A-ha Take on Me

This was meant to be my open mic submission for the last open mic but…life got in the way. So I made a little recording to share here. I admit it was about 5 takes until i got one start to finish that I felt good about - each one a bit different than the last (which is part of the fun of getting a song to the point where it can lead me where it wants to go in the moment). My voice was much stronger one take 1 :).

This is one of my favorite songs of all time - never imagined I’d be singing it and recording an acoustic guitar version.

Also I’m a noob when it comes to using mics and video editing. Trying to keep it simple - just a touch of reverb and compression and getting rid of background hum on the audio. There was some gremlin in the audio track that I couldn’t remove (especially pronounced on the opening single notes) but I liked the rest of the sound enough that I just kept it as is.

I’m using Reaper for sound and editing the video together with Da Vinci. Mic is a single Audio Technica at2020 compressor through a Scarlett 2i2. For anyone with similar setups any advice is appreciated at getting the tone cleaned up and any particular effects that you like to use.



I’m old enough to remember this song-nice choice. I think you did a great job with a nice and steady rhythm. My video production skills need work so I have no room to talk-no complaints on a humming sound from me. You are very talented and thanks for sharing.


Bravo, Jesse, my immediate sense is that this is your best performance and recording to date. A classic synth pop tune from the 80s and your acoustic rendition sounded good, plus some fine singing. Well done.

Very nice Jesse! - a perfect Aha Unplugged

Hi Jesse, what a pleasure to listen to this acoustic version of this 80’ies classical. Sounds so beautiful on acoustic guitar! I liked your playing, strumming and singing, good job! Not easy too sing with Morten’s vocal range, the higher parts must be tricky for men. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Banging performance there Jesse. Like @SDKissFan I’m also young enough ( :wink: ) to remember this and it’s awesome pencil animation video!
Sounds really good as an acoustic version, really liked your mixing up of strumming and volume throughout and nice single string work in the middle. Can’t remember who else in the community did this not that long ago but I’m sold, it’s going on my list!
Shame you didn’t get to do this at the OM but such is life, very pleased you’ve shared this with us, bravo :clap:

Jesse that was awesome superb job! Never thought about listening to this song as an unplugged acoustic version so it really surprised me in a very good way! Not an easy thing to jump from strumming to the recognizable song motif you did and keeping dynamics is a challenge, would take me some time to figure out how to smoothly transition between those two. So no opinion on that, just an admiration to your great recording, thanks for sharing!

Mucha admiración

Holy cow.
That was good.

That was super Jesse. Great dynamics in both playing and vocals and well done on being able to hit those high notes on the vocals. Excellent job!!! Bravo :raised_hands:!

Agreed awesome performance!!!. Nice vocals And solo in middle.

Hi Jesse,
Beautiful performance and special to be able to sing so high,…

That was superb Jesse, lovely acoustic version of that song. I enjoyed it very much! :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:

Great job Jesse , really nice especially the changing dynamics throughout the sections of the song. :clap: :clap:

its awesome

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Excellent rendition Jesse. And you have some serious vocal range. Nice job!

Wow huge thank you to every one of you who left kind words and encouragement! It was unexpected and has been really fun to receive so many supportive messages - especially since when I play and record I typically hear every missed note and crack in my voice :slight_smile:

This community is truly a special place!


Hey Jesse, great job, sounded awesome to me! :smiley: Great song too, one of my 80s classics favourites! Thanks for sharing, loved it! :clap: :clap:

Well done Jesse, that was great! :clap: :clap: :clap: :grinning:

Hello, Jesse! Great choice for an acoustic performance and what a coincidende since I’ve started working on it today. I liked everything you did and found the vocals particularly good - great singing skills!! Great job!!

Jesse, I like the performance well done! I noticed the banging on the guitar, something I am experimenting with. Saw a local performer that does that extensively and thought it adds a nice little personal extra touch.

Noticed also you used a capo. Justin mentioned using a capo from the very beggining in lesson one but the only song he has mentioned to use it so far is Wonder Wall (I am beginning grade 2). Is that something you did on your own? How do you know when to use it?

Thanks again-