Guitar corner in my home - ideas?


I would like to make little nice corner in my home for guitar. I am looking for some furniture like table or cabinet… maybe some artwork and decorations. I dont have many experiences in this way. I also checked Google, but did not find anything inspiring… also I would like to put some nice rug in this corner. Do you have any ideas on furniture? Decorations? :slightly_smiling_face:
For now I have one guitar, gonna buy one more, I have at home guitar stand for wall, also got this nice picture of John Butler. I already ordered a chair that is also stand for guitar.

Thanks for any ideas. :slight_smile: Maybe you can show me your place.

Hi Michal,
I see room for at least 8 guitars on the wall :sunglasses:… have fun choosing and there is a topic with many guitar rooms/place from a lot of people … I’m gone now but someone else can probably post a link to that, a tip, take your time and do it well that will save you money i know that now :blush:


I think this is ok.


Hello, for my starter I am thinking about this little one. I saw some good reviews on it.
Also I would like to have here some space I can put picks and capo… some study materials for music learning.

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Hehe, I will start with just this one and I will see. I hope I wont fall to this addiction too soon. I already can see how hard it will be. :smiley: I am gonna check this community so I can find topic you are talking about. Thanks :slight_smile:

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What @RobDickinson did.

Unless you can make the corner bigger, then just add additional guitars.


You and I think alike :laughing:

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I would squeeze in some more guitars on those walls, looks empty to me! :rofl:


To what Rogier refers to:

Music Room Set-Up

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I would layout a carpet there (a Persian rug), that seems pretty guitar-cornerly to me :slight_smile:

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Do you have any concrete example? I checked internet for 120x120cm rug, but did not find any good. But rug is first think I was looking for. I have to go somewhere physicaly… maybe to some Chinese shops and have a look.

I think it needs something to make it seem bigger. Like one or both walls mirrored or perhaps photo realistic wallpaper scene. Maybe you could find one that looks like a guitar store?

Like this:

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Hello, so today I have my first update. I got new guitar chair and I really love it. ^^

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Hey, that’s all you need, really.

Actually, I find that I often need a table of some sort: to put my tab sheet on or my computer if I’m learning from a video. I actually have a little corner like you do, but sometimes I sit at my dining room table for learning purposes.


Just an idea: since the corner isn’t very large and a desk or some other flat surface can be useful, why don’t you try one that can be mounted on the wall and folded down when (not) needed? It might save a bit of space for you. Examples of what I have in mind:

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My corner of the dining room. It works for me!

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Genuine question, if you play an acoustic, do you need it louder at home?

I would like to have some table or place “up” so I can put here my pick and phone when I am tunning my guitar. Also I would like to have some nice little combo, so I will need some… bookshelve or something like that. :slight_smile:

Actually… I never heard it from AMP at home, but I am planning to buy electric guitar, one day. Right now I would like buy electroacoustic and would love to hear that single fingerstyle pattern more loud. :slight_smile: Or you think it is not good idea and I should wait?

This one looks like from some movie, I really like it. I can feel from picture its really comfortable place. :slight_smile: