Mari's Blues Studies - Slow Six Blues added Mar 12/23

I was inspired by @Socio 's Blues Studies log to create my own log for Blues Studies, so here it is :slight_smile: It’s early days, but I’m really enjoying Justin’s Solo Blues Course. Hopefully as I continue to post the red light fever that plagues me will diminish as well!

The 3rd piece, Gospel Blues, didn’t take as long to learn as I thought it would, and it was the easiest so far to memorize. The tough bits were the turn around, and the ending. I think the turnaround went okay, but I mucked up the ending a bit. When I’m practicing I can get them both about two thirds of the time. When I’m recording I can get them both approximately no-thirds of the time!!

Mar 12/23 4th piece in Justin’s Solo Blues Guitar Course added: Mari's Blues Studies - Slow Six Blues added Mar 12/23 - #78 by Mari63

Feb 19/23 3rd piece in Justin’s Solo Blues Guitar Course Gospel Blues 23 02 19 - YouTube

Feb 6/23 2nd piece in Justin’s Solo Blues Guitar course Steady Thumb Blues 23 02 05 - YouTube

Jan 13/23 1st piece in Justin’s Solo Blues Guitar course Walkin Easy Blues Guitar Challenge (Blues Study Pieces) - Solo Blues Guitar (Justin Sandercoe) - #116 by Mari63

Sept 16/22 Set piece for solo guitar Rhythm & Fills x2


Excellent guitar blues!!
Love this!


That sounded fabulous, Mari. Excellent job on the video as well.

Look forward to following your progress … inspiring indeed!


I’m so glad that you decided to create your own blues log and what a wonderful start to it. The steady thumb blues sounded fantastic and very nice work on the video editing. I look forward to following your progress, very inspiring; I’ll certainly be looking back at these log entries for future reference when I build up the competency to tackle Justin’s Solo Blues Course.

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Hi Mari, just bookmarked your post! That sounded amazing! Bravo for your playing and also for the multi camera angles! Great motivation for me to see, where the journey takes us, when we stick with the blues.

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Hi Mari ,
Great :sunglasses: :clap: and fun to follow this :sunglasses:
This blues song is one that I was almosty ready a while ago, but never finished it, and now you give me a lot of work this way …again :grimacing: (oke I need to say “thanks for the inspiration again :smiley:”) :smile:

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Great stuff Mari, you nailed it!
You might also find it interesting to look up this guy, he does loads of very nice acoustic blues tutorials some with TAB, this is a typical example:


I think you did an awesome job, it sounded great and very very bluesy :clap::clap::clap: I also liked how you put the video together.

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Really super stuff Mari, you’ve clearly spent quite a bit of time learning this piece.
I was impressed too by the video editing and multi camera angles. I kept waiting for you to stop playing, look up at the camera in close up and say
“Hi, I’m Mari and welcome to my blues study tutorial”. :smiley:


Hi @Mari63 i thoroughly enjoyed that. Very nice and smooth playing! Nice to see you take up the solo Blues Challenge. These are great pieces.

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Just a question Mari, because I assume that you’ll have several camera’s humming simultaneously to manage the different angles, so as to be able to edit that all together with the single soundtrack, right?

Just dying to know :wink:


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Sounded great Mari. Nice camera work too.

I also noticed it looks like your house is painted the same interior colour as mine when your third camera kicked in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. At least looks like it…

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Bloody awesome Mari! Nothing to suggest, except perhaps you should be performing it on a porch in the Mississippi Delta!

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Well played Mari, loved the piece and really cool camera angles.

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Thank you for all the positive comments everyone, that was a nice way to wake up this morning :slight_smile: . I forgot to say that constructive criticism comments would be welcome as well. The things I struggled with were the fiddly B7 bit (which I finally got, apart from Red Light Recording fever), and then transitioning between bass notes without always stopping the sound of the last bass note, and finally how much of a bend to use. I was okay with how that ended up, but I think it’s not as crisp a bend as Justin has in the lesson. Anyway, overall I’m definitely happy with this piece.

@ReneAsologuitar thank you :slight_smile: I definitely admire your skills in the singer/songwriter style. I’m moving into fingerstyle (so I don’t have to sing lol), but I am seeing on the other piece I’m working on right now that dynamics and expressiveness add so much to fingerstyle too. Your piece definitely inspired my towards expressiveness - not necessarily in this piece, but another song will be coming :slight_smile:

@DavidP thanks so much David. You inspired me with your North Star comments, and I feel very comfortable on this path right now :slight_smile:

@Socio well it’s your fault James! And I’m very glad to have seen your Blues log and been inspired to start my own. Having this here now is also very motivating to continue working on further pieces.

@Helen0609 thank you very much :slight_smile: I find so much motivation in this Community, I’m very happy if I can provide a bit of motivation sometimes too!

@roger_holland thank you Rogier :slight_smile: And please tag me when you finish this one and post it!! Do I see another Blues Studies log about to happen? :wink:

@DarrellW thanks Darrell, and thanks for that link, I will be checking him out. I’d like to go through Justin’s entire course, but I would also like to learn some entire songs!!

@SILVIA thank you :slight_smile: The Blues is such a great genre, I hope to stay steady on this course. Also with some fingerstyle rock / pop too though! :slight_smile:

@sairfingers thank you Gordon, and thanks for the laugh!

@TRJ thanks, I really like this Solo Blues course, they are definitely great pieces. Re video editing, I used 2 cameras, and recorded twice. I have 4 cameras so theoretically could have recorded all 4 at the same time, but for the 2 close up angles, especially the fretboard camera, I didn’t want those cameras in the wide angle view. I thought about getting the Magnet camera holder that Kasper was talking about, but for $45 USD + $20 shipping I decided to instead go for a $20 Cdn camera holder that clips on the headstock of my guitar. That takes cool shots, but I don’t want that camera holder featured in my main video!

@jkahn thanks JK. What I noticed about the interior walls in my house in the video is that they’re very dull! They’re used to be something above the piano, but I hadn’t noticed how bare everything looks!! Time for some decorating :slight_smile:

to be continued …


… continued

@twistor59 thanks for your nice comments. I don’t know about that porch in the Mississippi Delta but I’ll be happy if I’m comfortable enough to sit outside on the deck in the summer and play a bit!

@alexisduprey thank you :slight_smile: It sounds like Justin is working on a revamped Solo Blues Course, and since I’m very happy with the pieces he’s got in this one I’m very curious to see his ‘new and improved’ course!

Thanks for all the video editing comments too, everybody. Apart from the boring / stark / dull walls they highlight (lol) I’m enjoying learning a bit about video editing. No too much - gotta get back to my true love, guitar!!! :slight_smile:

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Wow Mari,
I did a double take when I heard you on acoustic! Sounding great there… Though I think what you played might smoke well on your electric too. Good job on your play.

Keep up the great play and work, be well and take good care,

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Thanks @LBro , I do most of my practice these days on electric, with headphones, but the intent has been to transfer that over to acoustic. Maybe I will end up recording some on my Strat though :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s it Mari, I am severing all communication !! You made the F# look easy and 2 months on I still can’t get that damn thing to ring out. A hex on you !!. Seriously though, well played and at a decent tempo as well. Nice to see you adopting thumb and ring finger only. Justin is very loose on the fingering for this course but given the Dead Thumb/Delta Blues course I am doing and that pesky F# I have reverted to doing this one PIMA style. This and Walking Blues a long way from being recordable and those Gospel slides for track 3 equally causing some challenges. But great to see you making progress.

It may be time to add a Blues appendix to the Diary Chapters but not quite yet. Keep them coming - if only to show me what I should be doing :rofl:


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The whole Solo Blues course is inter changeable with electric, which Justin mentions at the beginning, although he does teach it all acoustically. You need to be a little careful with the muting obviously. Been practicing the two that Mari has recorded on the Washburn HBs alongside the acoustics. Same with the David Hamburger course I am doing. In time the skills will be transferable for other solo type work.