Open Mic 009 - Call For Interest


Please note that the link to the Open Mic Zoom "meeting " will be sent to Performers and Audience members nearer to the event.

Well the amps have barely had time to cool down, the ears are still ringing and the adrenaline still lingers in the system. Yes its the day after the night before (adjust for timezone!) and what a fantastic night it was. Great to see so many new faces, so lets try and repeat that again !!

As we try to keep this a rolling 6 to 8 week process, I am suggesting early mid July for Open Mic 009. I am conscious that is the month when a lot of schools will be breaking up for summer in the northern hemisphere but if we get enough numbers, it may be possible to finally have an OM West and an OM East. OMW would accommodate EMEA and US east coast. OME would cover Australasia and US west coast. That’s the theory but lets see how the numbers and locations pan out and how the times overlap.

So for now lets say either July 9th or 16th. The earlier date may better for folks with families but we will keep the options open for now. If we manage to get numbers for two Open Mics, we will need to look at logistics but it would be great to run them back to back if possible.

As usual updates will follow, as will graphics but please let me know if you are interested as either a performer or audience member and let me know your time zone in UTC. See below.

(For reference - Time Zone Map)

For more information on how to access Zoom and set up your audio and video connection for the Open Mic events, please refer to this guide.

Open Mic Tech Talk - How to Setup Zoom

Once I get the initial names in the frame, so to speak I will add the usual table showing the runners and riders.

Don’t miss the opportunity of a life time. These Community Open Mics are there for folks of all levels, so don’t think you are not good enough.

Here’s more background for those interested: The Community Open Mic Events category

Come on in, the waters lovely.



List of performers - ENTRIES NOW CLOSED

Zone Start Time Name Username Comments
UTC-7 12:00 Jesse jestersea 1 Song
UTC-7 12:00 Rod rodreilly 1 Song
UTC-6 13:00 Sean Seansalins 1 Song
UTC-4 15:00 Rod Rod58 1 Song
UTC-4 15:00 Mark&Jen TheCluelessLuthier 1 Song
UTC-4 15:00 Phil philsmith 1 Song
UTC-4 15:00 John John_in_Dot 1 Song
UTC+1 20:00 Stefan SgtColon 1 Song
UTC+1 20:00 Dave liaty 1 Song
UTC+1 20:00 Jason Rossco01 1 Song
UTC+1 20:00 Mark Notter 1 Song
UTC+1 20:00 Al grayal 1 Song
UTC +1 20:00 Eric eric.lennon 1 Song
UTC +1 20:00 Mal Malz 1 Song
UTC +1 20:00 Martin martzon 1 Song
UTC +1 21:00 Toby TheMadman_tobyjenner 1 Song
UTC+2 21:00 David DavidP 1 Song
UTC+2 21:00 Raphael Mann_und_Mouse 1 Song
UTC+10 05:00 Shane sclay 1 Song
UTC+10 05:00 JK jkahn 1 Song

Audience list (LIVE and being updated):

Zone Start Time Name Username
UTC-7 12:00 Josh joshmeister
UTC-6 13:00 Ken khalprin
UTC-6 13:00 David skeletor83
UTC-6 13:00 Pam pkboo3
UTC-5 14:00 Rupak Rupak
UTC-5 14:00 George SgtAuto
UTC-5 14:00 Leslie RiLe
UTC-5 14:00 Chirag chiragkamra11
UTC-4 15:00 Sandy SandyMusic
UTC-4 15:00 Tom Tom_B
UTC-4 15:00 Mike mdsousa
UTC-4 15:00 Phil Wa8yan
UTC-4 15:00 Toshl ToshS
UTC-4 15:00 Mari Mari63
UTC-4 15:00 Michael Noodleman
UTC+1 20:00 Nancy Billca
UTC+1 20:00 Richard Richard_close2u
UTC+1 20:00 Luka glpguitar
UTC+1 20:00 Adi adi_mrok
UTC+1 20:00 David Durquhart
UTC+1 20:00 Gordon sairfingers
UTC+1 20:00 Liane-Rose Buncey
UTC+1 20:00 Ian theoldman66
UTC+1 20:00 Nicole NicoleKKB
UTC+1 20:00 Amanda amandaw57
UTC+2 21:00 Anders Molsner
UTC+2 21:00 Jozsef Jozsef
UTC+2 21:00 Martina MartinaFelber
UTC+2 21:00 Rogier roger_holland
UTC+2 21:00 Kevin KevinKevan
UTC+8 03:00 Keith Majik
UTC+10 05:00 Peter prbushe
UTC+10 05:00 Rhys FunkyFingers
UTC+1 20:00 nnnnnn nnnnnn

Moderator Note:

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And you can read the full briefing for the event, including how to sign-up to join the audience, here: Open Mic 009 - Call For Interest

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Hey Toby,

Yep, I’ll have another crack. UTC +10

Cheers, Shane


Love it Shane!! :+1:

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I have a dream …

Thanks for this punt, Toby.

Another option is to split the EMEA group. Half to run midday with Australasia evening time; the half EMEA evening as we usually do and USA/Canada day-time.

You can put me down for a song. I am confident my respiratory system will be 100% by then, my practice mojo returned, and will have another song added to my camp-fire, play-from-memory repertoire by then.

Lastly, folks I want to amplify (pun intended) that this event is for players of all play-grades. Singing is NOT required. You can deliver a Grade 1 one down strum per beat of a barre play through of a song. You can run the app on your screen and play along as you do in practice. You can play a BT and noodle your first forays into lead.

All this is about is having the experience of playing in a safe public space, yet another way to help in the never ending adventure that is becoming a musician.

So truly, if you have played a song through and shared a recording in AVOYP then you are ready to work towards this next opportunity.


Please can you put my name down for one song. I’m not sure I’m up to two yet.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You so are, Stefan. It’s the next step and based on all I’ve seen, you are ready for that next stretch. Also feel no pressure to learn new songs for the event. It is quite OK to perform a couple that you’ve shared in AVOYP before. If that familiarity takes a little pressure off playing two.

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Put me down. Not sure if 1 or 2 songs yet. UTC +10.

I’m in favour of sticking with one OM and waking up before dawn to join. It’s nice to be in the main group. And man, time went so fast - I was second to last and time seemed to fly by all the way that my turn came around so fast.

Thanks JK.

My assumption is that there may be others in the region who may find the time more of a challenge.

And if we continue to grow as we are plus gaining more participants from the East, then the event will be similar in numbers.

But it is speculative and I’m grateful that you and Shane we’re willing to get up early and your families were OK with playing and singing before breakfast

So do I my friend ! :wink:

This is exactly what I envisaged but used the generalised geo locations for starters. Will obviously depend on numbers and timezone.

For example an OME session based on evening start in Sydney NSW would give us :
Sydney 1900
Tokyo 1800
London 1000
Paris/Johberg 1100
Seattle/LA 0200
New York 0500

An OMW based on a London UK evening start as we’ve done before
London 1900
Paris/Johberg 2000
Seattle/LA 1100
New York 1400
Tokyo 0300
Sydney 0400

As you say if we get EMEA folk to split across both groups, we could certainly do back to back gigs and on the same day !! How cool is that ? Audience have the opportunity to join both gigs, wheyhay and have a break between the shows. Sounds like a cunning plan. :sunglasses:

OK off to create some tables but great to see folk signing up already. Yowser !!

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I could not agree more with these sentiments. The Open Mics are truly open to all, hence the name !! And yes you do NOT have to sing, just play. Simples. :sunglasses:


Put me down for one song please Toby

UTC +1

Happy to play in the morning if East group is a bit thin on the ground.

OK the roster has now been started, so just to confirm
your names are in the frame. :wink:

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All good!!
Ill might just go electrical on the next one :see_no_evil::flushed::scream:


Still unsure about signing up since the summer is upon us, but I’m rooting for all of you!

Isnt it summer 365 days a year in Madrid Kevin?? :rofl:


Not if Real get beaten by Liverpool in the Champions League final next week :wink:


@tRONd actual summer is pretty much hell in Madrid, scorching hot!

@DavidP funny that you mention it David, cause I’m a Liverpool supporter, not your typical Spaniard :sweat_smile:

Yeah. I never been in Madrid… on my bucket list though… but heard its hellish warm in summer and cold in the winter due to the altitude Madrid is located.
Liverpool suporter from a spaniard living in Madrid??? :rofl::rofl::rofl: that was a new one :grin: i have a weakness for Atletico myself…

Perhaps not best to be wearing that shirt in the coming week?

Interesting. My guess would be that they’d not be especially popular outside their local fandom in Madrid. Simeone does get results, but not sure if the end always justifies the means?

Guess we are now travelling down a bumpy road and should perhaps return to OM9 conversation :laughing: