Open Mic 010 - Call For Interest

@TheMadman_tobyjenner will you please add me to the audience list? UTC-7 Thanks!

Will do Jesse, no probs.


Count me in the audience Toby, if there’s place. MTL EST UTC something… sorry I forget

Totally confused by the times, but I think I’m UTC−05:00 (EST), and would like to be in the audience for the next OM. Thank you!

@SandyMusic Sandy have you down as UTC -4 from last time, so all good. :smile:

@PSL_Michelle Hi Michelle and welcome to the Community. You are most welcome to join us so consider yourself onboard. If all the timezone stuff is a bit confusing, let me know your nearest large metropolis and I’ll be able to confirm. Would not want you to miss the start !! :sunglasses:

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Thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner ! I am in eastern Florida, so Miami or New York would be good for my time zone. Thanks again!

Thanks Michelle, I have Miami as UTC - 4 as it is EDT until November. I’ll add the updated Audience table to the header but it should mean a 15:00 start for you and Sandy ( @SandyMusic ).



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:+1: Great!

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