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The Tab and the Chords are different.
I listened to the record, and I think the Tabs are correct at the end of the verse where it goes from E back to the intro rather than to Am E as shown on the Chords in verses 2 and on.

I think it is because Justine shows:
Am C D F Am E Am E
When it should be
Am C D F Am C E E7
Am C D F Am E Am E
Hope that helps

Has anybody used the app to play/learn this song?
It seems to be on 4/4 in the app and not in 6/8 as in Justin lesson. Quite confusing.

The song is definitely 6/8 @kaiben
I’m not sure what the app shows and if it shows 4/4 why it does that.

@kaiben You are right, it’s in 4/4 in the app. Would be interesting to know, if there is a certain reason for this? Click function is 4/4 and they show a 4 down strum pattern. Confusing…

I asked Musopia about this and got this answer:

Hi Kai,

Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry about this error for the song.

We are looking into ways to alter the time signature for this track!

Best wishes

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Thanks for this information!

Justin doesn’t get into it, but I play this song finger style, and I’m able to use my thumb to play bass leading lines, rather than just the base note of the chord. E.G., rather than just play an A bass note on the A string (the 4th string for the opening verse of “There is …”) vocally it’s an E then an A, so I can play the E on the 3rd string with my thumb when fingering the Am chord, then play the A on the 4th string (using just one beat). Similarly for the “… a house …”, rather than just play a C while fingering a C chord, I’ll play an A then C on the 5th string. In some cases, I’ll actually put 3 notes into that one beat, such as when changing from Am to E and back.

If I was trying to teach someone how to get their thumb acting independently (something Tommy Emmanuel does really well), I’d use this song and those leading bass lines.

Personally, I prefer my finger style version to the Animals raking version, though it’s also good. Maybe I’ll post a video of it, it’s good for solo guitar IMHO.

At about 2:51, Justin says “Am to D” and the closed captions on the video say that as well, however he’s playing Am to E.