For reference - Time Zone Map

For Community Open Mics the aim, over successive events, is to be as fully inclusive as is possible. JustinGuitar students live in all parts of the world.
The organisers have taken account of the time-zones of the majority of performers.
This map may prove useful for future reference.
Based on a Euro-centric map of the world, this shows time zones spanning from UTC to +11 moving east and from UTC to -11 moving west. I have added some selected hours at equally spaced intervals, based on the 7pm time slot that has become a conventional start time.


Thank you Richard, that should make things a lot easier for folk all round, organisers, performers and audience. I’ll be updating the roster later, so will add a link to this time guide.



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Thanks Richard. Most helpful.

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You do the BEST diagrams Richard. How long did this take you to nut out and put together? BTW lovely colours.

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The map I found, the time zones I added. Colours - yeah … :slight_smile:

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