Rogers rock on wheels


Acoustic Rock First time with You-tube backing track

Happy sounding Improvisation

Accoustasonic - 6th Thrick
and electric version
6th trick blues -electric

Silent Night

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Edit: But now with the correct links I :upside_down_face: hope

This was my first lick ever!!!
Played on that red guitar above… luckily I still have the memories :smile:

Rhythm lick

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: 4 years ago I asked a friend ‘Can you perhaps borrow a small guitar, because I don’t think I have that one disease anymore and I want to test it, it seems nice to me
and convinced everyone immediately’ … that guitar was not small, it turned out later, but that didn’t matter :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Hello Dear people of this beautiful guitar club :smiley:

This update may not make it much neater in this Learnig Log … but it is not a regression either :roll_eyes:… a kind of overview and easy for me to find, that’s how I see it … Oh yes I end with my very first recording almost or exactly 4 years ago…

they were some chords that I could remember from a long time ago and that the gout fingers could just bend to and the song was ‘Love Rescue Me’ by U2 ,which was turned on by the cat accidentally on the TV by walking over the remote control and a song without the C because that took months before my index finger could get it…

And So true at that moment that the love for and by my wife made me feel it has saved me … and the guitar has given the final push from this day of the video… :sunglasses: :man_bowing:

December 2019 First video :sunglasses:

Thank you for so much … :heart_on_fire:



Hello Rogier,
it seems that the end of the year is a good motivator to bring some order to the annual progress on guitar. It makes me wonder, whether I should do something similar. But at the same moment, I already know, that I’m way too chaotic to really do it :see_no_evil:. But I really admire people like you, who manage to do this :smiling_face:.
And impressive progress, by the way :star_struck:.

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For the people who clicked on it earlier today and it didn’t work properly…SORRY…I hope it’s okay now if you ever read this again :blush:

Hi Nicole …

You made the joke of the year :blush:…but I think it’s super sweet that you said it…(that second thing :smile:)
What I had planned for this LL and how it turned out :upside_down_face: :blush: :upside_down_face:…anything but sleek or neat or even complete or in the right date order…or etc etc

Fortunately, I never had the intention that people should be able to learn anything from my LL … or it should be the case (I have sometimes referred to that) that it does not matter how chaotic / sloppy or whatever you are …it`s just for fun and …well . THIS is MY “DIARY” :joy: :rofl: :joy:

My last 3 posts are the best “summary/report” I’ve made :sweat_smile:(after posting wrong links)

Thank you …and back to chaos :smile: :sunglasses: :partying_face:

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Hello Rogier :smiley:

Thanks for the nice OMD - tune you’ve shared.

Or should I write GMD (Guitarist Manoevres in the Dark) :wink:

For me as a total beginner it is very motivating to see such talent, progress and improvement in the LLs, and it inspires me to continue my journey.
So thanks a lot for your support :hugs:

And I’m very sorry for your guitar in that picture you’ve posted earlier. :worried:
I have a red and black one too, and she is very dear to me.
Maybe yours can be renovated at a guitar hospital one day? :ambulance:
So sad to see her in this condition :disappointed_relieved:

Keep up the great work :guitar: and wishing you the very best for 2024 :fireworks: :tada:

Gunhild :lady_beetle:

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How wonderful to see your collection of recordings brought together here. I find when building these lists, it’s a reminder of renewed forward momentum, the ups and downs and the challenges. But most of all, more progress.

Your guitar journey obviously brings much joy and solace, long may it continue. And I hope you get that Elite back to a playable condition. I still have my first and although its been well pimped, it will always be a keeper.

Keep rockin and rollin Rog !


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Bravo Rogier :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Love the tiding up, when things are tidy you always know where you can find them! :innocent: I checked the 2022 recordings, and you already showed your skills there…I’m very happy to see you have shared a lot more in 2023 and I’m very grateful for that because I really enjoy your playing’s vibes! :blush:

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Hi Gunhild @Gunhild … Hi Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner … Hi Silvia @SILVIA
Thank you for your sweet words and it is more it means more to me than expected when people say that I am a motivation … I work a lot of hours (except for the last 4 months) and I don’t practice exactly as advised :roll_eyes:, but the visible/audible progress is due to the number of flying hours I make in a day, so progress must come “automatically a little after the first big jumps”, and I listened to it again yesterday and especially with Angie I was amazed at how differently I play it now … in my memory it was played much more smoothly back then … looking back at yourself is really a great motivation … as an extra addition on you here then :blush: :smiley:,

And that red guitar dents or any kind of damage whatsoever…I see the guitar as a thing, but if it is so badly damaged that it is very far from being playable and then also the first one, I just think it’s a shame about the waste and a little bit of sentiment attached to it… I will definitely have it checked to see if it can still be made playable at reasonable costs… the guitar is in any case lightweight, so worth investigating …go see the guitardoc. it will be kept… :sweat_smile:

And this is not a Toby or a James update (and many many more :smile: )
some of you guy`s and girls are …well really structured Silvia :blush:

but even this LL and the last things does make it a bit easier to look back on the whole thing for someone who manages to scroll this far or scrolls through 1 small topic at speed and cannot find the music because of all the words :roll_eyes:

Thank you thank you thank you :sunglasses:


Hi Rogier,

Me! :joy:
Loved your update and relistened to a few of your pieces.
It’s always a pleasure to explore your tunes and you are making great progress! :tulip:
You are a great inspiration.
Wish you lots of hours of satisfying guitar playing!

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Good to hear Andrea,
Because by chance I discovered that something might have gone wrong because I wanted to hear Angie back… I copied it from the ‘manage video’ section and I wonder how many times I’ve done that before??? and actually I have no idea where you ended up or if nothing happened…(secretly hoping that the link sent you to the right location once when I noticed it ,but after a while everything was replaced)
I’m so often such a…cough cough…with these kinds of things :upside_down_face:

And …thank you very much :blush:

Sweet greetings from Holland 13c gray and windy … so playing in a minute :sunglasses:

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Sorry, I’m trying something out… I heard yesterday that my wife’s computer has a paid AI program… let me see how quickly I can break this computer… :grimacing:

I believe the gist of what I’m trying to do is clear for that person who has followed this and clearly needs to find a hobby :laughing:

Maar ik leer nu snel wat bij


Sorry for this bad selfie


Following in Toby’s footsteps, Roger. Those images look pretty cool.

What program did you use?

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Rogier I’m afraid your pictures don’t meet my taste…ooops…mi vuoi bene lo stesso, vero? But if you had fun in making them then it’s good :blush:

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Hi David,
:laughing: I was so thinking of Toby…

I still find your question a bit difficult, but maybe this will make it clear… almost everything (?) that Adobe has to offer (apparently also in the field of music, Adobe premiere etc. I saw yesterday) my wife has as a package through her company bought (about 900 euros per year is paid for this) …

I just asked on the app and she sayed …Adobe Express …does this give you some insights?

:joy: … sicuramente la mia bellezza italiana :kissing_heart:

I still have a lot to learn Silvia :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face: …and these are the things the program comes up with in my first hour when I search with …Roger`s Rock on Wheels… :grimacing: :innocent:

Greetings and thanks for calling in :smile:


Rogier, pleeeeeease go back to your sweet guitar playing :pray:t3:. There’s so much more to enjoy…
I don’t get, why those AI created pictures are so depressing, dark, scary and negative? Sorry, this is only my opinion! AI never met you and obviously doesn’t know you are such a nice guy. How can I get those skeletons out of my mind again :astonished:?


You’re too kind, Rogier :laughing: I’m looking foward to see your creations :rainbow::art::framed_picture: :rainbow: and I wish you a lot of fun and creativity expression :blush::kissing_heart::wave:

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Step away from that :rabbit: :hole: Roger. :rofl:

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God…Toby…that’s awfull! :see_no_evil::rofl:


And what app do you use Toby. I’m starting to think about a slideshow for my next song. If not too difficult to generate these images and the app is free to use, maybe I can have some additional fun.


I had no idea you were going to follow in the footsteps of M Manson with your next original. What has the madman done to you and Rogier :worried: