Whips and Chains - Troy Stetina

Started working through Troy Stetina’s excellent Metal Rhythm Guitar Volume 1 book during Grade 2 consolidation I so decided to do a AVOYP of the first song. For those of you who aren’t familiar with his books, each chapter has a song at the end that uses everything you’ve learned throughout the chapter. I’ll probably try and do one of these for each song in his books as I go through them.

Troy’s a good teacher like Justin, though his books don’t really go deep on how best to practice, that’s where Justin’s method really shines, so if you are interested in Metal a combination of Troy’s books and Justin’s teaching makes for a solid Metal Course.

Anyway here’s Whips and Chains:


Nice playing Alexis, definitely coming along. Great tone too.

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I have those books and worked though them when I was younger. Agree if you like metal doing those books alongside Justin is great.

Nice playing and very clean.

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Sounds great, Alexis. You are rocking down a good road!

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Hi Alexis,
Nice :smiley: and heavy :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap:

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Way to rock it Alexis. That was excellent. :metal: :metal: :sunglasses:

Love the look of your guitar as well.

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It’s a les paul studio in wine red.

There is something about understated Les Paul’s that I love. Some people say that it ain’t a real les paul without the binding but personally removing the binding gives it a really “modern” look imo.

My dream guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Tribute in Honeyburst. The Satin finish without the binding truly makes it look really interesting to me. I know I know, it doesn’t look metal enough for a song like whips and chains, but I’d love it all the same.

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That is a very sexy looking guitar Alexis. I think I’d like me one of them as well.

Nice playing Alexis and a great tone!
Like your LP, understated is the way to go!

Well done Alexis. I bought Troy’s “getting started on electric guitar” package back in 2004. I still have that book and remember the tune. I am glad after all these years to see someone play it as well as you do. Troy is really talented, but the day I saw his band play I remember him telling me he is not much into teaching beginners. His forte was for more advanced players. Justin is better with teaching beginners…and yes I agree with the others the genuine Gibson Paul sound is unique. If prices were more affordable I would definitely buy one too.

Yeah totally agree, even though his first book “Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1” assumes 0 knowledge it still very very fast paced. So much so that I would recommend going through both grade 1 & grade 2 of justin’s course before anyone really starts it.

Wow that is some crazy great tone and guitar, sounded superb to me! Love the energy of this track here, just missing serious head swinging from the performer :grin: joking aside nice execution and great tune!

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Thanks Adrian, I used a guitarrig6 preset to get the tone. Didn’t even change any knobs cause the default felt perfect for the song.