Michael’s NGearD

Another birthday and another guitar related present.

Decided to dip my toe in the water or should I say dive in at the deep end in an effort to improve the quality of my recordings as compared to my iPad. Of course, it might just highlight my many failings.

Glad there are plenty of threads on the community on the topic and I am sure I will need some advice at some point. In fact, I already have one which I will post in the right place.

So, I am about to enter the rabbit hole if you don’t hear form me by the end of August please send a rescue party.


PS You will also have noticed Justin’s book on Note Reading for Guitarist – like to give myself a challenge don’t I !!!


Happy NGearD Michael :partying_face:
Nice to have met you, see you again in another life :hole:

(as a tone freak then of course not that other after thing :sweat_smile:)

Greetings and have fun with it :sunglasses:


Nice set of gear there Michael, have fun getting used to it, there’s something about having an AI on the desk that adds to my delusions of “pro”-ness :wink:

Oh and PS - Happy Birthday and NGearD!

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Happy NGearD, Michael! :slight_smile:

Once you’ll be getting out of that rabbit hole again, I’m excited to see and hear what this tool kit get’s out of you. Wish you loads of fun exploring!! :smiley:

Also, good luck with the note reading stuff - have fun felt a little bit wrong in this context. :nerd_face: :rofl:

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I’ll be followingyour journey closely. I’m looking into this currently​:+1: Happy Birthday :champagne:

:rofl: yes, my concern as I journey towards some recording gear is that instead of just sound bad I’ll sound bad louder :rofl: :rofl:


Happy birthday Michael :birthday::champagne::beer::partying_face:

Oh, and happy new whatever that thing is day :shushing_face:

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Scarlett 2i2 is a great entry point AI Michael and will serve you well. Good choice !
Happy Birthday Happy NGD !

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Happy birthday and NGD. The Scarlett is a great item and a great introduction to the rabbit hole of recording

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Happy Birthday and Happy NGD. Now you just need to get yourself a belated birthday microphone stand if you don’t have one already :wink:

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Congrats! The 2i2 is a crazy bit of kit!

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Happy (belated) birthday and congrats on your nice new ‘toys’ :partying_face::champagne::bouquet:!
I’d love to hear more about your experiences with the AI as soon as you are back from ‘the other side’ :smiley:.
Have fun with it :hugs:.

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Looks like you’ll be having fun! And happy birthday!! That’s what birthdays are for, guitars and / or guitar related purchases!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

@roger_holland @BurnsRhythm @TheMadman_tobyjenner @jkahn @Mari63 @RobDickinson

Thanks to all above and below for the birthday wishes.

Mark @Notter

The desk is getting quire full with all the guitar related stuff, time for a reorganisation, I think.

Lisa @Lisa_S

Could take a while before I get anything reasonable out of the kit.

Craig @CD02

My concern as well that up till now I can blame the poor quality on the iPad not sure that will wash in the future.

James @Socio

James, you should know me better than that, part at present was a stand I just didn’t photograph it. The 2i2 Studio comes with a mic and headphones, so already to start when I work through all the help videos, just taking my time and enjoying the ride.


Nicole @NicoleKKB
I will chart my progress and report at my next learners log

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Thanks Michael :hugs:. I’m really curious :blush:.

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Many happy returns, Michael.

Enjoy the 2i2!

What are you thinking in terms of DAW?

I started with the lite version of Ableton but never really became 100% comfortable and bumped into the limits. I moved to Reaper which was more economical and I’ve found it easy to get on with. And there are now other options, some totally free open source options.

I ask as I think it is worth thinking about from the get go as I think it may be fair to say that one gets used to whatever one chooses which sometimes makes making a change later more difficult.

A lot of course depends on what you want to do, how far you want to take it. And needless to say, I had no idea of that when I started off. At the outset I just wanted a better quality recording of my guitar and voice.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling on. Have fun!

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David @DavidP

Thanks for the best wishes, they say life starts at 40 so I have just had my thirtieth birthday. Although starting this late in life, but I am fairly IT literate so the this type of Technology does not concern me.

Why am I doing this, well the quality of the recordings on my iPad were disappointing and hoping that this kit will improve this but as I said it will probably highlight my many failings but will show were I need to improve. I also got an external webcam and have downloaded OBS as one day I am hoping to do an OM.

In terms of DAW I read your post about how you arrived at Ableton, based on alphabetical reasons I sort have done the same. However I did look at various reviews to compare Ableton to Pro Tools. Perhaps wrongly I felt Pro Tools looked more complicated in all I want to do is make better recording, I don’t see myself doing a lot of mixing all the fancy things you can do - I expect if you ask me in a couple of months this statement will be wrong. There are a lot of other DAW’s like Reaper, out there but I just don’t know enough to decide.

So in reality Ableton looked simpler and was chosen just to get me started, whether this is a good choice time will tell.

Happy Birthday and happy new gear day Michael. Looking forward to hearing how you get on down the rabbit hole! :smiley:

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Thanks Gordon @sairfingers
Definitely down the rabbit hole and the light behind me is fading rapidly.
Michael :rabbit2:

Michael, in fact if you have the webcam and have downloaded OBS, then you may find it is even simpler to just make a better sounding recording with OBS. Once you have the ASIO driver installed you don’t need a DAW at all, if all you want is a better than iPad video of you playing. My setup for OMs or a video of a dry run for You Tube is done with just OBS.