JGC Open Mic XVI / 16 to be held on Saturday 27th May

JGC Open Mic XVI / 16 to be held on Saturday 27th May

Here we go again folks and the dust hasn’t even settled on the last OM – see below.

With 22 performers and near record audience levels, OM XV/15 was another great show.
In close to 2 hours, we had a wide range of skills and experience, plus a multitude of musical genres, with something for everyone. So let’s do it all again in 6 weeks time!!!

The video for the latest Justin Guitar Community Open Mic can be seen here

Open Mic 15 Recording-& After Show Chat

No better time then, to open the invitations up to our next event,
JGC Open Mic XVI / 16 to be held on Saturday 27th May 2023
(depending on your time zone !!)

Potential Performers please take your time to read the information below and ensure you meet the required criteria to join our merry band of troubadours!

Performer Application Window will be open for three weeks, so you have until

1900 UTC Monday 8th May

to sign up. Selection will then be made based on the details below.

Those wishing to join the audience only, please advise in reply to this post and include your local time zone in UTC, so we can make sure you are informed of the correct start time. Audience requests are not restricted and will be accepted until a few hours before the show.

Come and join the fun and experience what it is like to play in front of a live audience, right in the room with you. Its the closest you will get to a real “out in the world” Open Mic !!!

Please make sure you read the following information in respect of the event, for both potential performers and audience alike.

JGC Open Mic Dates For 2023

OM 16 27 May
OM 17 8 Jul
OM 18 19 Aug
OM 19 30 Sep
OM 20 11 Nov

Don’t forget these open mics are available to all members of the Community (who meet the criteria – see below) regardless of their playing level. You do not have to sing either, it is all about the guitar. We also welcome any non-english singing/speaking members who wish to sing in the own language. The door is open to all, so come on in!

Anyone interested in taking part, in either capacity, please read the new Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility 31 guide.


With the growing interest and greater visibility of the events, we have had to set some new criteria for running the shows, which will be self-explanatory on reading the guide. So please take the time to do so, before posting your request to attend. Performers, please ensure you meet the Performer Criteria before requesting a slot.

JGC Open Mic XV / 15 will be held on Saturday 27th May 2023.
or Sunday 16th time zone dependant.

Invitations to performers will be open until 1900 UTC Monday 8th May .

At which point, the organizers will identify the appropriate start time based on time zones, as described in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility 31 guide.

Please note there will normally be a maximum of 22 performers each allocated a set of around 5 minutes. So, if you have played at the recent Open Mics, please give consideration to those Community members who may be stepping up to the plate for the first time.

Performer applications will NOT be confirmed until after entries have been closed. This will still give Performers 3 weeks to prepare for the show. So please do not expect immediate confirmation.

Note : I will post a list of Performers on or around Monday 8th May

There are no limitations on the Audience numbers and I will confirm such requests, as they are made. An Audience List will also be published at the same time as the Performer List and will be updated, as further requests are received up and until the weekend of the show.

As usual updates will follow.

Please let me know if you are interested as either a performer or audience member and ensure you state your time zone in UTC.

(For reference - Time Zone Map) 11

For more information on how to access Zoom and set up your audio and video connection for the Open Mic events, please refer to this guide.

Open Mic Tech Talk - How to Setup Zoom

** Please take note of the additional guidance regarding the use of background filters **

Here’s more background information, for those interested: The Community Open Mic Events category 1

Finally, as stated in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility 31 guide, a link to the Zoom meeting, will be sent to both Performers and Audience Member approximately one week before the event, by direct message.

Thank you for your support.

The JGC Open Mic Organisers


…and just keep going on going on and :clap: … yes and then you will say it is mainly a lot of copy past. But still it all has to happen and the answers of all people :sunglasses:,

And the good news is you are busy and so the streets and avenues in western France are a lot safer this way… :sweat_smile:

Greetings :bouquet:


Rogier, is that your application? You need to include your timezone in UTC :joy:


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

+4036589714 or something :grin:


Hey, that won’t even be this year….


I live/come from mars if you haven’t noticed…but I stay on Venus most of the time :joy:

There will definitely be a night when I’m going to play…
Yes yes and First an AVOYP too :sweat_smile:

Bye… :smile:

Edit for @Willsie01 : No no John ,that`s the timezone on mars :grin:


That’s code for “I’ll do any OM you throw at me”.


Where the Streets Have No Name !!
:tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:

Good to see the banter has started early. Even before folks have signed up. That’s a first. :rofl:


Okay, if you insist… chuck my name in the hat Toby, UTC+10

Usual notes about happy to stand aside for others that played less, etc etc,


Stick my name in the hat as well please Toby. I’m UTC +1, I think :smiley: but I’m happy to be a sub if more newbies want to debut.

We don’t need your phone number, just say, “yes, sign me up” Do it! Do it! Do it!


Really nervous, but you can sign me up to play UTC - 4.


Hi Stefan,
No, this really is the time zone of Mars (there are those who check it now, eh) :innocent:

I’m afraid JK has set a trend with the “how quickly the disabled finally breaks his resistance” :joy:

Kind of like poking the bear…don’t :cricket_bat_and_ball: :bear::wink: :blush: :laughing:



As always, we would love to perform, but are willing to step aside for new blood if it is our turn.


Yeeeeesss Alexis!! Really pleased to read this :slight_smile:

I can’t make OM16 I’m afraid. I’ve got a good excuse though, I’ll be watching Kings of Leon at the Wrexham Stadium :metal:


You can put me on the performer list Toby (UTC+2). If it comes to making space you can put me top of the list to be counted out.


Nice one Alexis. I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy yourself.

Ahhhh, enjoy that one Mark but you know it’s not going to be as good as the OM. :smiley:


Well I’ll obviously have my phone with me Stefan to tune in in parallel. Maybe see if I can take a leaf out of Gordon’s book from OM15 and see if I can mirror the OM to the main stage screens! :slight_smile:


We’d best all pick which KOL song we want to cover then. :smiley:


Dan and I would like to perform again. UTC-7


May I request a performer slot, please? UTC+1

Happy to make way for debuts or others who have been waiting.

(Did not like my last 2 performances at all but as we say in Turkish, a losing pehlivan can’t get enough fighting).