Guitar Challenge (Lead Guitar) - Need Your Love So Bad

I should probably shift it over to my learning log for now too, it’s not exactly finished…

Yeah but that’s where things get buried. Maybe a mod’s view required on this one, as it is the lesson thread. Not bothered either way.

Making good progress, Rob. Brave to be doing all the bends on an acoustic … I struggle with the 9s on my LP.

Great start, Rob, sounds sweet on an acoustic!

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Keep going with that Rob, it’s coming along nicely. I would suggest playing along with a backing track to get the timing spot on. It’s extremely difficult to make it work on acoustic, the sustain volume makes it very difficult if not impossible.
The only thing that I’ve tried which sort of works is playing it faster than the original, but it looses some of the feel by doing that.

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The day 1 first attempt:

OK so why we talk about where to put things, I’ll drop this here and quickly run away. :rofl:

Day 2: Today’s quick efforts in between other bits and pieces. Already had a Pete Green Black Magic Woman FX/Pre-set on the Mustang, so used that and the neck pup, with the tone rolled off.
WIP as timing still questionable. :thinking:

Will add to the LL as rolling progress as well.

Peter’s pool is Green n cool. Come on in folks take a dip !



Sounds quite good already. First bend + vibrato is totally on point (actually great vibrato!) - the 1.5 tone bend is a little flat :slight_smile: My comments on muting from the Sultans of Swing discussion also applies a little bit here, although the unwanted string noise is not that loud… would perhaps not even be hear if you played over the BT. Awesome!

Thanks Kasper.

First version in my Learning Log was on the Gretsch and there was less unwanted string noise and maybe a better 1.5 bend. Different amp model as well today (Gain is set to 9) but muting is still an area I struggle with. Today was more about slightly better timing, as it was quite slow at the first attempt. All the same more to come but thanks for the feedback.

Yes for sure. Just replayed the vid and that is sour :sob:

Great effort guys, Darrell put the bar high but I think you are all on a good path here! Rob and Toby once you nail down tabs in your brain and you can focus on the feel and more fine details I think musting strings as much as you can will be an important step. Rob you are a brave man trying to nail it on an acoustic, good luck with a 1.5 tone bend I would definitely fail even though I don’t have problems on electric with 10s strings :sweat_smile:

You guys definitely have my attention, perhaps one day I will join however I am off tomorrow for a weekend so will need to catch up probably when the flame goes out (as usual) :rofl: in the meantime I would like to see David and how is he cooking up the good stuff :wink:

I would perhaps suggest an additional topic in challenges section with links only to performances? And keeping this one alive for discussions?

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We’ll just have to keep stoking the fire then !! Thanks and have a great break.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner sounds good, Toby.

I’ve had a first nibble at the first couple of licks. Going to take me some time to just learn the notes, let alone play them :smile: But I’ll get there in my own sweet time.


That sounded really good!

I tried this a while back (unfinished project) and I found that lick where you bend & then drop the bend and play again, I really like the sound of it when I only drop the bend a fraction before playing it a second time. Try it and see what you think.

Not bad at all Toby, I’ll give you a little cheat trick you can do to quieten down open strings! Being as you’re not going to use them just slip over one of those headband things that mute the strings, that’s what I do!

That’ll mess with me ponytail, as I ain’t got no spares !! I see lots of “pro’s” on YouTube doing that kind of thing. Sophie Lloyd has her first Truefire course (not a good teacher, way too fast but other factors prevail :wink: she’s got some velcro gizzmo.

Seriously, yes good tip for home recording for sure but I need to sort it good n proper and if I ever get my Justin sessions sorted (personal circs have a brake on that) it will be top of the agenda. “Don’t worry about it will just happen” I beg to differ !!

Despite the BMW Greenie pre-set just dialed in a John Lee Hooker pre-set and had a run through. MMmm maybe PG went shopping one day ? Very similar but a bit more “madman” raunch !


So those strings have been on that guitar for about 20 years no kidding, no idea what they are, time to replace, have to look into what.

I know the timing was off with that but I’d only been trying to learn the licks for 10 min before I killed the e string, really surprised it wasn’t B string with that big bend

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OK not one to make a great deal of use of LLs to track progress but a recent suggestion made me think a line in the sand was required for this new project.

So after a recent post in What Are You Listening To, by @DavidP of Gary Moore playing the Pete Green classic, Need Your Love So Bad and comments by me, @stitch suggested Dave and I were perhaps ready to have a crack at the solo. Especially as Justin has a great lesson

I always have a huge confidence crisis when thinking about taking on some of these iconic songs of my youth but given my recent Blues journeying, it seemed maybe time to have a crack of it.

So having watched the lesson yesterday evening, I decide to take some tentative steps this morning. And then for some strange reason thought it would an idea to record it.

Its raw, there’s a few clams and the nuances are a long way from where they need to be. But you have to start somewhere.

Did this on the Gretsch but will most likely pursue with Smokey or Cherry, the LPs. :sunglasses:

Link to an earlier posting with the two recordings: Guitar Challenge (Lead Guitar) - Need Your Love So Bad - #37 by TheMadman_tobyjenner

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Coming along nicely Toby. Well done.

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That’s very well done for only one day. :beers: Polish that turd into a nice shinny diamond and use what you leant in your blues lick study course. You’ll find your technique in both phasing and bending will have improved.