Bytron08's - February 2022 - Hendrix, Beatles, Free, REM, Green Day & more

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe
Hey guys so i did this song originally on soundcloud but wanted to do a video of it!! Its not perfect as i may redo it because some of my vocals are not loud enough, but its not to bad other than that! Hope yall enjoy! :slight_smile:

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

Steve Miller - Fly Like An Eagle

James Blunt - You’re Beautiful

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps take 1

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps take 2

Steelheart - She’s Gone

Steve Winwood - Higher Love

Free - Alright Now

REM - Losing My Religion

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Thanks for sharing, Bytron. Good to see you getting back into this classic. As you said, a work in progress from a recording perspective, particularly some of the vocal levels, which maybe also were a wee bit heavy on the reverb. I also felt in one or two spots the lead and the rhythm weren’t quite gelling together.

Have you done any more of those live stream gigs?

Keep on rocking.

I enjoyed that Byron. I’ve spent a lot of time as a beginner using Hey Joe as part of my practice routine. I’m nowhere near your level of playing yet, but theres plenty of inspiration and ideas for me there. Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow!! That sounded cool! Loved your version of this classic🙌🏻

Hey Bytron,

Cool song and a nice effort. However, you’ve “programmed” your fingers a bit wrong when it comes to the riffs in the song. If you try to clap/count along - 1,2,3,4 - then you’ll notice that every single time you play a riff you do not land on a “1”. This throws the entire rhythm off track, and the listener will have to adjust their inner metronome to a new division of the bars. And at the next riff that happens again :wink:

Essentially you’re leaving out a few notes from the riffs and come in early with the chords.

Thanks Kasper! Yeah i need to work on that my sound cloud version is more in rhythm if you have heard that one its because i recorded the rhythm seperate from my vocals. I still have some trouble singing some songs along with my rhythm. But yeah I recorded this in a hour and kinda rushed through it, maybe ill redo it.

Heres the original if anyones interested!! Stream Hey joe acoustic cover by Byron Hemmings | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Nice cover Byron. Nice guitar and good vocals.

No I havnt David I just havnt had time. Working a full time job and everything. I know one of my teachers i work with has a bar and wants me to come perform but its on a thursday ands thats on a workday Lol. So I cant do that either sadly. I ended up recording a disc of my own and handing them out to like 50 people at my work and they LOVE it! :slight_smile:


That sounds pretty cool on acoustic. Nice share!

When listening, I made the same observation as Kasper. The riffs are missing some notes and throwing off the beat. It’s not so much an issue of you keeping time, in general, it’s that your riff doesn’t include enough beats. Hope that makes sense. I’d advise playing through it with a basic drum beat. That should highlight the points where beats are being dropped.

Despite that issue I enjoyed the cover. I’ve always played this song on electric, but I liked the acoustic version. :sunglasses:

That’s awesome!

I listened to both versions and the soundcloud one is much better, crisper, cleaner. But I enjoyed both nonetheless. Never heard this song before so that’s a bonus

Oh my, that needs to be remedied. Check it out:

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I admit I don’t know much of Hendrix’s songs.

Its not really an Hendrix song. The Byrds and The Leaves did covers before him but much faster. Hendrix based his arrangement on this version by Tim Rose

(Tim Rose - Hey Joe - YouTube)


Wow did not know that!

Yeah i know my rhythm is off on it, im not sure how to fix it though. I know on my soundcloud i recorded each individual piece like the rhythm vocal and lead separate.

The origins of Hey Joe are interesting (Hey Joe - Wikipedia) and it is well covered. I always enjoyed Deep Purple’s on the Mk I line-ups first album, which is based on the Hendrix version with added spice from Jon Lord Deep Purple - Hey Joe - YouTube

Hi Byron,
Maybe not the best of your offerings, but a great song to go with. Seems you have some of it down and other areas need work. Then too, this really shines as an electric song. I am still hopeful your Christmas tree is blessed with a nice new electric! :slightly_smiling_face:

All the rock’n best,

Hey guys i have wanted to do this one for awhile now and finally got to it!! Hope you guys enjoy! I know some of my rhythm is not perfect but it was fun none the less! Lol this song is tough to play and sing with the rhythm going on to, kudos to you guys that can do it! :smiley: Enjoy! Fly Like An Eagle Cover - YouTube