What are you currently listening to? 2023

Not yet @Jeff but I think I will. I’ve read a few reviews that seem generally positive. This morning YT served me “The Rolling Stones: ‘Hackney Diamonds’ - is it any good?” on the Classic Album Review channel. I enjoy his content and the fact that I generally agree with his views (yes, I know about confirmation bias etc), which means if he is positive then probably worth a listen.

While skimming a few comments (I know and often ask myself why I do that) I spotted one that mentioned a live Stones album released in May '22. But not a recent performance. This is a retrospectively released recording from the 2 shows done at the El Mocambo club in '77. The shows were done as part of Keith’s sentence after the Toronto drug bust. 300 people in a small room.

Of course the Stones is not everybody’s cuppa java, but if blues rock is your thing, I think this is up with the best recordings of the Stones live I’ve heard. And I think fair to say the Stones are a live band, rather than anything super special in terms of studio recordings full of layering, over-dubs, and production. These shows draw on the recorded material, originals and covers, from their first 15 years. And some may say perhaps they should have packed it in shortly after, over staying their welcome by 40 years :rofl: Given the quality of the records produced over the years, which as a Stones fan I would say were pretty nothing special, yes some great songs but not necessarily albums to listen to start to finish, I’d not argue the point.

Anyhow, enough of that preamble, this is ‘What are you currently listening to?’ and with the house to myself I have this concert cranked up through my studio monitors.


Been busy with some morning Mod work and after El Mocambo 1977 time for the new album. Based on the listen while typing away, I’d say it’s pretty good. I’d immediately say just one weak track. For the rest, it’s what you’d expect from the Stones but doesn’t sound like they were going through the motions to make another record to fulfill a contractual obligation.

Hard to judge a new album when comparing it to the classic albums. Are there songs that in time may be as regarded up there with some of the classics. I guess time will tell, though maybe the Stones don’t have the time to see that through. I say that in the sense of 5 years from now how many of these songs may feature in a show when drawing from their catalogue, playing the classics that people want to hear when they go see the Stones as a fan.

I’m far too talkative this morning, crank it up …


Úna Quinn & Neil Campbell opening support for Lisa Lambe at Liverpool Uni Irish week last night.
Never heard of any of the artists, but the sounds Neil was able to pull out of his acoustic, running through his looping pedalboard was incredible. The mobile doesn’t do it justice but gives a flavour :grinning:


@jkahn This listen is for you. I didn’t want to hijack @HappyCat’s AVOYP of Cowgirl In the Sand (Folks, it’s worth a watch if you enjoy AVOYPs).

Lots of musical history associated with Crosby Stills & Nash plus the incarnations when Young was in the band. I think fair to say the relationships were turbulent, with all the usual mix of late 60s/70s ingredients. I mentioned Buffalo Springfield, which included Stills. Interesting to dig into if one is into that sort of thing.

But this is about listening and you mentioned challenges on Spotify. Well there is always YouTube. And all that gives me the opportunity to listen again to this album.



Been listening to brazilian jazz lately.

For some reason I recently started thinking about Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny. Just been listening to this (multiple times) and started working on my own version. It’s on a continuous loop in my head now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Extraordinary song, considering she wrote it when she was about 20.


Well I’m going to get into that playlist!

I’ve mostly been avoiding this thread from the sheer size of it but can’t help it when I’m tagged :joy:

Speaking of what I’m listening to. I discovered Alter Bridge this week. Damn, how have I missed them. The ex-Creed band (excluding vocalist) with a different vocalist and extra guitarist.

Kind of rock metal


And nothing like a bit of Creed, that was the same reason I got drawn to AB. Great band, great roots ! :sunglasses:

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This dropped yesterday. The zombie thing is getting a little old but the song is classic Green Day.

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AB are one of my favorite bands. Tremonti is something else. Blackbird was voted the best solo ever by Guitarist magazine back in 2011. I usually roll my eyes when reading those top-xx lists, but I might actually agree with this one, it’s phenomenal. I think I’ve seen them live four times now and would go see them again any time.

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I listened to it for the first time yesterday and had to watch the video. OMG that sweep picking and tremelo. Yes he is insane.

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Seems they still can do it.
Thanks for posting, such things fly under the radar sometimes. Interesting.

The bridges though seem a bit forced. Like they needed some “radio” friendly melodies.

Is anybody else hearing Pachelbel’s Canon in D, especially in the first bridge where it’s arranged orchestral at 1.16?

I like the lyrics in general, but this line:
“Don’t want no huddled masses TikTok and taxes” Such lyrics seldom age well.

I’m looking for an “in person” guitar teacher to compliment my JG learnin’ and this guy is exactly the type I am lookin’ for. He is a guitar playin’ BEAST! Good lawdy Ms. Clawdy! I know I will end up sounding like the person who is teaching me, and I wouldn’t mind this guy. Much respect!

Whooooo, weeeeeeee!!!

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I discovered Matteo Mancuso a couple of days ago, and just keep wanting to play this. I just ordered his debut album ‘Journey’, which has a lot of musical genres represented, all of which he excels at.

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Wow - interesting technique and style. He talks about his playing approach on this video - no pick!
Thanks for the heads up. Will look into more of his stuff (he seems to have picked up a big sponsor too - a lot of prominent logos to be seen :wink:)


Counting crows


The Beatles, of course :grinning: