VincentC guitar learning log

Hello Vincent, I just had a listen to a few of your recordings and found them amazing :star_struck: That seems like a lot of work on technique to be able to play like this. Bravo! :blush:

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A little update on my side :smiley:

Got this track recorded and some simple EQs here and there. Bad news is I realize my condenser mic is cardioid instead of figure 8 (which explains the hard panned I have in the recording track, since the microphone only captures one side :scream: :scream:) And good news is I got it sort out by amazing Eq plugin I have got lol

It is some work in progress so any advices and opinions are welcomed! :smile:

Wish you have a great day!


That’s pretty standard. Even figure 8 mics are normally mono.

What DAW are you using?

It’s common (pretty much standard) DAW use to have mics and guitars as a mono tracks and to use panning to position in the stereo field.

Genuine stereo tracks are not unheard of, but relatively rare as very few instruments have, historically, been recorded as stereo tracks.

Drums are (sort of) the exception here.



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Hi there Mr Keith, I am using Cubase on Windows =)

Yeah raw guitar recordings are in mono. So I use some sort of mid-side array recording technique, with a dynamic mic as Side channel, and a figure 8 condenser mic as Mid channel (well that is in theory, but I bought the wrong mic which is cardioid lol)

They are still in mono so to make the track stereo I duplicate the Side channel, panning them into L and R. And I reverse the polarity of one of them.

Cool thing about this trick is the recording is “mono compatible”, which means when I listen it at mono (say phone speaker) all I heard is the mid channel, since the side channels cancel out each other

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Hi! Set it up in a better manner this time, but seems like things are not good enough, like my phone camera should be behind so that it could capture the whole view of the guitar :sweat_smile:

Anyway hope you like it! It is a song about youth :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Vincent,
Wow…What a start to the Sunday morning :smiley: :sunglasses: :clap:… the sun shining in gives the whole thing an extra vibe :sunglasses:

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This was fun! Love the sound of the pickup!

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Hi there! Hope you would enjoy this song :slightly_smiling_face:

Things would be better if my foot tapping is on beat :upside_down_face: Got to turn my “bad habits” into a feature haha.


Wonderful as always! I was wondering wat was the mic/pickup setting, it caught some of the string noise.

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Hi Radek! To put it short I am utilizing what is available to me =) With some understanding of mixing tracks.

The string noise came from the piezo pickup. I realize I could tweak the amount of “organic” string noise I want by adjusting the volume of the piezo pickup.

So I had one really good LR Braggs hambucker pickup (being sent to ToneWoodAmp first, for the plate reverb effect :grin:) and one common pierzo pickup. Both signals were then sent to an 60W acoustic guitar amp.

And oc, the sound from the amp was being recaptured by a cardiod condensed microphone and I did some noise reduction and AI mastering in the DAW.

It is really troublesome to get through all this haha, not to mention the colour correction while doing the video editing. I was trying to use DaVinci Resolve for video editing but found out my current PC setup is too slow to run that software.

It is a lot to learn lol, but I guess guitar journey is one of the learning journey you want to be at. Thank you Radek!

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Not really an expert on anything guitar but maybe this can help in the search of optimal setup?

I could advice on Adobe After Effects if you ever use it.

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Cool! Body sensors pickup wow. Might get one on my future guitar and try stuff out.

I find that we ought to choose our pickups wisely before purchasing our next guitar, otherwise it would be some extra cost to put in just to replace that pickup system :laughing:

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Really great song! I enjoyed it very much. If I had to play standing up, my brain would explode. I barely can breath while playing, yet alone moving to the song :smile:

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Howdy! Vincent’s here =)
Have been learning “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence!” on guitar and I find some of the techniques from the following song fit really well, welp, I just assimilate it haha

So after “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence!” hopefully, I will be able to master Michael Hedges’ “Aerial Boundaries” soon, it has been a while learning that song :sparkling_heart:

Thank you!


Keep on keeping on, Vincent, sounds great and you have technique that is mind-boggling (to me)

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I love the flow of the song and it’s numerous subtleties, such a virtuosity :slight_smile:.
I see you have been experimenting with video filters, film grain adds a bit of roughness to the experience (not sure if intended). Anyway, experimenting is a process of discovery :slight_smile: .

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Thanks Radek! It takes some curiosity and hard-work but it pays off :sparkling_heart: And welp, I am young so it does give me some advantages haha

Cant wait for your next guitar recording!

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Hi Vincent,
The only downside is that it is on tiktok on such a small screen … full screen video in Youtube would really be a nice improvement for me … But otherwise absolutely beautiful :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :sunglasses:

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You’re welcome, age gives you plenty of advantages and you are in the time when information travels fast and things that were very difficult to come by in my 20’s (tutorials, reference) are widely available. In my days the only thing I could learn without going to a music school or getting a teacher was Smoke on the Water riff showed by class buddy :sweat_smile:.

It is already out there :slight_smile:.

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Howdy! Thank you for reading the update. Would like to share a bit of the progression I have

Would spend the next two weeks fix this track in DAW (no actual guitar playing stuff lol) So hopefully could get the full track released around end of this month =)

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