Saludos! A new wannabe rocker from Spain

Hello there!

1 year and a half later I’ve discovered JustinGuitar community. So, after a couple of days of reading, replying, and giving hearts to the posts :heart:, I’ve decided to properly introduce myself.

My name is Edgar and I’m a 32 years old programmer from Spain (English isn’t my first language so I apologize if I make funny sentences :sweat_smile:). Currently, I’m at the 12th module :metal::guitar: rocking with power chords. As I’m a huge rock and metal fan, I expect to stay in this module for quite a long :blush: , learning songs I’ve loved since my childhood. It is my jackpot module, I think :joy:.

Like many of you, this isn’t my first attempt at learning guitar, but I’ll save the whole story for my learning log :grin:.

Oh! I almost forget… as well as introducing myself, I should introduce you to my dear instrument. I’m playing a Tenson SG-like guitar (I don’t know the actual name) which has been waiting 14 years or so in a case for my return 🥲.

Hope to see you around and be able to contribute to this community :blush:.


Welcome to the Community Edgar.
I hope you are having better weather than we are in the UK - we have had three big storms come through in a week. I think a week or 2 in Spain would do me the world of good…
Enjoy your guitar journey and rock on!

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Hi @LesPaul65 :wave:. Thank you!

We are just getting out of a cold wave, but nothing compared with those storms :hushed:.

If you finally decide to come, text me and we can jam together in the beach :joy:

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Bienvenido from a fellow Spaniard!

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Welcome to the Community, Edgar. Look forward to hearing you rock some power chords on the SG (no need to put on old school short pants, tie and cap).

And before somebody else says it … your English is infinitely better than my Spanish, so no worries about that. Should something not make sense we’ll just ask, explore and get clarity.

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But it would be fun and it is encouraged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Welcome @Rumil!

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Gracias! It’s always nice to have someone in the same timezone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you, David! Very kind of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I’m always a bit shy on forums about writing nonsenses, but definitely, being able to practice my English, is an extra bonus to participate in the community.

I have the first one already recorded without any of these, buuuut I’ll keep it in mind for the next one :joy:

You, my friend, have arrived at the right place :laughing:
Bienvenido a nuestra casa!
Please remove any sharp objects from your pockets, hang your ego by the door and enter.
You wouldn’t have a song for us by any chance, would you? :wink:

Welcome to the Community Edgar always room for another rocker ! Great looking SG.
Look forward to hearing it sing !



Thank you! I feel comfortable already with such great welcome :blush:

You asked for it :wink: AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

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Welcome to the community Edgar! Nice axe you got there. Lookin forward to hearin some rockin tunes sometime. All the best mate.

Cheers, Shane

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Thank you! Never heard anyone calling axe to a guitar before. Sounds even more mighty :metal:. Love it!

Hey Edgar, I already stopped by to listen to that SG, it sounded good to me! What Amp are you playing it through? It sounds pretty good regardless of what it is, join in (as you already have) and have fun along your learning path.

Well, my setup for playing is …

Is the AmplitubeApp with its sound interface (I think that is how it is called) to plug my guitar into my phone. Then, the interface comes with a minijack that I use to send the output to a little speaker (Sony SRS-X11) or headphones.

The interface costs 33€ and the App is free with in-app purchases. It comes with some basic amps and pedal emulators that I’ve been using until this Christmas when I bought a bundle for 30€ with quite a few more amps, and pedals emulators. For the ACDC song, I used a Marshal Slash signature amp.

The app comes with a tuner a metronome and a loop drummer to make your own backing tracks. Oh, and it also allows you to record!

It’s very handy and the sounds you can get are great, at least for a beginner.

(This is not a promoted reply :joy:)


Hola Amigo, bienvenido.

Que linda guitarra!

Estas mas advenzado que yo. Espero escucharte pronto.



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Muchas gracias, Scott!

Encantado de estar por aquí.

Espero poder ver tu progreso por aquí también :slight_smile:

Rock on :metal:

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Welcome Edgar and nice, red SG guitar :smiley:

We all speak the same language here … music … so no apologies.

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Thank you. That is a nice thought. We are all polyglots :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s very clever, and it sounds good! I’ve been wondering about doing something like that rather than recording my amp, it would be less annoying for my neighbours :joy:
Do you record into GarageBand then?

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