Community Open Mics - Access & Eligibility for Performers & Audience


Audience seats are available to all Community members. Access is via a hyperlink to the Zoom meeting which is shared to both performers and audience several days before the event. There is no limit on audience numbers, as long as they stay within the maximum currently allowed in Zoom.

Please note - the link is NEVER published on the Community pages or in public - it is only issued to those accepted to attend the event.


Several weeks before each Open Mic a Call For Interest inviting people to either be in the audience or to be considered for a Performer slot. Performer slots are available according to some simple criteria.

We ask that performers be actively engaged members who embody the positive and supportive pay-it-forward ethos we have long nurtured within the Community. We ask that performers have made an Introductory topic, ideally including some information about their learning path with JustinGuitar. We also ask that performers have shared audio-video of their playing in the Community Recordings section, recorded since becoming a Community member. And we ask that performers have previously attended Open Mics as an audience member.