Rogers rock on wheels

Hi @TobiPi and @rorystrat

Thanks you for listening and comment and Peter ,don t hold your breath on it …but there will comes a time that i start practicing singing and then it is just a few month away for posting …I think…know :smile:


No time like now :smiley:

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Now it’s the new community lounge :smiley:


Ooo James,

Normally I 100% agree with this… :sunglasses:

But …There Is so ofthen that grrrr but… :roll_eyes: You should see and hear the cat when I even whistle … and I do that very well in the right tone I have been whistling a lot every day all my life and even more so when I lost my good singing voice around the age of 12 :cry: … I tried singing a few times with House of The rising Sun (and will start again)… but Oh boy that sweet kity :flushed: … I even took a picture of her once…she just jumps on my amplifier to protes t…and my own ears can’t handle it very well either, but I’m going to look for holes to practice when she …the cat and not my wife … oh yes, she must also outside the house, but that does not happen often … that cat then my wife is often away …what??? I am loosing myself now… Time to watch some English butt kicked :laughing: and looking who is going to loose the final against Spain …Unfortunately, the match is so late that it takes away half the fun for me and I haven’t really cared about it for about 6 years now, but it’s a good exercise to keep going with Kirk Fletcher tomorrow…

:see_no_evil: :joy:

Greetings and have a great evening :smiley:


Foot …it was a foot not the butt :see_no_evil:

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Hey Rogier, that was very good to my ear!

Eventually it’ll sound terrific! I hope you enjoyed your break. Greetings :blush:

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