Zitronenfalter - Original by Lisa_S

I left you a comment on you tube when you first posted You have a beautiful voice and the playing was excellent. It gave me the image of wandering the schwarzwald again. I miss my days in Germany. Thanks for the flashback.



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Die Artzte…I used to love that song “Wie Ein Kind”. Maybe I should play a cover of that one. That was a great band. Naturlich Die Toten Hosen war mein llieblingsgruppe. Alles Aus Liebe didn’t come out good when I played it last time. Maybe I’ll try again eventually.

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Hi Jeff,

I’ve seen your comment on youtube and appreciate you took your time to check in here as well, Jeff! Thanks a lot, mate. :smiley:

Aaawww, that’s nice I could bring some good old memories up again. :slight_smile: The Schwarzwald is a beautiful place to wander around. We plan on visiting there this or next year.

I must have missed this one, sorry. But for sure, give it another go if you feel like. It’s maybe also a good comparison for you to see/hear what you achieved in the meantime. :smiley: Hopefully I won’t miss that one out again, as this is one of the Hosen-songs I really like!

That was beautiful Lisa. Congratulations on a really lovely song. Very well played and sung!

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Thanks a lot, Eddie! Glad you liked the song and I really appreciate your kind words. :slight_smile:

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Wow - tolles Fingerpicking and sehr schöner Gesang! Wunderbare Performance!!! Oh und es ist Original - wow fantastisch!!!

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Danke fürs reinhören und deine netten Worte, Andreas! Freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat. :smiley:

Hi Liza! Great performance, your vocals are amazing, your guitar work is also great, I really liked the song!

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Thanks a lot, Mike! Glad you checked in and liked thesong. :slight_smile: Your kind words are highly appreciated.

Hi Lisa, Ich bin ganz begeistert.

Eigene Liedtexte, schon ein anderes Nummer. Schoene Basslaufe zwischendurch. Ich werde den Text mal gut durchlesen

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Vielen Dank, Tjeerd! :smiley:

I’m glad you liked it and appreciate your kind words! :slight_smile:

I came up with another thought on how to learn about setting your phone record level. I have no idea who your phone carrier is, nor your country? But in the US, most, like Verizon and others have close by stores with Tech Gurus manhing them that can show you in 5 minutes how to go about setting your recording level. If you have such a store, it would be worth your time to stop by!

You might also ask them if they know of a phone app that can find tune your recordings as well!


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Hi LBro,

thanks a lot for your thoughtful suggestions. I highly appreciate you taking your time to help me improve my recordings. :smiley:
I checked all the possible places where to change some settings for my phone camera, well at least the obvious ones. But unfortunately the only thing I could set was a higher bitrate. Maybe it will help, but I doubt it.
I’m based in Germany and I guess we also have these stores somewhere. Not yet stumbled across one in our close vicinity, though. Will keep my eyes open. But maybe Dr. Google has some other suggestions, too.

In the long run, the only way to really improve my recordings is via a proper tech upgrade (Mic, AI…). I have the hardware in place already, currently fiddling my way through learning how to use all these new toys. :slight_smile: It will take a while for sure, but it will be worth it in the end. So probably the next post will either be one with slightly better recording level from my phone or a badly produced, but better recorded piece of music with an asynchronuous video. :rofl:

Thanks again and all the best

Hey, wirklich sehr gut. Great song and you have a beautiful singing voice. Du bist jetzt eine Liedermacher.

Einen schönen Tag noch…… Sorry! Duolingo has taken over!!

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Hi Lee,

thanks a lot for you kind words and encouragement. It’s highly appreciated. :smiley:

No worries, I have lots of respect for people trying to learn and use foreign languages and German is quite hard to learn if not done from childhood days. :sweat_smile: Duolingo is cool, I’m currently trying to dust off my Italian skills with it.

What? You too?!? :nerd_face::astonished: :nerd_face: Zitronenfalter is then “farfalle al limone” :butterfly: :lemon: in Italian? Help @SILVIA


Wait, it’s not “faltera limoncella”? :nerd_face: :rofl: :rofl:

Haha, no idea how these given names translate in other languages, these weird biologists all over the world tend to be very creative with these names as well as with the latin ones (I’m allowed to say that being a biologist myself :nerd_face: :rofl:).


Oh… If I wouldn’t need to work tomorrow one or two Limoncellos would be good this evening… :lemon: :tropical_drink: :lemon:

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@JokuMuu @Lisa_S Wikipedia says Cedronella but I just used to call them farfalle, butterflies :joy: ooops


:clap: :clap: Bravo Lisa, that was wonderful. Great work on the fingerstyle, with some nice embellishments in there and very nice vocals as well.

Thank you for the translation, it is always nice to know what people are singing about. I liked the lyrics as well. This is a song you should be really proud of.

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