Sandman - America + Street Spirit (Fade Out) - Radiohead + The Weight- The Band (covers) aka. Feb Thread

Inspired by Rene’s excellent Horse with No Name this morning, I dug out the chords and lyrics for an America song I was learning last year and decided to push the red button :smiley:
The Trio+ is an excellent band substitute but can sound a bit monotonous for a whole song, so I altered a couple of the programed ‘styles’. Learning never stops
Happy enough for a morning’s work :wink:

2nd video added:

Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out) here.


Hey Brian,
There is something wrong with your face??? :scream:
O ,now you are looking more like skully :joy:


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@roger_holland No glasses? :thinking:

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No that can`t be it…


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Even for you, Rogier- That is a new level of commentary.
Can I get a Mod’s opinion on this? :rofl:


What a lovely song to hear in the background and it gets really catchy towards the end :blush: :sunglasses: :clap:while i have a lot of fun trying to say things as neatly as possible…like “hey i miss your glasses” but i enjoy the song veru much despite your abuse of the jengelstengel :laughing:

Edit after above`s saying,… :rofl: :joy: :rofl::innocent:

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Enjoyed your cover Brian. I think to myself before i push the record button that it’s all about acting - and then the recording starts and I just do my best. You on the other hand deliver unique and interesting interpretations effortlessly! The camera is your best friend. That is definitely a skill all on its own :clap::clap::clap:

Also, I was off the idea of a Trio for awhile, now I’m wondering whether it would suit fingerstyle playing :thinking: So thanks for that!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, that’s a dramatic improvement on:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for the listen and positive comments, Mari :smiley:
You are quite correct. It is all about acting.
Our expressions/movements are just another element we have to focus on on top of the playing and singing. Only comes with practice too. I’ve put out copious guff since the beginning, so am probably more at ease with it than most, but hardly anything I do is spontaneous/natural
I’d trade a portion of it for some of that independent thumb/finger action you’ve been practicing :wink:

Regarding the Trio+, it’s an extremely useful home pedal, as long as you don’t expect too much from it. Great looper/jam buddy substitute and allows you to feel like you’re playing actual songs. I’m guessing not bad for impro too. Why not keep your eyes open for a second hand one?

(Edit: I forgot to say you’re forgiven, of course @roger_holland, and thank you too for your compliments :wink:)


Hi Brian,
Wow, what a deep voice you have!!!~
I love it!
This is how you make a song your own, full commitment, and full emotions!!!
Great guitar polkaing, and the Trio is superb.
Thanks for your inspired production!!!

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Bravo Mr L, another fine performance and one more in your repertoire.
Two things … technical, not banter.
You’re using fingers 1 and 2 for E minor instead of 2 and 3. Any reason why? I always think 2 and 3 are better and allow better changes plus scope for embellishments.
Your index on the F barre looks curly - is it still holding down a full barre okay?


Typical gusto I would think. Is there something going on with glasses? Maybe you need a new hairdresser or something? I dunno… What do know is you are kicking out some good songs and productions. Keep up the good work and be well!

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You used to wear glasses ???
Loved the performance of a great song by America, Brian. Your band are serving you well as always.


Unless one has got used to that fingering when playing the stuck fingers on B and e strings, using fingers 3 and 4 :thinking: :grin: Or perhaps if happiest playing that (unpopular with some) G chord with fingers 1, 2 and 3. I also sometimes anchor on the D string with the 2nd finger to change between C and Em. And maybe also good to get comfortable with Em using fingers 3 and 4 if the next chord is sliding up to an E-shape barre chord.

Banter aside, I’d be thinking that this would be one of those chords with many good options and becoming comfortable with as many as possible will serve one well as one ‘learns songs, learn songs, learn songs’


@ReneAsologuitar Cheers, Man :smiley:
It was all a bit of a rush job. That was the original key and I never thought of experimenting with a capo (let alone transposing) to see if it felt better a bit higher :laughing:
As I said above, the inspiration came from your court.
Thanks for the listen and positive comments :smiley:

Funny you should mention that, Brother-
Every 3-4 months I drop in to the local barber and get a crew cut and shave. I nearly got one yesterday :rofl:
Much appreciated, amigo :sunglasses:

Thank you my friend :smiley:

  1. I learned from the best, so obviously follow yours and Justin’s recommendation for the 2,3 finger e. You both also teach to change fingering where it makes the playing easier and in this song there are 3 beats of e with a quick change for a single G back to Am. Much easier to anchor 1st finger on the 2nd fret A string to play the (non-country) G.
    I don’t ‘embellish’ a lot (with my fingers :laughing:)
  2. Yes, I noticed that too. I have a natural adduction/deviation on my index finger, but the exaggeration here is down to sloppiness. When I pay attention I am able to make all the required strings ring out on my barre chords.

@DavidP Cheers mate :smiley:
Emin is truly is a smorgasbord of finger food, although I never did look into all that ‘stuck’ business. And yes, this definitely falls into that learning ditties category :wink:

That statement needed a caveat!


Hurrah, you’ve done a song I know Brian! Like you said, an underrated band. Well done. Really cleanly played and sung and performed with your usual panache.
The thumb strum on the electric serves you well my friend. The Trio+ backing worked well without being intrusive and the setting you had it on suited the song. So all in all a great performance.

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A new song for me Brian and when I saw it was you who posted I was looking forward to checking it out, and you certainly didn’t disappoint! A great groove you had going throughout and really well delivered.

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Nice one Brian, not heard it before but it somehow sounded familiar!
I shall desist from making any further remarks not relevant to your playing and singing, keep going and have fun!

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Thanks Gordon :smiley:
I’m pretty sure you know most of the songs I do. I just tend to focus on stuff I reckon others might not be aware of. (Freud might say, out of insecurity that I don’t want to be compared unfavourably :rofl:)
Are we due another from the bard north of the border?

Cheers @Eddie_09.
Ah, sure you’re still a wee young lad; it was before your time :wink:
Much appreciated, and happy to see you’ve stuck around :smiley:

Ta @DarrellW
We’ve had plenty of communication today, so appreciate your restraint :rofl:

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Am sticking around but just don’t have time to listen to as many Posts as I used to. I’ve got to pick and choose and you made the cut :sweat_smile:!

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I noticed you hadn’t commented. :joy:
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