Rogier. Heartfelt words for the season. Makes me wonder. How was your 2023? So much happens in a year. For me, it’s been a huge year of change, a lot of challenge and hard work, but ultimately good.

Oh yeah, it’s been great to see you get out and get into posting videos :grinning:.

Great guitar playing. You clearly practice :joy:.

Thanks for being one of the regulars, and at that one of the people that show more than one dimension. Beyond just guitar. It’s great to have you around.


Rogier, thanks for that instrumental version of Silent Night. I really enjoyed both versions. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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Hi Rogier,

Thought both sounded great - Maybe acoustic taking top prize.
Brian on the tree - awesome - he looks so at home there. :slight_smile:
Have a great Xmas/new year.



Rogier you’ll be responsible if the ghosts come to me tonight :rofl:

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Hi Rogier, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Great playing, I really liked both versions and I really liked the harmonics at the end, a really nice touch and a lovely Christmas message to the community, Susan

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Hi JK, @jkahn
Thank you very much :blush: and thanks for asking,
my year is explained throughout the forum in just a few posts :roll_eyes: :grin:

but a summary would have been logical… it was a year of falling and slowly getting back up, literally,
and musically speaking I tried to slowly choose a direction but both blues and fingerstyle than electric and a new kind of acoustic and y’all here (or my here :roll_eyes:) that combined with a very bad back and the rest of the body is still somewhat damaged ai ai ai ,

And yet I have been very happy and a fall in the past was not nearly as easy to deal with as last year thanks to many people here.

More and more music exercises are coming together last year and that is a special feeling, which is one of the best things of my life, and I am still in the beginning of my playing and what if I had to focus on one part of 1 style :roll_eyes: ,well that`s me (again :roll_eyes:) …because together live with other people on a stage or rehearsal room is the goal and then a somewhat broader interest will certainly come in handy :sunglasses:

You in a year of change …and you’re still in the middle of moving home :grimacing:
It`s going to be a good year :sunglasses:
Thanks again :sunglasses:

Hi Chris @CBVocals
Thank you very much for you comment ,
that is very much appreciated :sunglasses:

Hi Stephen @Digger72
Thank you for your comment :sunglasses: and the shock :flushed:
well …oke maybe you are right, he is very welcome here :grin: :sunglasses:

Although with a stick stuck to the bottom of his skull, it is a bit macabre to put him here like this :joy:


Hi Silvia :see_no_evil:@SILVIA kuch :grimacing: …Hopefully it went well, but it’s more of a Christmas Eve thing so fingers crossed for a while :grimacing: :flushed: :see_no_evil:
:grin: Greetings

Hi Susan @SusanW
Thank you very much and :blush: , and nice to see you here :sunglasses:
It is much appreciated

Wish all a very nice day/or evening with a lot of guitar in it :sunglasses:


Dear Rogier, sorry for not answering earlier. I had some really busy days…
But I’ve seen your offer and had a good laugh :joy:.
Unfortunately, I have to reject it. With three children, my family already feels complete :innocent:.

If it helps a bit, due to the current mild weather conditions in Austria, the snow has meanwhile molten. So, no White Christmas for me either :disappointed:.

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Thank you Rogier, I’ll need it :grinning: :grinning:
I btw liked your smile at the end of each video :smiley:

Wishing Hermine and you a fabulous year end time! :waffle: :coffee: :snowflake: :guitar:


Hi Nicole, @NicoleKKB
No sorry needed …and Aaaaaa …but good to read your family feels complete :sunglasses:

and how brutal such a lot of snow and still no white Christmas :exploding_head:, but the picture will certainly come back for you again :sunglasses:… I’m smiling again :smiley:


Hi Franz @franzek
Thank you very much for the nice words :smiley: :blush:

12 days Franz …hang in there, I’m sending you strength :sunglasses:

Greetings :sunny:


Thanks for posting these, Roger. I enjoyed both of them very much! And yes, it truly is a classic. Brings me to tears singing it every year at the Christmas Eve candlelight service.

Spending Christmas alone this year for the first time, hopefully the cats will be extra supportive :wink:

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I swear I see a polar bear snow figure below the post!


Thank you very much Kevin .
That means a lot :sunglasses: and sad to read that this is your first Christmas alone if it is not
someone’s own choice then It is crxp :cry:… (but if my wife does volunteer work or does work whatever needs to be done during the holidays then I would like to be alone … with the cat :smile: )

Greetings and here a some extras for your cat :mouse2:

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Caught this hot of the press but got distracted by work and never got around to commenting. Both pieces were played extremely well. I particularly enjoyed the acoustic performance.

I do hope that you will continue the new year like you have ended this year with regular recordings posted sharing the wonderful progress that you have been making my friend.

Wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2024.

P.S. I loved how you shouted Silent Night in the post header :wink:


Hi James,
Thank you very much :blush: :sunglasses:
I notice that you are very busy, so good to hear from you, but hopefully the guitar practice will not suffer… there are new songs in the (old) barrel, but I am having some difficulty finishing the last ends neatly …also a lot of distractions here, but I will do my best :innocent:…and :laughing:

Greetings :santa: :christmas_tree:

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Oh!! This was a huge thread Rogier :grin: what an beutiful christmas tree! I have gone for a fake tree this year for the very first time :grin: and i love it… none of these F…in needles everwhere. And my cat dont like to play around with it too much :rofl:
Sounded great… but this time i liked the electrical more than the Fender… well, both are electrical iguess :grin:

Wish you and youre wife a great X-mas and new year Rogier!!


Beautiful playing, Rogier! And a thoroughly enjoyable post to read through :clap::smiley:
All the best for the festive season! :christmas_tree::tada: :gift::santa::snowflake::snowman_with_snow::champagne::confetti_ball::guitar::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Hi Rogier,

you’re so sweet - thanks so much for caring. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :bouquet:

Funnily enough I just received a notification yesterday and not on the day of tagging? :thinking:
“Just” busy is a little underestimated to say the least, but I don’t what to spread any negativity in such a positive thread. :smiley:

I really enjoyed both versions of Silent Night, the one on electric maybe slightly more - but both were very sweet to my ears, a real treat to listen to and with the setting around got me quite in the christmas mood. :smiley:

I wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a fabulous start in 2024, @roger_holland and of course all the members around here - as you said, it’s such a positive, supportive community and I feel blessed being part of it. :sparkling_heart:


Hi Trond @tRONd
Yes if only "they ” paid me per word? :joy:
Due to the location and the floor under the tree, needles are not a problem in this house (Ooo my goodness, that has been different before :see_no_evil:) and our cat only hit some balls and stuff for the first 2 years and has stopped doing it for a few years now??? we were okay with her doing that… we all had some fun on the tree :smile:

luckily she didn’t climb the tree like my sister-in-law sometimes did … No no, her cat, not my sister-in-law herself :joy:

Thank you very much and good to to hear from you just before the holidays, hopefully with your hustle and bustle behind you :sunglasses:

Greetings :mrs_claus: :christmas_tree:

Hi Jeff , @nzmetal
Thank you very much for stopping by here… you are a lot more efficient with the guitar learning than I am probably :roll_eyes:, so it’s extra nice that you let us hear something from you :sunglasses:
I think a lot about you and JK @jkahn around Christmas… it is a long-cherished dream to spend Christmas in the warmth/beach :sunglasses:… until recently we didn’t have the money for it ,and now that is solved… now we have some other “things” that get in the way… :grimacing:
who knows who knows :crossed_fingers:
Greetings :christmas_tree: :mrs_claus: :guitar: :sunny:


Hi Lisa @Lisa_S
:smiley: THERE you are :smiley:

That’s because yesterday I also “hid” the tag there… in an older post so that not everyone who reads this will notice it in case someone doesn’t want the attention it can cause…

Thank you very much for your sweet words and dropping by :blush:
Very nice to read that you are “only” very busy, it’s a shame that you are so terribly busy that you stay away from here for so long :grimacing: … so good to read that you have come here and get in the right mood :sunglasses:…Yes Brian with a stick in his head works well :joy:

And absolutely :sparkling_heart:

:christmas_tree: :santa: :guitar: :snowman_with_snow:


You tagged me again, and that reminded me that I hadn’t replied again…

Real sorry to hear about your tough year. From how you said it, I imagine it must impact you for a while when that happens.

Well, we’ve moved now. To a place a lot closer to the beach than where I was before. Been in our new place around 3 weeks. I was at the beach just a couple of days ago, playing in the sea with the kids. I’ve lived almost all my life in the southern hemisphere so Christmas being summer and beach time is normal!

My guitar practice has adjusted somewhat with all the changes. I used to practice late at night at my PC and that was fine… now it’s much harder with one of my kid’s rooms right next to my practice space. I’ll do some kind of log update at some stage! Just starting to read more of the community again.


Hallo Rogier, ik wens jou en je vrouw een hele mooie Kerst, en een gezegend Nieuwjaar

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