Open Mic 011 - Call For Interest

No problem Paul !
Nice catch :wink:

Wow !! 25 in the audience and still two weeks to go. :sunglasses:


Hello, please may I be in the audience for this open mic?
I am UTC+1 London UK time

Hi Neil and welcome. Yep no problem I’ve book you a seat. There will be a message sent out via DM with links etc next weekend, so keep an eye out.

Maybe worth checking the links in the header and introducing yourself to the gang. Lots of friendly peeps here to help folks out.



Great, thank you Toby. I look forward to it! :guitar: Yes I will have a look at those links. I have been using the site for a year or so but I have only just ventured onto the community side!

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I’d love to be an audience member, unfortunately 8th October is my birthday so will most probably be out, and will most definitely be slightly intoxicated!. :sweat_smile: I will catch it up later. Have a great night, hopefully make the next one! :+1:

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