Backing tracks?

Does anyone have a good place to go for backing tracks (specifically minor blues)? Obviously there’s YouTube, just wondered if I’m missing a trick?

This is a good one when you-tube is not you to go to…

Backing Tracks

I use Spotify as well as YouTube. For commercial song backing tracks rather than generic backing tracks, I use they are only a couple of pounds each

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A simple search in the COmmunity gave these topics.


you can make your own by running the original track through Moises - AI track separator.


Game changer, thanks for that!

What’s the cost of this? I had to search through multiple pages until I finally found a link to their “pricing page”, only to find that page was accessible to account holders only. I dislike creating accounts just to access extremely basic information which should be on the homepage for all to see.

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@Goffik It’s £34.99 for the year, though they did have a Black Friday promo of £17.49.

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You can use Moises for free - it’s very capable right out of the box, though there are some limitations.

IIRCC, I pay about $8 Canadian a month.

I use it daily in my practice, so money very well spent.

Price as @Sound_Bound says, but the free version still allows you to split 5 tracks a month into 4 stems, vocal, drums, bass, and other (which includes guitar, keyboards, synths etc). The paid version allows unlimited separations and separation into 5 stems which can include guitar.

TBH I’d have been quite happy to continue with the free version, but that Black Friday deal at under £20 for the year was a no-brainer


I did get that deal and I don’t regret spending just about 18 quid, but I have to say I was a little bit let down.
The limitations that Tom mentions were quite significant I think.
Maybe I’m using the thing wrong, I don’t know… But it seems unable to separate 2 guitar tracks. And most of the bands I like listening to have two guitars (see Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura etc. etc.) and even 3 (Iron Maiden). So for as many songs as I tried, both guitars end up on the same track so you can’t separate rhythm from lead.
That’s pretty fundamental I’d think and yet the software sucks at it.

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I was referring to the limitations of the free version.

I guess I hadn’t noticed that. Have you played around with the different separation models? I notice there’s a catch all “other” track at the end of the list, where the “leftover” instruments go. Though it seems a bit unpredictable.

There’s also a Producer subscription which claims better separation…but it’s a LOT more expensive - $100/month, IIRC.

Hi Tom!

Yes, I did play around with the various options but I didn’t manage to make it separate the different guitar tracks. In a couple of cases the “Other” track had both guitars in. In a different one, the two guitars were again in a single track and in the Other track you could hear some music but really very distant, like an echo.
I might have missed a setting somewhere though, I don’t know.
If someone knows how to do it then I’d be happy to learn how to do it!

Oh no, I wouldn’t pay that much for any monthly subscription!!
I think the only thing I’ve subscribed to which has a higher monthly cost is the commute to work :joy:

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For that price you might as well buy a perpetual license to RipX


For blues you could always record your own backing track or use software like

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Cool thanks for that, I’m learning Cubase but there are good pointers here that I can adapt. Ultimately I want something set up that I can just switch on and play along to

I just remembered that I had managed to separate channels in Reaper. I’ll try to find the project later to share a snapshot but for the time being I thing these might help: