RonG - July 2022 - Green Day, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young & more

This is my first post and video share in this forum.
When I started playing guitar again after many years leaving it in the cupboard, l looked for help and found it with Justin. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Procul Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale

The Beatles - Somthing

The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday

Neil Young - Long May You Run

Dobie Gray - Drift Away

Neil Young - Helpless (1st attempt using a looper, feedback welcome)


Wow Ron, really cool. I thought the thumbnail on your video looked like Australia, and sure enough you’re an Aussie. Great production value on the vid. Curious what that Yamaha thing is in the corner of your room?

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Wow what a voice, the strumming is pretty good too, quality music well done!

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Welcome to the forum Ron. You’re sounding great.

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Hi jkahn,
Thx for the feedback and kind remarks.
The Yamaha in the corner is part of my Stagepass BT 600 PA. Just sitting there being stored ready for if/when I get a gig :rofl::joy:.

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Thank you Batwoman. :smiley:

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Thank you Rob. I appreciate the feedback. Guitar work is improving with practice :smile::guitar:

Hi Ron, great share, that is a fine first share for avoyp. Very confident and clean playing and singing. Do you have some kind of harmoniser pedal in use live or have you added overdubs after?

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Hi Richard,
Thank you for the encouraging feedback.
Yes I used a boss harmonizer pedal in the song.

Love this song Ron and wow have you done it justice!! You’ve got a fabulous voice to go with it and of course the video shooting is nice and atmospheric!
Hope yo see more from you :slight_smile:

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Thank you Notter. I really do appreciate the encouraging feedback.
I did the video on my iPad Pro using Focusrite Impact App, then the final editing in iMovies. I am learning new stuff everyday. It’s great fun.

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Wowsers, what can I say?
That was just amazingly good Ron, very enjoyable to listen to! Your enthusiasm for Justin’s teaching is obvious, absolutely spot on and a fantastic interpretation of the song; I’m not a fan of Greenday myself but I really enjoyed your performance! It’s a :+1::+1::+1: from me!

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Thank you so much Darrell. I am so pleased you enjoyed my interpretation.
I am not normally a Green Day fan either, but when I saw Justin’s lesson, I thought I would give it a go.

Whoa !! What an entrance, well done Rob.

Solid playing, love the dynamics and very tight timing wise. Vocal were superb, really strong. Have some harmony fx on my PlayAcoustic, now you got me thinking. :thinking:

Great share and welcome to the Community ! Next ?



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Fabulous rendition of the song, Ron. I listened to a couple of others on your channel, lots to love, skill and ability well beyond many of us here in the Community learning to play and sing.

You mention the PA system. Have you been a gigging musician prior to refirement? I’d be more than happy to sit and listen to you on a lazy afternoon with a few drinks in a relaxed venue.

I also noticed the acoustic treatment in the room behind you that is typical of the folk more into home-recording here.

Hi Toby,
Thanks mate. I have been so encouraged by all the feedback.
The harmoniser has its place but can be over done I think.
I am still learning the subtleties of when to use it.
I will post again soon. Currently working on a Beatles song.

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Hi David,
Thank you so much. My journey is still young and I am constantly challenging myself with different songs. Justin has been the best I have found. His style of teaching and his song choices are the best.
Regarding my PA, I bought it just prior to COVID madness. I was hoping to get some gigs but not quite sure where. Previously I used my FISHMAN loudbox artist. Great little acoustic amp which I have used for small settings like coffee shops.

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Splendid. Great job Ron, really enjoyed it! Nothing to add :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, what an entry! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Max.
I look forward to getting to know the community and I will post again soon.

So Ron,
That’s an entrant :sunglasses:…It would have been nice to see a deep bow afterwards :grin::clap: :clap: :clap:BIS bis bis :bouquet:
thanks and greetings ,Rogier

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