First loodle with my new PRS

GAS struck and it is a Happy NGD. I’m now the delighted owner of a PRS SE Custom Semi-hollow guitar. To mark the moment, here’s a loodle over a backing I created in my looper … loodle being my new word for noodling over a looper backing, rather than one downloaded from YT.

Same routine applies here to create the tones for rhythm and lead. I dialed in a lead tone on the amp and then changed pickup, coil-tapped, and dialed back volume for the backing in the looper.

For this video, I tried something different and spliced together portions from two takes to avoid too much repitition and come in under 3 minutes. I know, many said you were OK with over 4 minutes but I still feel these videos should be kept to under three minutes.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment on the good and the bad.


Whaaaa hoooo, Happy New Guitar Day David. Thrilled to bits for you. What a beauty.

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Sounding good DP, some nice phrases and some good tone. Love the snarl on those double stops. Looking forward to more as 3 minutes just ain’t enough ! :rofl:

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The new guitars sound great, David. An enjoyable bit of loodling. I’m in the same boat as Toby, I could have kept on listening until we docked at the harbour.

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Hi David, I like the sound of your new guitar. Using a custom backing track allows to concentrate on developing the melody as you have the rhythm already set up in the mood of the moment. Not that playing with a random YT backing track is not valid. They are different exercises.

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Sounding great, David, and it’s nice to see you playing electric again!! Guitar really is beautiful, nice NGD christening :slightly_smiling_face:

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+1 on what she said! :point_up_2: Dig the term loodle! Good times!

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She sounds as good as she looks & I love the hat! If they ever do a Blues Brothers refresh you are going to have to be in it!

@batwoman Thanks Maggie, I am a fortunate man

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks Toby. It is promising that she responds when you dig in a little and hit the double stops. Now to master blending in the odd double stop in with the regular single note licks. What do they say … ‘leave them wanting more rather than over staying your welcome’ :laughing: There will be more, no to get back to bending and that NYLSB solo.

@Socio Thanks James, glad you enjoyed it. I think the judicious editing to trim the length that reduced some of the more repetitious moments worked well. For longer loodles need to develop a larger vocabulary.

@dobleA Thanks Andrés. What works for me is additional benefits of having to come up with the rhythm part and being able to record it in the looper. That has definitely improved my time and the ability hit the start and stop in time is also not as easy as people make it look … at least wasn’t for me.

@Mari63 Thanks Mari. Moving the amp to my Workroom earlier this year was a smart move. Learning lead technique, loodling, is all such good fun. Now to be able to blend the riffs and licks, fun times!

@CT thanks Clint. As many people advocate, having a looper really is good idea if one is wanting to work on improv and jamming with others. I think it was Edward de Bono who said we should invent a new word everyday. Looking forward to lots more loodling!


Great stuff David, somehow or other a new guitar brings forth enthusiasm - you showed it here!
Nice tones and good to hear your own backing instead of a canned one, also it’s a good introduction to you playing some electric again.
Keep it up…… oh and welcome to the wiggle stick, fun innit!

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Looking and sounding good. Happy NGD.

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Beautiful guitar David and you got a beautiful sound out of it . I don’t play electric and therefore can’t offer any advice but that was a really cool :sunglasses: vibe you had going. I hope you have many happy hours of fun making great music with your new guitar!

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Sounds pretty nice. How much is it the guitar and how much is it the amp? I assume the Blackstar is in there as it is on?

Only problem I see is you lack the groove in the shoulder from where the LP strap used to dig in and weigh one down. Hey if you sell your LP, can you find a buyer for my beast? I bought my LP, non-chambered and the first time I played it I realized what a mistake I made. It is now a wall ornament as it just throws the body for a loop to play it… sigh.

At any rate, glad to see you up and playing a nice electric!

All the best and take care,

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Nice to see you back and playing and on a new semi-hollow. Enjoyed the loodle!

@DarrellW Thanks Darrell. It is fun to play a new instrument and I continue to try as best as I can to apply some of the pointers I receive after every share. As for the wiggle stick, whammy bar, etc that too will take some getting used to, like everything in guitar. Lots to learn before one can be diving bombing like EVH or using it as tastefully as Jeff Beck does.

@GeoffMolyneux Thanks Geoff

@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie, glad you enjoyed it. Electric is another thing altogether and I really enjoy both.

@LBro Thanks LBro, glad you enjoyed the sound. You are right, this was recorded with my mobile phone, so guitar through the looper and into the amp. So sound is a combination of guitar pickups and control settings plus the amp, which has a number of different voices, EQ, emulation valves and some Fx.

:rofl: yeah this guitar is so much more comfortable due to the weight and body shape. It is also perfectly balanced when on the leg. But must put the strap back on just for adding safety. Things are looking promising on the sale of the other.

I like the loodle term too David and I think this was a very nice loodle indeed :smiley: especially on a great sounding new guitar, super nice!

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I’m another who likes your new word David. :grinning:
New word, new guitar, you’re on a roll. The PRS looks lovely and sounds super. I’m sure you’re going to have many happy years playing it.

I know there are a lot of semi-hollows about. Can I ask you what guided you to the PRS?


:joy: who new that a little fun and games with words would be so well received.

@adi_mrok thanks Adrian, glad you enjoyed it. I think I moved the dial a little and did better on some of the points of feedback I’ve received over the last few weeks.

@sairfingers thanks Gordon, glad to hear it sounded good. I initially had in mind one of the Epiphones. They offer quite a variety of models with some variation in pickups and body shape. And they are generally within my budget. I also considered Ibanez. Thereafter research on YT and a look at what may be available locally via a couple of stores websites. We don’t have as many stores locally or an option that competes with Thomanns. And in doing that I spotted the PRS, which was in budget based on currently being discounted. PRS have a reputation that the quality of their Indonesian SE models is really good, even relative to the US made. Much like the G&L Tribute line, but they didn’t have anything suitable locally to consider. So then reviewed on YT and it seemed like it may just be better bang for buck. To cut this lengthening story short, the feel, weight, playability, and tone of the PRS vs the Epiphone 339 was markedly better. There you have it.

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Happy new guitar day! welcome to the PRS club. Sounded very nice David and look forward to hearing more…I’m starting to get an itch for something new (and don’t have a semi hollow :grinning:).

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@Rossco01 thanks Jason, happy to be the newest member :grin: Good to hear it sounded nice. As for the itch, I guess the trick is to find something that calls to one and sounds significantly different to what you have already, which I guess means a focus on pickups.