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I just wanted to say how I absolutely love how you incorporated the chord names into the lyrics of the song! Brilliant and loads of fun! Dale

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A few minor inconsistencies such as is it a 2 chord song or 3 and the chord progression for the verse seems off. Not important though as it’s easy to play along with Justin.

Hello and welcome to the Community.

Yes Justin uses this approach a lot which is very helpful to follow along to as you start to learn a song.

Such a great easy song to learn with chords, but also practice a different strumming beat. Not sure why I struggle with a consistent strum pattern sometimes.

Is this song in the phone app? I couldn’t find it.

I do not believe it currently is on the app (as someone who recently learned it myself). It is on the site and YouTube channel though!

Song isn’t on the app and I don’t see it anywhere on the website… the lesson sure… but not the cord changes, lyrics…etc

Hi Matthew, @r05747k6
Welcome here and…Problems have arisen with the interested party :cry: (copywrite problems), they are working on it, but certainties are not yet given,
I advise you to look up the lyrics on the internet and write along with the chords in Justin`s lesson, which is a very good lesson, I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

So, I started working on the yesterday and I’m trying to figure out how to use the metronome with it. Is there a recommended number of bpm for this to start? I’m thinking maybe 70? Any tips? Thanks

ETA: 74 bpm, that seems to be the consensus wherever I look.

Okay, I came over here after picking up my guitar to strum along with Rebecca’s debut sharing this song in AVOYP :smiley:
I ran into an odd problem trying to tap my foot and play the off-beat/syncopated rhythm :roll_eyes:
If I play it at 74bpm with a downstroke strum on the offbeat, I’m doing an upstroke with the foot-tap, which feels weird to me :thinking:
Does it make more sense to play the offbeat as an upstroke at 74bpm, or double time it so you play an ‘air-downstroke’ at the same time as you tap your foot?
Am I making sense?

I’m thinking the offbeat on the up stroke, but I could be spitting in the wind here. We need someone with experience to help!

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I am an absolute beginner, but I do have the Beginner’s Songbook. In there, Justin explains 2 strumming patterns: the easy one (4 down strums on the beat), and the off-beat one. For that one, the book indicates 4 upstrums on the off-beat. So that could make coordination with your foot tapping more easy.


Hi @LunaRocket and @LadyOfTheCastle
@brianlarsen is a bit busy so if you want to help him then a tag would be handy… Ps; nice to hear from you Lady :man_bowing:,
Greetings from a man from a terraced house ,Rogier :smile: :wink:


@brianlarsen Hm,… :thinking: I’m asking myself, why the man from the dark side chooses such a nice little harmless song :bird: :bird: :bird: for his collection of mostly very special renditions? Are you maybe creating a Hitchcock version?

What is he hatching? :notes:


Hi Helen,
I was really wondering the same thing :laughing: and didn’t want to make fun of him right away,…I so sincerely hope he uses this for techniques to get better.
Because what was going on in my head was something like …

Brian playing this sitting in the garden with his most friendly face while in the background a spit floats above the BBQ with 3 sweet birds on it getting brown during the song :sob:

Greetings :hatching_chick: :hatched_chick: :rooster:


:flushed: Oh my god! Your fantasy is working in the totally wrong direction :wink: Again, we get off piste :joy:


I’m sitting here shaking bellies with a guitar around my neck :joy:. And way too crooked behind my keyboard.
And that for a non-meat eater :grimacing:, but only a few years so still fresh in memory :roll_eyes: … and off piste again :see_no_evil:, and you in two way`s for sure :upside_down_face: … I sincerely hope that you are on piste this year and that you are completely fresh as a living hen ( in dutch that sound better :smile:) :crossed_fingers: :skier: :sunflower: :sun_with_face:
The end.
Greetings…and you all have fun with this one/three :innocent:


I’m thinking you’re probably right. It just feels a bit weird playing a whole song with upstrokes only.

I find the wind usually blows it straight back in my face when I do that :roll_eyes:

… or building? :rofl:

Thanks for the tag, Rogier :laughing:
Actually, I dealt with those three birds in the outro of my ‘cheerful’ Christmas song :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m afraid I’m not up to anything creative at the moment :neutral_face: I’ve left the deep powder of the dark back-country and have returned to the green/blue beginner slopes, getting used to a pick, slightly different strumming patterns, and even -shock, horror- the odd picked notes too.
Hopefully it will pay off when I return to land of creativity :smiley:


Sweet mother of J… :flushed:,
That never occurred to me… you monster :scream:

I’ll bet my right foot you can …( and no Brian :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.slowly but surely I can sometimes tap to the beat with it :smiley:)

Yes really sweet isn’t it… me at my best… don’t get used to it :blush:


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