VincentC guitar learning log

Amazing performance, it turned out great!

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Oh wow - just seen this. I’m so impressed that you’ve learnt Rylynn. That’s super inspiring as it is on my dream list. Could I ask what grade/module you were at when you felt able to start unpicking it. It would be super helpful to get a gauge on what to look forward to. Well done on the daily posts.

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Hi Sound_Bound, and thank you for tuning in! Beware of a very long feedback for you enquiry xD

After you are comfortable with the basic fingerstyle patterns (probably on Grade 4) you can give Rylynn a go. That’s might seems hard for a beginner but it will take time and determination to eventually master any fingerstyle songs. And slowly you will develop the muscle memory you need to conquer other songs as well. The only downside is Rylynn tuning is so odd (ECDGAD, partial capo 5) that you couldnt play other songs you usually want to after you switch to that tuning. (Psst, if you know DADGAD you will realise Rylynn tuning is actually a variation of DADGAD xD)

Personally, I do not follow Justin course like textbook lol. You got to learn whatever you need to be able to play the song well. And a good guitar with you, too. Hope it helps!

You could take a look on my personal guitar experience in detail on my cover song Senbonzakura, I wrote it down on the description. I have tried to learn Rylynn the first few year on a plywood guitar, but without a good guitar/environment it is fruitless. Only able to learn it recently (havent got the time to master it, yet xD) with proper gears and guitar on hand, good environment and most importantly, a good tutorials from Andy himself =)

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Thank you so much for taking the time to give a detailed reply. It’s so helpful to hear how more complex songs map against the course content.

I was expecting perhaps Andy McKee songs to be somewhere in the advanced grades. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Grade 4 /intermediate would line up with picking off some sections of Rylynn. So far, I’ve not experimented beyond EADGBE tuning. (Still got a lot of basics to get right before that.) Maybe Driftwood would be a better starting point as the first dream song.

Being able to see how folks have started on Module 1 and then progressed is seriously motivating.

Btw - years ago I was lucky enough to see Andy McKee play live. Very memorable.

Thanks for sharing the link for Senbonzakura ft. Hatsune Miku. Huh - I’m now realising I’ve heard vocaloid music without realising what it was. That’s super interesting reading about the process behind how you’ve approached this.

I appreciate your generosity! :smile:

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Daily Repertoire #016

Good day! A full performance of Wings~You are the hero!

Have been visiting to local public piano lately and interacting with some amateur pianists. One of the guy reminds me the importance of articulation in music piece and live performance, which I think I am lacking right now (in the performance I shared above, too!)

It got to do with the guitar amplification as well. I brought my guitar over there and realise the sounds is so much quiet compared to a grand piano (on my guess it is 90~100 dB), and it is played in a hall T.T

And actually both control of articulation and guitar amplification have common ground, such that the the strength I play on my guitar when plugged in, can be heard from an amplifier distinctively. (I have plugged into a very big acoustic amplifier before, even a small scratch I did on guitar matters a lot)

Well. Time to dig in the amplification and showmanship =)


Amplification, articulation and consistency, thereafter bringing out the feelings of groove, are what matters in live performance with crowd, I guess :sob:

That was awesome, Vincent.

I have been fortunate to meet and talk with Yohan Song, a Korean guitarist you may know of. Check him out: Yohan Song - Korea - Guitar Gallery and Skylaim - YouTube

To enable his live performances he has two pickups in the guitar, a pedal board that includes a looper pedal, and outputs to a mixer and PA.

So no doubt amplifcation is something to explore if you have ambitions to develop as a live performer.


Hi Vincent,
That was amazing :sunglasses: :clap:

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Marvelous performance, I’m sure you will sort out all these technical nuances about with I have no single clue :sweat_smile:.

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Daily Repertoire #017

It was an awkward opening, and a few muffled technical section in the middle, and rushing at the very end :sweat_smile: Havent recorded myself for ages and I notice the performance quality is slightly dropping lol

Good news is, I am going to get some guitar upgrades next week and hopefully it would inspire me to be better in tackling the technical sections (the psychological parts, too!)

@Majik Thank you for hanging out with me and I hope you enjoy the song “Fight!” :heart:

There are actually a lot of details in it, and inside my mind, so I would like to talk about those small bits thoroughly in future recordings, here =)


It sounded interesting, keep it up Vincent :slight_smile: .

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“Weekly” Repertoire haha

In my mind, I have a hard time to keep the song in time, perhaps more practices on time feel would help (I relate it to imaginary heartbeats to keep myself in time) And trying to expressing myself (I wish the camera is showing my face, damn!)

I post edited it in my PC, realising the need of mastering it for better loudness.

There are just so much things to work on lol. Just cant spell them all out here. Would try to fix them bit by bit as I make more recordings of myself playing live.


Sneak peek to the guitar setup I am using rn =)

At the guitar back is the ToneWoodAmp. I use Hambucker and Piezo pickups so I have two inputs to the guitar amp lol.

I think I need to tweek the reverbs and “pre-EQ” for future recordings.


I am really amazed. So much going on when you are playing. How do you keep track on all that???

Have you watched When Mike Dawes visited Justin ?

It is totally flabbergasting how you guys can keep up with all these things you do.

But you very seem to enjoy it and have a lot of fun. That is really important.

Found this one: Skylaim Yohan Song Fingerstyle Guitar Korea - But it is way more slow than what you do. Performance in a library it looks like.

Very special style and really using the whole guitar. Very interesting. Also shows how much more there is to investigate from the Guitar, which have been used for decades.

kotaro oshio - brand new wings ---- This video makes it more easy to see what is going on. Really cool techniques! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Hi there Kim! Perhaps you are right, there are a lot of things going on xD

I do not keep track of everything lol, most of the performances are from muscle memory so the remaining focus would be stay in time (and the syncopation, ha!) and expressing myself

The way I practise it is to play along (and learn) from the original artist (on YouTube), try to understand what they are doing and assimilate it =)

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Take a few listen here and there, guess it would be better if I have had listened to the metronome beforehand and do the recording with a good grasp of the tempo inside my head

In the vids I seemed like rushing most of the time, unable to get the tempo “correct” (not necessarily have be on beat every time, but it ought to be most of the time) at the “right” time to deliver the desired feelings… Oh well :sweat_smile:

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Hey guys! Did a quick “cover” of Andy Mckee’s Drifting

I tried to nail the accent (loud and softness in volume) and it is not going well xD Didnt manage to hit some of the notes on high fret, well I could have played better and shouldnt blame the guitar, yes T.T ( On a really well made guitar you could easily access those higher frets and nail the sound =) )

Overall managed to keep in time, compromising the precision. Got to do better next time! :slight_smile:


It came out wonderful! Great job Vincent.

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I wonder when I could achieve THAT kind of fluency :sob: :sob:


Busy working on the music project YT rn x)

Watched and listened back few of my recent recordings on TikTok. Find that one of next task on guitar learning is to play with metronome, figure out which memory cues fall on which beat. This ought to solve most of the issue in the recent recordings. Well, I hope I have explained myself well :sweat_smile:

Kind of learn the trick from Andy Mckee, when I am working on his “Aerial Boundaries” arrangement. I find it helpful to have a very experienced guitar player to explain in details what is going on in a highly technically song, because the knowledge would be applied on other aspect of guitar playing, in an unexpected way :heart: