Open Mic 15: Recording & After-Show Chat

Open Mic 15 - Saturday 15 April 2023

Another tremendous evening’s entertainment, no better bang for your buck out there since all it ‘costs’ is a couple of hours. A wonderful mix of performances that showcase our members’ love of music.

Enjoy the Movie, then get the T-shirt, and watch out for the Call For Interest to sign up for OM 16.

Zoom chat

:point_right: Performers
00:00:00 Introduction by MC Mark
00:03:28 Mark – Notter [Sunday Jen]
00:08:34 David – DavidP [Cortez The Killer]
00:15:10 Nicole – NicoleKKB [Follow Me]
00:20:13 Stefan – SgtColon [Rock Star]
00:25:09 Mal (& Lara) – malz [Listen To The Music]
00:29:32 John – Willsie01 [The Wind]
00:32:55 Jason – Rossco01 [Last Night]
00:38:57 Peter – rorystrat [You Do Something To Me]
00:42:23 Serhat – elevatortrim [Bad Moon Rising]
00:45:06 Tjeerd – TRJ [Country Blues]
00:51:11 Ruraidh – Eccleshall [Dream A Little Dream Of Me]
00:55:09 Eric – eric.lennon [Angie & Wild World]
01:01:41 Adrian – adi_mrok [?]
01:07:53 Dave – liaty [Sleepwalk]
01:11:41 Mark and Jen – TheCluelessLuthier [Margaritaville]
01:16:45 Brian (& Chris & Tor) – brianlarsen [Losing My Religion]
01:22:49 Mari – Mari63 [It Must Have Been Love]
01:27:59 Tosh - ToshS [I Hung My Head]
01:32:34 Dale – Charlie_James [Solsbury Hill]
01:37:21 Jenn (& Dan) – jenndye429 [Killing In The Name Of]
01:43:32 JK – jkhan [Lonely Boy]
01:48:31 Jeff – nzmetal [Rock & Roll]


It was a great show with some excellent performances. A huge thank you to all who organised the event, it was a good one. :smiley: :smiley:


Yet another fantastic JGC Open Mic.

Not only a full house with 22 performers (and that is not including the partners of our now resident duos or trios !) but another 19 members of the audience at least, as I saw 41 “participants” on the call at one stage.

Huge thanks to everyone who took part, both playing and supporting another great show !



Wow, what a fantastic show it was, yesterday :star_struck:.
I know, I say this everytime, but I really love the variety of songs and the different playing styles.
Thanks a lot to everybody who made this great OM possible :hugs:.


Great debut Nicole. Should give you the confidence to do it again ! :+1:


A terrific debut, Nicole. Very cool and assured. And a great song.


Thanks so much for your kind words, @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @Willsie01 :hugs:. To be honest, at the moment, the only thing I can clearly remember from my performance is the messed up intro :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:. The rest is hidden in some kind of foggy memory (if this makes any sense :thinking:). I‘m really curious to watch the recording of my performance when it’s online.
BUT - what I’m really proud of, is that I was able to continue playing after my starting problems :innocent::smiley:.


:clap: :clap: :clap:
Hi Nicole,
This makes the difference from the little girls to the women :sunglasses:…the boys from the men…etc…I’m still a boy far too often :grimacing:
I’m looking forward to the video this week and already know that I’m going to enjoy it and will pay extra attention to you :grin:


What a terrific show, congratulations everyone! As usual a journey of many styles, guitars and new band members! I’m going to rewatch the show back when available for a review as it flew by and there were too many highlights to recall them all!

Well done to @NicoleKKB @rorystrat and @Eccleshall for your debuts, you took the plunge and started swimming like pros, hope that you enjoyed the experience and that we’ll be seeing you sign up again soon!

Shout out to the team for the organisation and Zoom management as always, great to get close to the full show time!

Bravo everyone :clap::clap::metal::metal::guitar::guitar:


Fantastic open mic! Everyone one who played sounded fantastic, really entertaining. Shout out to the organizers and to all the great players.


Great show everyone. Sorry I had to duck out at the end. Some great performances up to that point and a nice spread of experience and styles. Good to see fresh people arriving. Will take a listen to those I missed when the video is up.

As ever if people have suggestions for improving things we always welcome feedback.


Sorry that I missed it.
I shall watch the video asap.


As always it was a wonderful experience. We already started discussing songs for next time. :thinking: Thanks for the work you do to organize these events.


You did great, Nicole. Didn’t seem nervous at all!


So many great performances!


Thanks @ToshS :hugs:. I guess, I was more nervous than I actually thought I was (at least, my fingers were nervous :sweat_smile:).

Great performance of you too :smiley:. I really liked it :blush:.

So many fantastic performances yesterday night. Simply amazing :star_struck:.


I arrived with high expectations - and wasn’t disappointed. Au contraire, what a great night it was. Thank you to all participants and organizers. Looking forward to the next one!


What a terrific 2 hour set! Well done everyone, performers and organisers.

I watched the show in a small Irish pub on the outskirts of Dublin so you all had a bigger audience than you imagined. The landlord wanted me to mirror the show onto the large screen TV but I said no as I’d didn’t think that was my decision to make! :shamrock::smiley:


What a fantastic show it was last night. Some exceptional singing and playing. They just keep getting better and better and nice to have 22 performers. Brilliant job everyone.

@NicoleKKB Well done on your debut (I don’t think I said it last night) you did a cracking job and well done to not let your small blip perturb you. :guitar:


Yes it was a really great show, I really enjoyed it, the differences in music style, the differences in level and complexity, the vocals, the overall technical quality. I am looking forward to seeing the recording too,