Open Mic 010 - Call For Interest


OPEN MIC 010 – Call For Interest

It’s just 48 hours after JGC Open Mic IX - Open Mic IX Recording & After Show Chat - and every one involved is no doubt still buzzing, while the excitement, of what could have been one of our best shows yet, still lingers.

So, it sounds like a good time to extend an invitation to all of the Community, to come and join the next show JGC Open Mic X - as performers or members of the audience alike.

Anyone interested in taking part, in either capacity, should read the new Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility guide.

With the growing interest and greater visibility of the events, we have had to set some new criteria for running the shows, which will be self-explanatory on reading the guide. So please take the time to do so, before posting your request to attend. Performers, please ensure you meet the Performer Criteria before requesting a slot.

JGC Open Mic X will be held on Saturday the 20th August.
Invitations to performers will be open until Monday 25th July. At which point, the organizers will identify the appropriate start time based on time zones, as described in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility guide.

Please note there will be a maximum of 22 performers. So, if you have played at the recent Open Mics, please give consideration to those Community members who may be stepping up to the plate for the first time.

Performer applications will NOT be confirmed until after entries have been closed. This will still give Performers 4 weeks to prepare for the show. So please do not expect immediate confirmation.

Note : I will post a list of Performers on or around Monday 25th July.

There are no limitations on the Audience numbers and I will confirm such requests, as they are made. An Audience List will also be published at the same time as the Performer List and will be updated, as further requests are received up and until the weekend of the show.

As usual updates will follow.

Please let me know if you are interested as either a performer or audience member and ensure you state your time zone in UTC.

(For reference - Time Zone Map)

For more information on how to access Zoom and set up your audio and video connection for the Open Mic events, please refer to this guide.

Open Mic Tech Talk - How to Setup Zoom

Here’s more background for those interested: The Community Open Mic Events category

Finally, as stated in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility guide, a link to the Zoom meeting, will be sent to both Performers and Audience Member approximately one week before the event, by direct message.

Thank you for your support.


OM X will commence at 19:00 UTC Saturday 20th August 2022.


Running Order Username Time Zone UTC Start Time Songs
Jason Rossco01 UTC + 1 20:00 1
Toby TheMadman UTC + 2 21:00 2
Kevin kevinkevan UTC + 2 21:00 2
Mal Malz UTC + 1 20:00 2
Mark notter UTC + 1 20:00 1
Eric eric.lennon UTC + 1 20:00 2
Luka glpguitar UTC + 1 20:00 2
Dave liaty UTC + 1 20:00 1
John willsie01 UTC + 1 20:00 1
Rod rod58 UTC - 4 15:00 1
Mari mari63 UTC - 4 15:00 1
Mark & Jen theclueless UTC - 4 15:00 1
JK jkahn UTC + 10 05:00 Sun 2

Please note that audience places are unrestricted and I welcome folks to sign up and join in the fun on the night. Audience applications to date are listed below.


Name Username Timezone UTC Local Start
Jesse jestersea UTC - 7 12:00
Mike mdsousa UTC - 4 15:00
Chirag chiragkamrall UTC - 4 15:00
Phil philsmith UTC - 4 15:00
Sandy snadymusic UTC - 4 15:00
Michelle PSL_michelle UTC - 4 15:00
adi adi_mrok UTC + 1 20:00
Stefan sgtcolon UTC + 1 20:00
Nancy Billca UTC + 1 20:00
David durquhart UTC + 1 20:00
Richard Richard_close2u UTC +1 20:00
Gordon sairfingers UTC + 1 20:00
Lieven lievendv UTC + 2 21:00
Nicole nicoleKKB UTC + 2 21:00
Shane sclay UTC + 10 05:00 Sunday


Toby please stick me down for audience member this time.

I know everyone may want to offer an altruistic response so will gladly take up a place if you don’t reach 22, but I’m sure you will.

There are plenty waiting in the wings and to be honest I’ve just been full on learning a limited few songs ever since my first open mic, I’m supposed to be on here to get some practice drills done!

Time for a switch of pace.

UTC +1

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Thanks for your understanding Dave. I am compiling a spreadsheet behind the scenes, so consider yourself the first to be added. Just keep an eye on the performer requests and bear in mind the cut off date :wink:



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Hi Toby, please put my name in for performing again.

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Forgot the time,
Location: York UK

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Put me please on an audience list again Toby, unfortunately August 20th might be when I have some works being done at home so my head won’t be in a game to get something nice prepared. I hope to sign up for XI and have the song I work on ready by then.

UTC+1 :slight_smile:

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@adi_mrok @Malz noted and added to the lists.


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+1 for the audience please! UTC+1

In the unlikely event you don’t get enough performers I’m happy to be on the stand by list as well but happy for others to take a turn. :smiley:

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Noted Al and I appreciate your community spirit.

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Rod is ready to go but I’ll give up the slot to a newbie if needed. UTC -4…Rod

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Now you sure about that time sir :wink:
In the mix Rod and see how things pan out!

Yep the reference link shows UTC -5 but that was for US Eastern Standard we are now Eastern Daylight and moved forward 1 hour so we are now UTC -4. The US is supposed to drop the time zone change in 2023 so maybe this gets easier😀…Rod


Hey Toby, I’ll play again. UTC +10.

I’m happy to step back to the audience if the list fills up and there are others that haven’t played recently.

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Hi Toby, grateful if you could note me down to perform again please.
UTC +1.
Thanks muchly!

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@jkahn @Notter
In the pot guys. We’ll see how it fills up.


Thanks for picking up the ball and running again, Toby.

I will be attending. With 8 OMs under the belt put my name on the performer standby list, ready to perform at short notice ie up to Aug 19th.

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Thank you David. Another added to the :fondue:

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Toby, please put me down for the audience this time around. I’m UTC+1

Let’s make room for some newbie to bang out some tunes.

Just a heads up, if it is the last weekend in August, I think we might be away but I will confirm once I know for sure.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Stefan. 27th is the last Saturday in August, so you should be fine. :sunglasses:

Could I have a seat in the audience please Toby UTC+1

Thank you :grinning:

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