Guitar Challenge (Blues Study Pieces) - Solo Blues Guitar (Justin Sandercoe)

Enjoyed watching you work smoothly through the study, Mari, sounded good.

Hate to dash your hopes but I’ll not be posting myself playing that soon.

When looking at that it seemed like it should be fairly straightforward. Needless to say, how it seemed and how it actually was, was two different things. Surprinsgly difficult (for me) to keep the bass notes smooth and the high strings played consistently. Practce Practice Practice

You did well and am sure you can clean up the one or two rough edges, if you have the desire to be more highly polished.

Bravo, and thanks for sharing.

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If you have just visited this Topic and started with Mari’s recording then take a look at the Topic OP (Original Post) and you’ll find links to all the replies posted with a recording

Thanks Toby. That’s the only one I’ve really worked on so far, got distracted with other things. I did buy the course though and I do like the pieces so I’ll be getting back to them now.

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Thanks Rogier. I even managed a bit of a smile at the end lol.

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Thanks Adrian. I spent a lot of time figuring out the video editing in the last 2 days. Usually that would be time I would be unhappy to trade for guitar practice time, but I actually enjoyed learning the basics of video editing. A couple more things I want to learn, but over time. I’d rather return my focus to playing guitar!

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Thanks David. I am currently working on a piece that I thought should be not too difficult, but it’s turned out to be quite difficult after all. Going back and forth between that one and other things I figure I’ll get it eventually :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice! Good rhythm and clean played. Looking forward to the next piece :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Snah , Posting this one reminded me to get back to learning the next ones!

That was very enjoyable Mari. I liked the groove it had to it. It skipped along nicely.

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Thanks Stefan. I started working on another one and then I got distracted … lol

Impressive how clean you play this @Mari63. Plus kudos for memorising the whole thing. Well done!

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Thank you Serhat. I decided I should work on memorizing fingerstyle and blues pieces as I learn them. It’s very different from remembering campfire strumming songs though!

Very nicely done Mari!

Looking forward to more solo blues here. Some years ago I did the solo blues course by Justin, and didn’t play it nearly as cleanly as you are doing now, you are on your way to become a real country blues performer!

Yes, you are right, these country blues pieces need to learned by heart, especially when you get into real songs, because they have to be fully in muscle memory before you can sing them.

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Thanks @TRJ . I agree on needing to know the playing of the song inside out when it gets into any complexity, to be able to sing as well. However, one of the reasons I’d like to play more fingerstyle stuff is so I don’t have to sing!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mari. For some reason I’ve just come across this post so I’m very late to the party!
That was great. Really well played, smooth, steady and accurate.
I’ve had a go at this off and on and find the bass note beat so difficult to keep regular. You did a super job! Well done.

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Thank you Gordon :slightly_smiling_face: I need more practice time and less work time so I could learn a few more!

Its been awhile , but here is Single Line Blues. Number 7 out of 9.
Video quality is rubbish, a contrast to @Mari63 excellent videos. Something happen to my iphone… Did not bother re-record.

The ending is rough to get clean as it goes a bit too fast (sixthlets (sic)) for my abilities. And probably some bends are somewhat flat/sharp, but it’s blues, right?


That was really good Hans. The quality of the video does not ruin the enjoyment of that great, little bluesy piece.

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Thanks! I am not that into the technical aspect of recording😅

@Snah I really liked that Hans, and nice job on the bends especially on an acoustic!! Some of the smaller bends might not have been exactly what you wanted but I thought the whole tone bends were done very nicely. They were very impressive!! I was going to ask you where you got the piece from and then I clicked in on ‘7 of 9’ and figured that must be the 9 from Justin’s course. I’ve just started working on #3 so it’ll be awhile before I get to this one.

The video was fine, hey you got you and your guitar in there and that’s what matters :slightly_smiling_face:

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