Guitar Challenge (Blues Study Pieces) - Solo Blues Guitar (Justin Sandercoe)

Welcome to the Guitar Challenges. Each ‘challenge’ is basically an open invitation to anyone and everyone to play a song, an improvisation, a study-piece etc and post a recording – just for the fun of it.

So, whether you are a relative beginner learning the basic chords and strumming pattern of a song, a more experienced player adding a little fancy fretwork, if you want to do a little finger-picking, or you want to sing and play at the same time … you can join in with these challenges.


  • The challenge is to yourself.
  • These are not competition threads.
  • There are no prizes for making the ‘best’ recordings.
  • There is no shame for being at the beginner stages.
  • This is for FUN!


If you do want some constructive advice and feedback on your playing then that is cool. Just ask. Otherwise this is all about positivity, encouragement and having a go.

These first posts are collected from the original Forum and were posted between October 2007 to June 2014.

List of submissions

Various from the JG Forum 2007-2014
@Mari63 Walkin Easy Blues
@Richard_close2u First 4
@DavidP Steady Thumb Blues
@Snah First 3 plus a mash up
@jsgreen Steady Thumb Blues
@Snah Slow Sixth Blues
@Snah Contrary Blues
@Snah Raggy Island Blues
@snah Mash up of different studies
@socio Playing the blues

In 2007 Justin first recorded a couple of videos in which he played, then taught, a short blues tune for solo guitar.
In total Justin released nine such study pieces. These were originally sold as a 3 DVD box-set. They are now available as electronic downloads here:

The Original Solo Blues Study Piece Demo:

The Original Solo Blues Study Piece Lesson:

DVD 1 Demo:

DVD 2 Demo:

DVD 3 Demo:

They proved very successful and popular with many students posting recordings and make for an ideal ‘challenge’.

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October 29, 2007

@Simon3142 October 13 2008

@Simon3142 October 18 2008

@Simon3142 October 30 2008

@Simon3142 April 25 2009

@Simon3142 December 16 2009

@katja March 26 2010

@onlybleeding May 17 2010

@phobkirk February 09 2011

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@seasidetown June 26 2011

@Borodog August 14 2011

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@gary_c July 06 2013

@gary_c October 20 2013

@Borodog May 30 2014

@Borodog June 04 2014

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That is all of the posts migrated from the original Forum.

It will be great to see continuing posts within our new Community.


Here are several I recorded some years ago.

June 01 2010

Solo Blues Guitar Study Piece 1 - Walkin’ Easy Blues[

August 25, 2010

Solo Blues Guitar Study Piece 2 - Steady Thumb Blues

Solo Blues Guitar Study Piece 3 - Gospel Blues

April 12 2011

Solo Blues Guitar Study Piece 4 - Slow Six Blues


@Richard_close2u soooooo coolio, even more coolio than a :bat:. :heart_eyes_cat: :love_you_gesture: :clap:

Purleaz play us some Blues next OM :heart_eyes:


I was drawn to this about a year ago and spent some time trying to get the first study under the fingers. I’d started working on the second and then changed course and focused on singing.

When the time is right then I’ll get back to this and no doubt have to start again with this one. It will be interesting to see how quickly I can reach this level of performance again and (hopefully) improve it.

@Richard_close2u I had another look at you showing how it should be done, Richard. I noticed the chord shape you used for the trickiest bit. Something to keep in mind when I return.

Steady Thumb Blues


Hi there!

I’m currently doing these studies.

Here is my version of Walking Easy, Steady Thumb, Gospel and my own mash up of these 3 lessons. They are all recorded on my Yamaha FG700 that have some buzz issues. So buzz issues, very crude production and far from 100% clean playing… Well well, I would love some feedback. And hope to see some other contributions :slight_smile:

PS: I recently bought a new acoustic, so next recordings will be with the Dowina Cabernet :smiley:

Walking Easy

Steady Thumb

Gospel Blues

My own mash up


Hi Hans,
That was good to listen to, and the mash up was also a lot of fun, it clearly all came back in it, … I printed that course a while ago, it’s time to go with that too to start.
Thanks for the riminding,


Sounded really good Snah, well done I think you did great! No nits from me, just a well done :+1:



Well that’s a bit scary :scream: I started looking at STB at the weekend, taken me months to find it for some reason. Happy with the tutorial I bought the course this morning and jumped straight on WEB. Good to see you playing them, as it gives a different perspective from the lesson. You seem to be doing very well and that gives me some encouragement !

Enjoyed the mash up. Look forward to doing some mix and match once I get the first 3 fluent.

Thanks for sharing.




Fabulous, Hans. Really enjoyed your performances on all of them! Look forward to more.


I’ve had this under my fingers for a month or so, have been playing it frequently as a warmup - thanks to @DavidP ’s post about OBS I’ve now got video with audio direct from my amp! From Justin’s Solo Blues course:

Steady Thumb Blues


Brilliant James nicely played throughout, wouldn’t mind guitar being tad louder but anyhow it was great! Can clearly tell you put some work to it :slight_smile:

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You look so comfortable and embedded in the groove James. Cool blue tones. Well done.

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That was wonderful James. What a nice, laidback vibe it had. Sweetly played.

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Sweetly played is right! Love some laid back slow blues. You did it justice. :sunglasses:

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Cool James,
That sounded very nice, :sunglasses: … at the end your metronome started ticking a bit harder I thought I noticed, right? … but nice tone too,
Greetings, Rogier

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That was great, James. Most enjoyable. well played and recorded.

In my ears via my mid-fi earbuds, the bass notes were relatively soft compared to the melody notes. Still audible but I think the contrast might be enhanced if the bass notes were a little louder.

I love that piece and one fine day I shall have to resume the solo blues course, having first been distracted by a singing course and now running down the first steps of the blues lead path.

As Adrian said, from a production perspective the audio level on the video was quite low. I posted a Topic about that: Content Loudness and headroom when recording for YT

And thanks for the @mention on OBS, glad it was helpful.

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That was superb! Good one!

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