Open Mic 011 - Call For Interest

Monday 5th September 19:00 UTC The application window for Performers is now closed

Well we have just had our tenth Justin Guitar Community Open Mic and man was it another rip roaring event !! What a fantastic event full of a wide range of talent and musical tastes !!
The show video is just hot off the press and now doing the rounds - thanks to our resident OM Editor Adi :+1: and can be viewed from the link below.

So what better time to extend invitations to all of the Community, to come and join the next show JGC Open Mic XI - as performers or members of the audience alike.

The date has been set for Saturday 8th October 2022 and as usual, the start time will be determined by the performer’s time zone range (see below for more details)

Anyone interested in taking part, in either capacity, please read the new Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility guide.


With the growing interest and greater visibility of the events, we have had to set some new criteria for running the shows, which will be self-explanatory on reading the guide. So please take the time to do so, before posting your request to attend. Performers, please ensure you meet the Performer Criteria before requesting a slot.

JGC Open Mic XI will be held on Saturday 8th October.
or Sunday 9th time zone dependant.

Invitations to performers will be open until Monday 5th September.

At which point, the organizers will identify the appropriate start time based on time zones, as described in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility guide.

Please note there will be a maximum of 22 performers. So, if you have played at the recent Open Mics, please give consideration to those Community members who may be stepping up to the plate for the first time.

Performer applications will NOT be confirmed until after entries have been closed. This will still give Performers 4 weeks to prepare for the show. So please do not expect immediate confirmation.

Note : I will post a list of Performers on or around Monday 5th September.

There are no limitations on the Audience numbers and I will confirm such requests, as they are made. An Audience List will also be published at the same time as the Performer List and will be updated, as further requests are received up and until the weekend of the show.

As usual updates will follow.

Please let me know if you are interested as either a performer or audience member and ensure you state your time zone in UTC.

(For reference - Time Zone Map)

For more information on how to access Zoom and set up your audio and video connection for the Open Mic events, please refer to this guide.

Open Mic Tech Talk - How to Setup Zoom

Here’s more background for those interested: The Community Open Mic Events category

Finally, as stated in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility guide, a link to the Zoom meeting, will be sent to both Performers and Audience Member approximately one week before the event, by direct message.

Thank you for your support.


Performer list - JGC Community Open Mic X 8th October 2022

Running Order Username Time Zone UTC Start Time
Jason rossco01 UTC + 1 2000
Kevin kevinkevan UTC + 2 2100
Edgar ** rumil UTC + 2 2100
Richard richard_close2u UTC + 1 2000
Mal & Lara malz UTC + 1 2000
John willsie01 UTC + 1 2000
Dave liaty UTC + 1 2000
Adi adi_mrok UTC + 1 2000
Brian brianlarsen UTC + 1 2000
Toby themadman UTC + 2 2100
Jesse jestersea UTC - 7 1200
Byron ** bytron08 UTC - 5 1400
Phil philsmith UTC - 4 1500
Mark & Jen thecluelessluthier UTC - 4 1500
John john_in_dot UTC - 4 1500
MC JK jkahn UTC + 10 0500
Audidence In Time Zone Order
Name Username Timezone UTC Start Time
Daphne daphne20 UTC - 8 11:00
Jennifer jenndye420 UTC - 7 12:00
Alex alexduprey UTC - 5 14:00
Sandy sandymusic UTC - 5 14:00
Dave nhh2oskr UTC - 5 14:00
Mari Mari63 UTC - 4 15:00
Talk Tonight talk_tonight UTC - 4 15:00
Scott sah22 UTC - 4 15:00
Phil wa8yan UTC - 4 15:00
Nancy billca UTC + 1 20:00
Al grayal UTC + 1 20:00
Stefan sgtcolon UTC + 1 20:00
David durquhart UTC + 1 20:00
Luka glpguitar UTC + 1 20:00
Mark notter UTC + 1 20:00
Ian theoldman66 UTC + 1 20:00
Liane-Rose buncey UTC + 1 20:00
Phil twistor59 UTC + 1 20:00
Liam freekeys UTC + 1 20:00
Erica erica0 UTC + 1 20:00
Paul prenders UTC + 1 20:00
Neil mrcoffee UTC + 1 20:00
Gordon sairfingers UTC + 1 20:00
Walter valt UTC + 2 21:00
Jozsef jozsef UTC + 2 21:00
Lieven LievenDV UTC + 2 21:00
Nicole nicolekkb UTC + 2 21:00
David davidp UTC + 2 21:00
Nadine nadine.brinkmann79 UTC + 2 21:00
Simon bmlamsessions UTC + 10 05:00 Sun
Jeff nzmetal UTC + 13 08:00 Sun


I’ll be the first to sign up … for the audience :slightly_smiling_face:

UTC -4


I’m in it to win it!


Playa on T’Side this time ?

Put me in for the audience! UTC-5

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Time will tell me ol’ mucka, time will tell.

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Speaking of time TORs demand a UTC sir but I’ll oblige this one time. Don’t forget Performer’s have 2 weeks to commit. Don’t sit on the fence too long, my friend. :+1:


I am so bad, setting a very bad example.

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I would enjoy playing again.

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York UK, UTC still confuses me.

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Pop me on the list Toby

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I’ll put my name forward for a spot but happy to make space for a newcomer and move to audience. UTC + 1

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Life is too short to wait for being 100% ready. So count me in and be ready to bang your heads :metal: (UTC+2)


Count me in, UTC +1.

As always, happy to make room if it comes to that.


Thank you peeps.

Just to confirm all requests have been noted and added to the spreadsheet. Audience are a given, performers will be advised in due course once the application window has closed in a couple of weeks.

For those unsure UTC is equal to GMT, which some folk may be more familiar with. As it is early October I do not think Daylight Saving Time will come into play by then. But I will have a look at to ensure that is factored in when required.



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Sign me up for the audience please Toby UTC +1. Thanks for organising, these OM’s are so enjoyable.

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In some parts of the world it might.

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Thanks Toby for organising. Please add me to the audience for UTC+1 (BST). Thanks! :grinning:

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Yes, its a possible Richard. I’ll be dropping the common metropolis into in the morning and see if it flags any discrepancies. If needs be it will be on my radar and reflected in the xls when applications come in. :smile:

BTW - have put you in the players stack for now, so you can keep your options.


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Job done :+1: