Brian Larsen - October 2022 - 6.45 (Firewater) + Laissez Faire (David Ackles) + My Sister's Tiny Hands (Handsome Family) + In The Dutch Mountains (The Nits)

It’s always enjoyable taking part in the open mics, but funny how different they can feel :thinking:
I felt a little caught short on this one, as I hadn’t put in the necessary time to learn the song properly.
The same way that if you want to sing while playing, it helps if you can play the song ‘on autopilot’ and not think about it. Similarly, if I want to ‘perform’ a song, even if it’s just a smile, wink or slight ad-lib, I need to be able to play and sing it on autopilot, otherwise even tiny things can stop me in my tracks.
Anyway, for those who thought I wasn’t my ‘exuberant’ usual self, I was just concentrating on the task at hand.
I like to keep a record of most of the songs I learn for reference, so decided to do a quick recording today and might as well share it here too. No need for repeat viewing/comments- It’s a little better audio quality than the OM but without Chris on the mandolin.
You would be better rewarded to watch the excellent Firewater’s original song here

plus …

Laissez Faire - David Ackles

plus …

My Sister’s Tiny Hands - The Handsome Family

plus …

In The Dutch Mountains - The Nits


Hi Brian,
i just saw omic x, and finally wrote my story about Justin’s 1 on 1 lesson,…so don’t see open mic 11 at all yet so I’m commenting here :smile:, and it’s much clearer for me than all at once, so quite handy that many of you post separate videos … very busy ,… but useful … I thought it was a good song , had a bit of fast beat guitar :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: and one for Chris :bouquet: , … I miss Chris … … haven’t seen the other one yet, but I’m sure I miss him :joy:

Dropped some comments on YT Mr L. Very nicely done sir with just the two of you, though I did miss some of the interesting line Chris played on Saturday. My hat is raised. :sunglasses:

Glad to hear this again it was great at the OM but this gave me a chance to focus a bit more on the lyrics. I hadn’t heard it before but followed your link to the original for a listen - your version is pretty close to the original :clap:t3: :smiley: enjoyed it.

Really cool Brian. This is a new song for me but I really enjoyed it. Some great lyrics and your vocals suited the song perfectly. I missed the OM as I am living in Chicago and they all seem to clash with my kids activities but am looking forward to joining one soon and maybe even performing :grimacing:

As usual I don’t know the song Brian but I enjoyed your version. I watched the video of your performance on the OM and enjoyed Chris on the mandolin adding some ‘lead’.
Really great lyrics in this song and your vocal suited the mood.
Your barre chords looked pretty effortless too. Well done my friend.

I have a different perspective on the OMs these days. They are great for folks to get experience playing live and in front of people. For me playing live on a scheduled day is just too much like work. It’s my work-a-day planned out world carrying over into my free time. I may do another one of these after I retire, but not while I’m still working.

This is another fun and off the beaten path track for you. Always good and entertaining. At the end of the day its not about what I like, but more about what the player likes. High marks for playing your songs your way. Cheers!

Great playing. It’s great how you add interest to the vocals - the pauses, different tones, build up, etc.

Your OM performance was pretty good but really Chris stole the show on his mandolin, it was captivating. You were the backup player & singer for his mandolin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

How entertaining. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting!

It’s great to have another listen Brian, I really like the song and your performance is always a pleasure to watch.

The mandolin in your OM performance does add a je nais se quois but not having it in doesn’t spoil your great rendition here. Loved the whammy at the end.

Good one Brian,
Like the emotion and feelings you put into your vox! Ever tried the pickup switch in the middle or towards the neck? I could be mistaken, but I think the position you have it in, might normally be used on lead work??? Of course if you like it and feel that is the best tone for the song, go all in…
All the best,

This is a bit different for me…
I’ve been listening to the wonderful David Ackles recently and fancied a go at this. I couldn’t even find a dodgy website with suggested chords, so (with a little help from my son, Tor) had to figure out a rough approximation on my own, (which I transposed). I kept it to simple minor/major with nothing fancy although there’s a key change somewhere in the middle that I just had to force in.
(For the record, I neither smoke nor drink these days)
Ah, go on… it’s only a minute and a half long :laughing:


Hi Brian,…
Loved the playing (and singing ofcourse) sweet way of picking/playing and the wat agresieve ware also super :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:,…It was even a bit too short for me,but let’s be lusty for more…(of the record… yes yes, don’t drink these days , :thinking::womans_clothes:…,…)
Liked it :sunglasses: :man_bowing:

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Nice one! Although i still smoke lol. Dont drink anymore though which is a good thing!!

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heel erg bedankt :smiley:

I’m afraid that’s all poor David wrote for that one and he’s long dead, so I’ll have to wait till I join him in heaven to get any more… (How do I know? Well it appears Jesus was his friend too :smiley:

@Bytron08 Thanks man.
Cigarettes will kill ya. Keep away from the tobacco :wink:

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:smile:,…Good one,…and the comment of someone under this you-tube video is so true,… :smile:
a real earworm,…

And Byron,…I might have said to Brian in the past ‘and whine about smoking posible too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:’…but he’s so right :innocent:

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Funky stuff Brian and such a mood shift through it. Smoking days gone now (luckily!) but do enjoy a good tipple :wink:

If only overheads were low tho :frowning:

You’ve become positively prolific Brian, serving up treat after treat. Apart from the usual dramatic vocal delivery. I noticed you making use of the thumb-index finger strum technique again, and enjoyed the reverb on those big dynamic single down strummed chords.

That was great Brian. I love coming on here and checking out something totally new to me. Super dynamics in both your playing and vocals which made this piece captivating right to the end. Superb stuff!!!

Where or more like how did you find this particular piece? They guy has (or had) 1k views on this song and less than 200 subscribers, I am genuinely interested how did you find him? :grinning:

Other than that pretty good performance in a typical Brian style! No doubt you had issues finding chords for guitar if it’s a piano song, although you and your son did pretty fine job transcribing and transposing it :wink: well done and all the best you bloody capitalist! :laughing: