Welp it was fun!

So i jsut got a message from richard stating i can only post one song a month, it was fun while i was here guess ill move on to greener pastures. Thanks all for listening to my stuff and cheers!! Sorry but i loved posting here but that sadly has came to an end thanks guys. Peace out!

There is no need to be so hasty and leave Byron. There is a lot more to this community than posting songs. There is so much to be gained by exploring other topics on here.

Well, it kinda sucks because i expresds myself through music and since i cant post here any more to express myself, i feel like theres no need… sorry man… But it just quite sucks to be honest…

Plenty of other reasons to be here other than posting recordings. But hey ho. :sunglasses:


Yeah theres others reasons but now im restricted in expressing myself lmao…

Hey Bytron, I’m surprised, as it doesn’t really sound like something Richard would say :thinking:
Are you sure it wasn’t a bit more nuanced? Seems a shame to up sticks and leave if you’ve been enjoying it.
If you have made your mind up, I wish you all the best and truly hope you do find greener pastures.
Cheers :grinning:

Something about people complaining about flooding the audio playing section which ive only posted 2 songs the passed 2 months, anyways he said im on a limit of one song a month now… THeres no need for me to post now as i usually do a fairly good amount of songs sometimes… I dont see why people are complaining… Thats just silly.

So to me imo thats making me unable to express myself on here… and its really ashame because I really did enjoy it… I mean yeah theres other reasons to be here other than posting music and i do listen to others as well. But to me thats a slap in the face honestly…

I honestly don’t check anything you post, but when there’ s a song that I like I check it out thinking of your amazing rhythm skills…so I would like if you kept on posting because I enjoy your music.

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Hey Bytron, it would be a shame to see you go. My understanding is that it is one thread per month, that you can add a number of songs too.

Hope you find what you are looking for if you decide not to post.



That’s a shame Byron, I do love your posts.

For context, I believe the mods are working on limiting everyone to 1 posts per month (in the AVOYP section) with the idea that you can post multiple AVOYP in one thread, it’s not just you.

Oh ok that makes since… I get it now, sorry i just misunderstood… Sheesh, I thought he meant just one song a month… I apologize… So i just gotta post in my own thread… I guess thats what he meant…

Thanks alexis for clearing that up… I thought he meant just one song a month period… I did not know its for your own thread, makes since… Just more orderly and i understand if thats what he means… So you can post songs in your own thread right? As many as you like?

The mods @Richard_close2u @DavidP @LievenDV should be able to clarify more and I could be wrong, but yeah that’s my understanding. You could create a post and post as many songs as you want in that single thread. I plan on just changing the name of the thread whenever I post something new, like “Alex January - Self Esteem by the offspring”. Then change the name if I post something new again that month. Something like that.


You would do well to read this to get a sense of what has been happening, as you sound like this request has been made to you in isolation. This will show you a little more.
I guess its one of the problems folk face when they only look at what’s being posted in AOVYP and miss the bigger picture of what is happening and discussed in the Community.
Have a read, have a think. But if you still want to up sticks, that’s your choice at the end of the day.


Here’s an example of how it would be, that Richard collected together from your songs in September.

So i reckon all of this is my fault lol…

Like passing the knowledge on those rhythm skills to me :wink:


Thanks phil… Ill just have to relearn how to use the forum now haha.

Don’t feel bad about it. Communication is one of the most difficult things to do among humans. Especially when it’s only written text, without the subtle details that come along when two people talk to each other irl, or via video, for instance.
I’m glad this has been cleared. I like watching you post your videos and record your progress. They’re subtle reminders i should do the same…
Keep at it, will ya? :smile:

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