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some of your best playing ever!!! a great lesson video to watch if you ever think about giving up this thing called “guitar” - it’ll inspire you to keep the hard work going. really like it! thanks

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Is Wild Horses written in a certain key? how do you think the chord progression was developed…by just improvising in a certain key? it would be nice to understand how songs/chords like this were developed soo that perhaps, one day, we could write something “like” this… Thank you.

Justin is playing it in the key of G on a guitar in Open G tuning. I think the original was in E.

Here’s what Keith had to say in his book, Life: “Wild Horses almost wrote itself. It was really a lot to do with, once again, f***ing around with the tunings. I found these chords, especially doing it on a twelve-string to start with, which gave the song this character and sound. There’s a certain forlornness that can come out of a twelve-string. I started off, I think, on a regular six-string open E, and it sounded very nice, but sometimes you just get these ideas. What if I open tuned a twelve-string? All it meant was translate what Mississippi Fred McDowell was doing - twelve-string slide - into five-string mode, which meant a ten-string guitar.”

I’d bet a lot of the appeal comes from the open tuning sound of the guitar, too. Especially the 12-string used on the studio version. On the studio track you also have another guitar playing in Nashville tuning, if I recall correctly.

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Any chance of getting the tabs for this video

Hi Paul,
Welcome,…and Official JustinGuitar Products | JustinGuitar.com

you then have access to hundreds of good tabs, and many more useful things,…but it’s one of the few things here that isn’t completely free,

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Hi Roger,
I have access to the tabs but I’m after the exact tabs for what Justin is playing in the video

Ah yes, I get it,…that’s a pity, with some songs that is indeed different…unfortunately you have to be patient, it is intended that everything goes perfectly together with Justin’s lessons, they are working hard on it… for now puzzle out the differences yourself or wait a while,…
And maybe there is someone who reads along and likes to find out,…it’s been a while but I managed to play it slowly, but I didn’t do any very active memories and I didn’t write it down either…Succes and have fun,…

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In the TAB FAQs …

I hope that helps.
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