Bytron08 - March 2022 - Adele, Pink Floyd, Don Henley, Passenger, John Legend. & more

Hey guys! I always wanted to do this one but never got around to it! This song rings true for me so thats why i like it! Not perfect by any means but hopefully you guys will like it! Its really a sad song. Lol i love sad/love songs! Enjoy!

Adele - Hello

Brett Young - In Case You Didn’t Know

Five Finger Death Punch: Blue On Black

Live - Lightning Crashes

Don Henley - Boys Of Summer

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Passenger - Let Her Go

John Legend - All Of Me


Nice job Bytron. No critique from me as I am nowhere near your level of playing, but I am always in awe of how your playing seems so effortless and relaxed. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Another day at the office, Byron and another one rolls of the line.
Good to watch and listen to as usual.

Especially liked the dynamics of the muted strumming verses and the chorus strumming, Bytron. Thanks for sharing.

Nice job Byrton I was also going to comment on the muted strumming at the start I thought that worked well from a dynamics perspective. Not an easy song to sing but you made a good job of it.

Jeez buddy, you ain’t half knocking them out!
Another great performance, amazing job considering who you were covering :grin:

Another great recording Bytron, thanks for looking at us, it makes such a difference.

Aww thanks guys! If y’all only knew how love hurts lol. It almost killed me so I guess that’s why I love songs like these. Thanks batwoman I tried to look in it as much as I could. Thanks guys!!! :d

Byron, you rock! Thank you for sharing!

Fantastic Byron

If you would like some unsolicited feedback from a complete amateur… the timing flows better when your strumming hand keeps moving.

Such a great rendition I feel awful giving “helpful” feedback :zipper_mouth_face:

Great cover! I really enjoyed.

I really admire those of you that can play and sing along :clap::clap:

I never listened the song before so I’m going to fix this asap :blush:

Thanks guys glad yall like it! :slight_smile:

Brilliant cover Bytron, you’ve nailed another one.

Hey guys i just wanted to share another song with yall!! I think i could do this one alot better so ill probably redo it! I only had like an hour to record it. I know some of my rhythm in it is kinda sloppy, I def need to practice it more!! But lemme know what you guys think of it! I LOVE this song, as i can relate to it. Peace out guys! Enjoy! I just redid it hopefully its better!!! More stable rhythm i think lol. And some lead!!! In Case You DIdnt Know Cover - YouTube


Great as always… never heard of this song before so i need to check it out.
Again. I think your strumming is ace!!


Thanks tRONd! Yeah its a really pretty song you should check it out!!!

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I didn’t think the rhythm sloppy, Byron. I liked it. Your recording output is amazing. Quite a talent you have of turning songs around so quickly. All your songs have something going for them. Takes me ages to practice a song enough to record it.

Thanks Willsie!! Lol yeah I guess I’m just hard in my self. Happy you liked it!!! :smiley:

Another good one Bytron. Though I don’t know the song, so I’m going to go and have a listen.

Generally I thought your rhythm was good but there was a couple of occasions I noticed it just went a little.

Thanks SgtColon, Yeah i may redo this one because of that, I know i can do better with it. Glad you liked it! :slight_smile: