Record Yourself - Progress & Performance: Rules & Etiquette. Important Notice

What this section is.What this section is not!


What this section is.

Many people, and many in our community members, have improved their guitar skills by making audio-video recordings of their playing. As analytical tools, these can highlight issues and mistakes in technique and can be used as measures of progress over time. They can also give a simple sense of achievement and pleasure at having advanced to the level of being able to perform a favourite riff, a solo, a piece of music or a song - or at playing an improvisation over a backing track.

We are all here to learn to play guitar. To become better in our playing. To have fun.

And we have an amazing community spirit here of ‘paying it forward’. What we learn we pass on to those taking the same footsteps we once took. And this area is designed to welcome and to help everyone who wants to join in with this sharing ethos.

Jump aboard and join in. Be positive - about your own progress and positive towards others. Have fun. :slight_smile:

What this section is not!

The Progress and Performance section is for JustinGuitar students. It is categorically not designed for already accomplished musicians with no prior connection to JustinGuitar, to upload their audio-video recordings and ask people to like, subscribe, rate or share for their own purposes and view count.

Everybody loves to see and hear someone play a juicy guitar part. But there are countless online guitar videos people could spend their time viewing. The community will happily give their time to watching and then writing appreciative comments to any one that joins in the giving pay-it-forward spirit. A colder reception will rightly be offered to people abusing our generosity without giving back.

The moderators reserve the right to take action against any members making no obvious effort to engage in wider community discussions, and whose sole intention seems to be to use the forum as a platform for directing traffic to their channels.


@Richard_close2u As always, beautifully said Richard. :clap:


Hi @Richard_close2u , I have a question about where to most appropriately post…if I record more of the blues studies (or other pieces that are lesson-specific), should the recording be posted on the thread for the lesson itself, general AVOYP or this Progress & Performance thread? Or the Beginners sub-thread? Or somewhere else?

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James I would suggest here or if you want some an initial low key entrance the Beginners Sub-thread. That will solicit feed back form a wider audience. Ideally the lesson threads should be for questions relating to the lessons, seeking advice etc. I am sure @Richard_close2u or @LievenDV will correct me if that is not the case.

Hope that helps.



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Well said sir, especially the Not element :sunglasses:

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Hi James.
Progress & Performance is the overall section.
Post in a sub-category.
AVOYP is the best place.
You are beyond beginner are you?
Lesson topics really are for questions and answers rather than recordings.
Regards, Richard :slight_smile:

Perfect, Richard, thank you for the clarification.

Beyond beginner? I don’t think so, my next step in the course is to consolidate Grade 2 (and I might have a quick pass through Grade 1 to make sure I’ve got it all captured).

One concern I have about my progress is the lack of grade 1 and 2 songs I actually know - that’s what a lot of my consolidation will be spent on fixing.

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You know what the man says !

Play songs Play songs Play songs Play songs. @Richard_close2u Bang a gong, my friend.

Good luck on your consolidation, I am sure you will fine.




Thanks so much for this @Richard_close2u, now we have something to point to when subtle hints are ignored :grinning:

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My bad - I assuned that as you had learned some of the blues studies you were beyond Grades 1 & 2 at least.

There’s only one response I can make in that case!

Learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.

And congrats James - you are the first to elicit the use of my mantra in the new Community.


My favorite part of the forums. I love noticing progress in others on these forums.


Getting ready to post my first video! I read this loud and clear🥰


Glad you’ve been able to air this one Richard. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well said @Richard_close2u ; it has been a bit frustrating for some, the ‘look at me how good I am’ thing doesn’t go down well with folks if they don’t offer help to those who aspire to their level of skill - give and take is the way to keep this community how it’s always been!


Hi, so I’m building up the courage to post my first video of myself playing. But I’ve noticed that most people also sing whilst playing, which I simply can’t do (probably a good thing as I’m not a good singer). I’m just wondering if it’s ok to be playing along to the song recording instead or is that a no- no?


@ijukes playing along is 100% fine. Go for it. :slight_smile:


Of course it is Ingrid the instrumentalist :grinning:

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I guess I’m no better at message boards than I am on guitar. How does one post a video or recording? Do you have to upload it someplace else and then share a link? I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.

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This is not social media where you can livestream.
You need to make a recording - audio or video. Then you need to upload to a host site - Youtube or Soundcloud etc. Then you copy and paste the link to a post you make.
Hope that helps.