as I’d be more likely to play one down strum per bar and hope to cover it up with my wailing…
You should share more often and perhaps lower your standards a bit- maybe the 60th take might be good enough… :thinking:
I was relieved to see you finally exhale at the end and even give us a glimpse of your nice smile :smiley:
Bravo! :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:
(Ps my compliments to whoever designed your relaxing interior and keeps it in such a tidy, clutter-free state)

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Rogier that was so nicely played :heart_eyes: I loved the feeling, you kept the Rhythm going so well! Bravo… Bravissimo and as a friend of mine would say “Bis!!!” :star_struck::bouquet::smile:
Constructive feedback: your pinky looks just as mine sometimes, with this crazy habit to go upon ring finger and tend to want to glue to it…ah pinkies! Practice practice practice :blush::blush::blush:

:joy: that’s exactly what he always says!

:face_with_monocle: Your right hand pinky! You’re picking the E string using it! That’s unusual I think…but I absolutely think it’s good as it works really well for you, as I’ve already said your Rhythm is fantastic :blush:

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Ooo dear,

Not the first time the cat looks startled when I read something from you… :rofl:
Tank you very much… :blush: and

you do that as one of the best but not with


oh my goodness :flushed: i see , I also do that when I’m very busy typing, and then I often hear “breathing” next to me. I have a version where I look at the camera for the last 25 seconds or so but that was take …yes really …about take60 :upside_down_face:

We “designed” the house together and I am the one who cleans up the most, but I can also use a vacuum cleaner between playing the guitar and if I can lift my guitar I can also clean up our mess, thank you I appreciate it very much and will also pass it on in a moment :blush:

And I will give a small look in the kitchen in a moment because of the video recording situation :sunglasses:
I believe I have everything now… bye :sweat_smile: :sunflower:

Sounded fabulous, Roger, bravo.

As for ‘easy’, I far prefer the word ‘simple’ after trying an (allegedly) easy finger-style arrangement of a Christmas carol a couple of years back. It may be simple but it is by no means easy, unless of course you are a pro with decades of learning and playing like Justin :rofl:

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Hi Rogier! I was so surprised to see you finally posting this wonderful piece of music even today :heart_eyes:! So wonderfully played, one can see how much effort you’ve put in. That’s a tricky one for sure! I’m getting always a bit nervous, when Justin says something should be easy…
Your videos always are very enjoyable and so was this one. I heard it three times in a row. And I love the moment at the end, when you can see an imaginated big stone falling from your heart with a deep breath and you show a nice little smile! Be proud of yourself and grin from ear to ear :blush:! Thanks for sharing and I send you some virtual :hibiscus: :wilted_flower: :sunflower: :tulip:!

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David, are you speaking about the “Easy fingerstyle version of Silent Night” :slightly_smiling_face:?

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