Open Mic 08: Recording + After-Show Chat

Open Mic 08 - May 21 2022


And after week’s of build up filled with encouragement, cajoling, commitment, rehearsal, and nerves the show is now part of the Community Lore.

And what a show it was. I simply can’t single out highlights, since every performance was a highlight in it’s own right.

So many firsts to celebrate. From a performance perspective, I shall allow those who missed the event are checking in here to watch the recording.

One first to celebrate was the shift from an After-Show Party in this Topic to a live chat which I think ran almost the same duration as the Event itself, A wonderful conversation that reflected on the show, the Community, the App, and learning to play. Hence, I’ve got up late and am late to create this topic.

Lastly, here’s a link to all the comments in the Zoom Chat:

:point_right: Running Order
00:00:00 Introduction by MC David
00:04:40 Stefan - SgtColon [Jessie]
00:11:00 Kevin - KevinKevan [Lucky Man & Old Flame]
00:20:02 Adrian - adi_mrok [Black Betty]
00:25:28 Trond - tRONd [?]
00:31:20 Raphael - Mann_und_Mouse [Hallelujah]
00:36:35 Toby - TheMadman_tobyjenner [Waiting For A Friend & Amazing]
00:47:00 Eric - eric.lennon [Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out & Have You Ever Seen The Rain]
00:53:55 Iain - iainism [Only Love (Set You Free)]
00:59:00 Dave - liaty [Cigarettes And Alcohol
01:05:18 Mari (& Krista) - mari63 [Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out]
01:10:30 Phil - philsmith [Mad World]
01:13:30 Mark & Jen - thecluelessluthier [Have You Ever Seen The Rain]
01:17:50 John - John_In_Dot [Bad Moon Rising]
01:21:25 Adrian - adi_mrok [More Than Words]
01:27:40 JK - jkahn [Down In The Hole]
01:34:38 Shane - sclay [Still The Same]


Just want to share my appreciation about the open mic session last night.

I really had a blast. I had my second run last night and it was so much fun! I enjoyed my 2nd one a lot more than my first. This time around i actaully remebered every moment from when i played. 1st time around everything is just a blur…

So to all you good people thats on the fence about joining in… just do it.

I am speaking to you @ZedExDM :rofl: ) It gets less scary and way more fun 2nd time around…

I am 100% convinced that this experience makes us all «better musicians» no matter what level we are at, and helps us build up confidence to play for others in «real life»

I also appreciated the time we hung out after the recording and just talked openly to each other. It really felt like hanging out with good friends.

And it has been said before… please dont appoligize if something out of order happens. No need for excuses… just by stepping up and do this takes a lot of courage. There is really no need for appologies :grin: you all are stars in my opinion no matter what level or songs you play or if you sing or going instrumental.

So to wrap this up… thanks a lot for last night.
And a special thanks to @adi_mrok and @DavidP who organizes all this :pray::raised_hands:t2:

I will take last night with me and remember it for a long time, i am really humbled and consider myself lucky to get to hang out with all of you great folks and musicians!

Thanks :pray:


Great post Trond, and thanks again for the support mate. Lots of very enjoyable performances, and congratulations to the other debutants.
Very glad I had the opportunity to make my debut. I wish now that I’d stayed around for the after show, but to be honest, I felt physically ill after my performance. Was feeling very despondent after having to start the song again, and flubbed a few times. Literally felt like my hands turned to concrete when I started playing. Having watched the recording since though, it wasnt nearly as bad as I thought.
So the sky didnt actually fall in, the dummy is now back in the mouth, and it was a tremendously valuable experience moving forward.
So for anyone thinking about it, go for it!

Cheers, Shane


Ahh… wished you stayed Shane…
But hey, seems like you realized that the performance you did were smashing… please give it another go. I too was so nervous and shaken on the first one. 2nd… still a bit nervous and shaken of course. But not even close to what i felt 1st time.
In fact. What you tell me is excatly how i felt… but when you look at it in the rearview mirror its not even close to being that bad you thought it were yourself.
Keep it up Shane and please join in next time. Looking forward to your next one :grin:



Appreciate the nod, Trond, but truthfully all I did was show up on the night to run the soundchecks, introduce the event, performers and close, and every now and then let the next performer know when they were next up.

And as I’ve said before, it really is not a big deal, not something I want to keep for myself, and would love other members to put their hand up and run the show on the night.


Glad you reached the appropriate conclusions, Shane. And everything you are saying, is exactly what Adrian was saying afterwards. However well we may perform, I think almost everybody would recognise moments in their performance that they have done better in practice and rehearsal. The trick is to accept that and with experience learn to play through any flubs. Note the key word is ‘experience’.

We all continue to grow as performers through every experience. Some of us have grown beyond becoming comfortable performers to become entertainers.

So celebrate this first, it is one more memorable milestone, and know that like everything guitar, the more you practice and perform the more comfortable and confident you will become and your performance was memorable last night, great groove and vocal. Celebrate!


Great night folks, sad I couldn’t stay for the after chat.
One thing I noticed in comparison to the other OM I was in, is I was a lot more self aware of the performance and did more of an effort to enjoy it, thinking of it as a performance to myself rather than to others.
Not that it matters cause my internet decided to wreck lots of parts but still :sweat_smile:
The point is, the more you do it, the more comfortable you are and the more things you learn about yourself as an artist/musician/performer.



Could not agreed more Kevin. 100% the same thing i experienced :+1:

Crackin performance by the way!! Awsome as always :fire:


That was a great experience. Thanks to everyone. So many good performers, from newbies to some insanely good pro level shredding and singing.


Same here JK, you included, I’m so happy I could stay for the whole thing.
Great people running the event, great performers and a great vibe.


Looking forward to watching the show.


Yes It was a great experience, that I am grateful that you gave me. Being part of this community has pushed me beyond my greatest expectations. I would definitely participate again. As a newbie it was a very welcoming environment and I encourage any one to try it. Whatever level you are at, it was also inspirational to see where folks have got to that started on this same journey. Justin’s lessons are great and their effect is multiplied by this community.


Looking forward to the recording, sound like it all went down well, congrats everyone!


Maybe you can play at the next one @Notter?


It’s on the record in my learning log as a goal for this year @jkahn , so if the date on the next one fits then, gulp, yeah I’ll go for it!


@Notter see my latest post !! :sunglasses:Open Mic 009 - Call For Interest


Its out there now Mark :rofl::+1::raised_hands:t2:


Saw it as soon as I’d typed that reply to JK and did a facepalm!!
Will check both of those dates and post up on your thread @TheMadman_tobyjenner . Cheers!


:joy: sure is @tRONd , what’s typed cannot be un-typed!

How did you find it on your side. Looking forward to checking out your slot from last night!


I did the same thing Mark. Posted it in my log, gave myself a loose time perspective as before 2022 ended.
Just do it Mark. You will not regret and the outcome is quite a thing regarding building up confidence. Seen your playin. Its great so you will kill it… no problem :+1:
Yeah. Take a look at the OM8 when you have time and its released. There is a couple of mindblowing performances and a very high overall quality on the performances.
You inspired me to play standing up by the way… your last take were you stood up were cool, decided to go for it myself this time. So thanks!


Wow that’s some compliment to give and receive @tRONd , thank you!

I can imagine the rewarding feeling from it as well as the nerves! But of course I know the support everyone would give. I’ll be on it :+1: